Editorial: Who do we think will qualify from Semi-Final 2?

Well, people that was a very heated first semi-final! We saw the first ever qualification from Montenegro and San Marino as well as the horrible non-qualification of Estonia – that’s Eurovision for you! So with the second semi-final fast approaching,we’ll once again be offering you who we think will qualify from Semi-Final 1, along with the results of a poll we had created in the great Eurovision group ‘Eurovision Debate’. So who’s going to qualify, in our opinions?

Which of these fifteen countries will complete the final line-up?
Which of these fifteen countries will complete the final line-up?

Okay, so we are planning to do an editorial for each show like this and it will consist of:

  • The results of a poll we published in the Facebook group ‘Eurovision Debate’ in which we asked the members to vote for the ten countries they think SHOULD qualify to the Grand Final – they normally are the best group at telling which country will win, so it’s fair to say we could rely on them!
  • Our own predictions as to who will qualify for the Final on Saturday, along with a couple of words explaining why.
  • We’ll then give you some interesting facts and statistics about each show. This could range from betting odds to notable people on a certain country’s jury, to a country’s staging! Whatever interesting things we know about the show, we’ll be sure to tell you!

Does that make sense, guys? If so, let’s proceed with the first part of the article – the results of the Eurovision Debate poll!


Like I had pointed out in the editorial for Semi-Final 1, a lot more people in ‘Eurovision Debate’ voted in the poll for Semi-Final 2 than they did in Semi-Final 1. So, without further ado, have a look at the scores below! And may I say that they’re at LEAST 2 times bigger than the other poll! Here are the scores in full, taken at Wednesday 7th May at 00:15 GMT (Oh, and for some clarification for those who are unaware – someone added an additional Macedonia to the poll, but I am only including the votes cast in the option with the ‘FYR’, as that was the official one):

     1. Israel – 53 votes                                                                 2. Ireland – 51 votes

    3. Greece – 50 votes                                                                    4. Romania – 47 votes

    = Austria – 47 votes                                                                  6. Norway – 44 votes

    7. Malta – 42 votes                                                                         8. Slovenia – 41 votes

    9. Poland – 39 votes                                                                      10. Finland – 35 votes

   11. Switzerland – 33 votes                                                     12. FYR Macedonia – 26 votes

   13. Belarus – 24 votes                                                                  14. Lithuania – 13 votes                                                            15. Georgia  – 10 votes

Semi-Final 2 is a lot more clear in terms of who gets the most votes, with only ties within the whole list. It’s unsurprising that Georgia came last in the top, only manging to garner just ten votes. Another surprise is that Ireland has managed to come second in the poll. Could this mean that Ireland could be a possible dark horse and manage to do very will in the final, if it qualifies? Had people put all the votes in the option for Macedonia without the ‘FYR’ into the option for Macedonia with the ‘FYR’, Tijana would have been in that top 10, relegating Finland into the non-qualifiers..I wonder whether this will be the actual result on Thursday..we’ll have to wait and see!


Rory – The second semi-final is most definitely stronger than the first semi-final in my opinion, with many of my favourites getting placed in this semi-final. Here’s who I think will qualify:

  • FYR Macedonia – The song is a nice pop song, no cheese or anything..plus Tijana has been singing well in rehearsals, so if they don’t get in, I will be very disappointed.
  • Romania – Romania is a fanwank. Of course it’s gonna get through…look out for a certain hologram onstage as well! They’re performing last in the semi-final – the best possible position too. Expect to see them in the final.
  • Austria – Despite having countless attempts to get her out, I’m sure Conchita will give it on the night and we’ll be seeing her in the final..oh the Slavs will LOVE her!
  • Switzerland – Sebalter could be the surprise qualifier of the lot this year in my opinion. He’s got good staging and the song just works on stage..plus Sebalter and his band are rather cute, so they may be borderline, but I think they’ll just about get in.
  • Israel – Mei has gotten so much support from the fans. I can see no possible reason why she couldn’t get into the final..plus her rehearsal vocals have been great, so I think we’ll be seeing Israel in the final for the first time since 2010!
  • Poland – Poland could also be a borderline this year, as Cleo’s vocals haven’t been as up to scratch as we’d like to be. But because the song shows up the culture, the juries have to vote for it! I know I’m voting for it!
  • Slovenia – Slovenia is, in my opinion, a possible dark horse. The song is very much a mixture of Balkan music and mainstream music. Of course, it would be great if they used the version used in the video, but hey what can we do?
  • Greece – Greece has always made it through to the final and because it’s been fanwanked so much, I can see it just sailing through…why they have that trampline though on stage is just…crazy!
  • Ireland – I know this may come across as being biased because I myself am from Ireland, but you have to admit it – Kasey does have a good song..let’s hope her vocals though improve after the rehearsals!
  • Norway – Norway….I don’t get the hype with Norway this year. It may be because he sings it like he means it, but I’m just not sure..I’m sure first-time listeners will love it though and vote for it!

Well, that’s who I think will qualify, even though it may be unrealistic! How about you James?

James – First of all I’d like to echo your earlier comments about how fab last night’s semi-final was – and the surprising results have made me switch around my list of qualifiers quite considerably!! Here’s who I think will go through (in running order)…

  • Malta – It’s grown on me so so much, but regardless of my personal opinion, it’s ‘middle-of-the-road’ enough to benefit from the new jury system. Will be a nice inclusion on Saturday night!
  • Israel – Our Mei is the epitome of fierce! It’s a brilliant song with a strong live vocal, and I am 90% confident that it will be the entry which will see Israel return to the Eurovision final.
  • Norway – It’s very “meh” for me, I do like it, but it’s nowt special as far as my personal taste is concerned. Can’t see it missing out on qualification though.
  • Austria – I loathe this song, but it’s gonna get through whether I like it or not. Just because of the look.
  • Lithuania – May be a liiiitle biased since I love it so much, but Lithuania have squeaked through in the last few years with truly awful songs: if Vilija’s brilliant slice of electronic attitude doesn’t follow in their footsteps, I will be genuinely angry.
  • Finland – Again… you may know that this one is my personal #1 of 2014. I return to my previous comments about Malta though; this one is strong enough to make it in the same way, even if nobody else loves it as much as I do.
  • Macedonia – I’m worried for her; I really am. I’ve loved “To The Sky” ever since it was revealed, and I am hoping and praying that her killer vocal and anthemic chorus will be enough to bring Tijana into the finals. Please. It will be close, but I think she will just manage.
  • Switzerland – Genuinely looking at Switzerland as getting a decent result out of this one. It’s not on the borderline as far as I’m concerned, it’s already got one foot in the final as we speak.
  • Greece – It’s through, although it really fucking shouldn’t be. I’m annoyed that in a field featuring some really incredible songs, this cookie-cutter piece of generic crap from Greece is guaranteed a place in the final regardless.
  • Romania – Ditto.

If it’s not Macedonia, it will be Slovenia. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Belarus doing well either tbh. I adore Poland’s song but I don’t see it having the international appeal unfortunately *sad face*. And I will probably change my mind once I’ve seen all 15 in the live show (of course, it will be too late by that point, but yeah..)


So, here are some nice stats about what’s happening in the first semi-final:

  • Big fan favourite Romania is competing in this semi-final. Romania, surprisingly has the longest odds of all the fan favourites, with odds at 50/1 as of the 7th of May. Norway and Austria are the joint favourites from this semi-final to win the entire competition with odds at 28/1, whereas FYR Macedonia and Georgia are the least likely to win the show, with odds at 300/1 and 500/1 respectively…imagine if you bet €10 (or whatever the currency is in your country) on Georgia now and they won the show? You’d have won €5,000!
  • In this semi-final, Switzerland holds the worst track record of the fifteen countries taking part. Since the introduction of the semi-finals, Switzerland has only made the final three times – in 2005, 2006 (because they finished within the top 11 in Kyiv) and 2011. Every other year since 2004, they have failed to qualify for the final…could Sebalter bring Switzerland into the final for the fourth time in ten years?
  • Concerning the juries, we’re once again having previous Eurovision and NF participants in each voting country (that’s including Germany, Italy and the UK!), here’s a certain few that we’ve picked out. Madeline Juno from Germany’s NF will be on the German jury..she did eventually get to participate so! Ireland has recruited Eurovision 1994 winner Charlie McGettigan onto the jury, which means countries that have slow songs will get high votes from him! 😉 One of our ‘Possible Artists’ for Israel, Chen Aharoni will be taking a spot on the Israeli jury! The last Polish representative Magdalena Tul will be on her homeland’s jury also. Finally, Ivan Broggini (one half of Sinplus, who represented Switzerland in Baku) will be taking his place on the Swiss jury! Them and so many more people will be voting on their favourites for tomorrow’s show!
  • Romania has the best track record in terms of qualifying. From this semi-final, the Eastern European nation has managed to qualify for every final since the semi-finals began in Year Istanbul. If we, however, change the terms of actually winning, it’s Ireland who maintains that record, with a record of seven wins – the most amount of times any country has won in Eurovision. However, the chances of Ireland claiming another victory is scarce, with odds for them taking the trophy far off favourites Armenia, at 80/1. But maybe that could change over the course of the week? We”l have to wait and see!

Well, I hope that the second semi-final will be another great show in the 59th Eurovision Song Contest and we hope that you will once again #JoinUs for the result! Best of luck to everybody! You’re all great in your own….weird way!

Your views:

Which song from this semi-final is your favourite and why?
Which song from this semi-final is your favourite and why?

Orestis Moschonas from Greece: I think the second semifinal is really really tough! I have 3 clear favourites (excluding my own country) – Romania, Norway and Poland..My favourite though is Norway! From the first time I listened it,it gave me the chills and I loved it..Carl isn’t the best singer but he delivers it with pure emotion..And that really matters!

Ewa Pukszto from Poland: From semi final 2 – it’s Malta. I love Norway, Switzerland, Slovenia, very like Georia, Israel and Lithuania :)) I am surely going to vote for Malta, not once

Gijsbert Groenveld from the Netherlands: Norway & Malta. Norway because it’s moving & Malta because it’s an uplifting song & a VERY solid performance!

Richard West-Soley from the United Kingdom: Georgia. I love its originality and its quirkiness, and as a musician I appreciate it as an intricate, sophisticated composition. And there’s probably a bit of hippie in me too.

Luis Delak from the United States: Poland, I’ll teach my nieces to dance to it they’re half-Polish!

Looking at the opinions, it seems that everyone has different opinions as to who is their personal favourite – which isn’t surprising, as everyone has their own personal opinion! So what’s your favourite from the fifteen countries in the second semi-final? And who do you think will qualify to Saturday’s Grand Final? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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