Top 10: Best postcards from the 2014 Contest

Hello there guys! Rory here, providing you with the first countdown since the 2014 Contest! Of course, there will be a bit of a focus on the 2014 for a while as we all battle our own cases of PED (depending on how severe the depression is – and if you don’t know what PED is…shame on you!), but we will kick off the fight by providing our countdown on the ten best postcards from this year’s Contest! So which postcards did we think were the best? Scroll down to have a look!

Which postcard was the best?
Which artist created the best postcard?

For those of you who are all new to Eurovision and have absolutely no idea what ‘postcards’ are, here’s a bit of clarity! Postcards are those little clips that the producers show while the crew are setting up for the next performance. Generally, the postcards show us some nice shots of the host country, but recently the postcards have been focusing on the artists themselves and what they do. This year, they were given the task of creating their flag in the most imaginative way possible that shows off who they are and luckily, we only had 37 clips to pick from, but it was still a really hard decision. However, we feel like we picked the ten best flags that the artists have created and if you want to see the entire playlist, have a look here! Now, I feel like it’s time to show you the countdown! You ready? 😀

10 – Softengine’s postcard (Finland)

Kicking off the top 10 is Finland..and my my, is that Topi Latukka giving us his ‘What the actual fuck?!’ face in the thumbnail? The postcard was filmed on one of the world’s largest icebreakers and involves the boys cutting ice and shaping it into the Finnish flag. It’s nice to see the guys working together and managing to spray Topi with ice (although I’m almost certain it didn’t look like ice – it wasn’t solid enough!), but can someone please tell me where you can buy blue-coloured ice? Like, seriously – there’s no way that ice can be blue..who brought the dye, guys? There’s no shame in admitting it! Getting back to the point, for me – this postcard shows how the band can take the climate and shape it so that it fits into Finland’s flag. Well done, boys! You have kicked this countdown off by setting the bar high!

9 – Conchita Wurst’s postcard (Austria)

Eventual winner Conchita was the first artist of the 37 to create their postcard and it seems that fashion really does just run in her blood! Conchita uses several red and white dresses to recreate the Austrian flag…now, I will admit, I am a little fan of this postcard, but I think there’s too much unnecessary “Oh, I think this piece of string should go here, otherwise it’s not ‘feng shui’ with this entire dress at the end of the rack”..if you get what I mean. I’m not hating on her, but there’s too much fake planning in the video, but it was interesting to see her almost break the rack lift just by touching it! If we apply the Dane’s objective of creating the flag but showing off their personality, this is a perfect example of what they wanted as she is creating the flag using the things she loves – clothes. Much happy with that!

8 – Basim’s postcard (Denmark)

The host country always has to put on a show for the rest of Europe and this year, Denmark really did put on a show with their postcard by providing us with a bit of an optical illusion! They do this by unloading some furniture off a truck and then painting it..they also paint a huge bit behind the furniture, but to be honest I’m completely unsure why..they eventually managed to take a picture of the result, and this picture actually is one of the best pictures that was taken (while Albania *sorry!!!* takes the spot for the worst pictures taken, because it doesn’t even look like it was real..). I’m not sure how this whole setting is a showing of Basim’s personality, but it looks nice, so why not add it to the top anyway? And besides, who doesn’t like optical illusions?

7 – Elaiza’s postcard (Germany)

Normally, Germany aren’t one of those countries that normally show much of themselves in their postcards..take Cascada for example last year (yes, that was low but you have to admit – Cascada as a band are rarely seen! It’s like Donatan on stage this year – he’s never on it!). This year however, Germany have taken a step forward and have decided to show us that they can make rock candy…or taffy, we actually don’t know! Once again, Ela is taking the leading, not really sharing the limelight with Yvonne and Natalie, but altogether it ends up the same. For me, the postcard shows off that the girls are almost very childish, but at the same time very mature – mature enough to cut the rock candy or they kinda cancel each other out. It’s just a little wasteful with the piece of candy they cut…after making such a huge amount, why would you decide to use such a small piece of the candy? No matter what, though, the flag looked really delicious and I would love to eat it up…ELAIZA?! GET MAKING MORE ROCK CANDY!!

6 – Mariya Yaremchuk’s postcard (Ukraine)

What’s interesting with Mariya Yaremchuk’s postcard is that she has actually managed to use the Ukrainian train system to her advantage – a trait that not many people have! Her postcard, which involves her using a train and some Post-Its, uses over 600 of the sticky-notes and was definitely one of the most clever postcards this year (although someone believes it was Italy – more on that later on..). I don’t know what part of Mariya this clip conveys, but one thing’s for sure, she loves to take the train! Now, I don’t know about you but I am incredibly envious of her hair, and when she has a beanie on, that just makes her look…hot! Wow..never thought I’d say that! Anyway, I’m straying..the postcard is definitely a slick and intelligent way of making the Ukrainian flag..I’m just very happy that Mariya didn’t get run over by the train! There’s just a couple of things I don’t get… number one is why has she got 600 Post-Its in her pocket? And number two is that she signs the last Post-It with her name…so when she takes the photo, where is the ‘Mariya Note’, as it shall henceforth be known? Just some food for thought..

5 – Tijana Dapcevic’s postcard (FYR Macedonia)

Well…you’d never imagine about this, but this postcard is actually one of the best postcards of the entire lot…although it is incredibly ironic that FYR Macedonia’s only at #5. Tijana’s postcard consists of her using cymatics. Cymatics is the visualisation of a sound through its vibrations – a certain topic that my good old friend Björk has touched on in a special documentary she was in. These vibrations produce amazing patterns, with a low-frequency/not giving off a simple pattern, while a high frequency/note emits a very complicated pattern. Now that you know this, Tijana is using the vibrations of the notes she’s playing on her cello to make her national flag. The postcard is incredibly clever and the look of complete exacerbation on her face when the bits of sand go all over the place is just adorable. However, I myself have been looking at cymatics and there is absolutely no way to get the Macedonian flag by playing the cello…SOMEONE’S BEEN CHEATING!!! Anyway, this was definitely one of the best postcards to watch, as I am a huge fan of this sort of just went downhill from the end of the postcard though, with the release of Lord Voldemort…should we go to the next country?

4 – Mei Finegold’s postcard (Israel)

Israel. 😥 Oh, Mei…how I missed you in the final..not only was your performance amazing, your postcard was stunning! Mei set her Israeli flag in the middle of the Dead Sea (which, if you can remember your science lessons, is the most dense body of water in the world), which means that not only would she be able to walk on all the salt in the lake, if she fell in, she’d only float – how nice! The backdrop of the Dead Sea provides the perfect setting for the white of the flag…although it’s rather annoying that she hadn’t made the Star of David already before she went out onto the lake..must have taken her ages! Anyway, the flag is a rather clever one and it shows how Mei is into nature, but more than happy to mix it with modern things and therefore, make her country’s flag. When she’s driving those two poles into the salt..don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to get some poles into the ground a huge bit of salt’s in your way? That’s probably what she’s thinking..oh and just one more thing – there’s way too much string on that flag! But once again, it really is a great flag..and it shows Mei as one who loves her country so much, she’ll make a flag on water just to prove it..much love to Mei! x

3 – Molly’s postcard (United Kingdom)

Well look here! Since when did Molly become one of those people who just walks around all the cars and buses are at her command? There was a large calling for Eurovision fans in the UK to help with the Eurovision postcard and my God, didn’t they show up?! Did you know our good friend Nikita Volkov (the great guy who got us some amazing interviews with people at the London Preview Party – watch his latest one here!) was actually in the postcard? We’re not sure where IN the postcard he actually is, but we’re just happy to see that he made it on..why, do you ask, are there Eurovision fans? Well they were all given a poncho and told to spread it out to create the blue in the Union Jack..this may be stereotypically British, as they have the London Routemasters and the Royal Mail vans etc, but these are all just to show her patriotism..and the fans were more than happy to let Molly boss them around – some fans who even at the postcard shooting got ‘#PowerToThePoncho’ trending in the UK..just shows how many fans there is in the UK! It is great, though to see that Molly can just come up with sorta thing on her own (even though I’m sure the people at the BBC came up with the jist of it)..GO ON MOLLY!!

2 – Donatan and Cleo’s postcard (Poland)

And so we come to Poland..Donatan and Cleo missed out on the #1 spot by *this* much, but our #1 is also a very deserving winner. This postcard is probably the only postcard I’ve continuously watched since the Contest ended. Why, do you ask? Well, this postcard is – in my opinion – one of the only ones that actually made the flag Donatan is a music producer, he’s more than able to get the sound waves to match that of the Polish flag..and Cleo can give that high not with no problems whatsoever. I recently posted up on my Facebook that if I myself was a singer going to the Contest (which would be so unlikely that Conchita shaving the beard would be more likely than me going to Eurovision) and this was the theme were given for the postcards, I would do this. The postcard shows off both people’s jobs and the sheer fact that they made the flag through the power of the human voice alone is just astonishing..okay, it took her three goes, but she got there in the end! Oh how I would have loved to have been in that postcard with Cleo…c’est la vie, I suppose.

So, without any more hesitation, after 9 fabulous postcards, ESC Views’ award for the Best Postcard goes TO…………..

1 – Sebalter’s Postcard (Switzerland)

Where can I even begin with Sebalter? The postcard is cute, he’s cute…it’s just a huge clip of cuteness – just like the video for ‘Hunter Of Stars’ which includes spaghetti – the cutest food known to man! The postcard is made by Sebastiano knocking over 15,000 dominoes. Both James and I LOVE this postcard, as…well, who doesn’t love Sebalter? The postcard is incredibly clever, but when he accidentally knocks over that line of dominoes, the look of pure frustration is just the best face anyone could have pulled! Of course, he didn’t actually didn’t create the entire flag himself, he had to have help by two teenage domino topplers. However, it didn’t take him those two guys to topple it! And may I just point out, he isn’t wearing shoes (those who know me will know that makes me very happy!).. can anyone answer why? That would be helpful! But at the end, he manages to create his flag in the most imaginative way possible. Congratulations Sebalter! You really know to make the best flag!

Your views:

Which postcard from this year was your favourite?
Which postcard from this year was your favourite?

Santigo Sosa from Denmark: Israel, because it’s such a pretty flag and the landscape is beautiful!

Ömer Serkan Gökçek from Turkey: My favorite postcards are Switzerland, F.Y.R.Macedonia and Ireland’s. Those postcards are funny and amazing,

Andy Hendrickx from Belgium: Denmark – I like it a lot!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I really loved Poland this year – Cleo’s voice can definitely make a great flag!

Declan Faulkner from Ireland: Italian one was by far the cleverest!

Well it seems that the fans really do have a wide range of favourites, from Israel in the south to Denmark in the north and everywhere in between! So which postcard for you was the best this year? Do you think that the artists were creative enough in their postcards? And what do you think will be the theme next year? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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