Sebalter speaks to ESC Views…again!

In the lead up to the Eurovision this week (OOOH MUCH HAPPY!), we have another face-to-face interview with another contestant from this year! While the London Preview Party was taking place last weekend, we managed to get one our great friends Nikita to go around and get a couple of interviews and we’re gonna continue with his results with his interview with the *amayzin* Sebalter! So what did he have to say to Nikita and indeed, ESC Views? Keep reading to find out!

What did Sebalter have to say to ESC Views..again?
What did Sebalter have to say to ESC Views..again?

So. Like I mentioned at the top of the article, we mentioned that Nikita was the one who got all these interviews, both for us here at ESC Views and Eurovision-Spain, so before you get to watch the interview, both James and I would love to just say that we are so grateful to Nikita and everything that he did for us last weekend and for sure, we owe a lot to him, so to Nikita – THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! You are just simply fantabulous! 😀

Right – focus Rory, focus!

So yes, we managed to get a few words with the modestly-cute Sebalter, who we actually interviewed before! But now, we managed to get to interview him fact-to-face and below, you can actually see the interview! Enjoy!

So? What did you think? Isn’t Sebalter just so cute? And let me just say – his backing singer..also rather easy on the eye! Well if you enjoyed his answers, no doubt you’ll love his song ‘Hunter of Stars‘ which will be performed on Thursday in twelfth position! So what did you make of our video interview? Who would you like us to speak to next? Be sure to leave us your opinion by commenting below!

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