What if…Sweden had sent “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”?

It’s a Sunday afternoon and what does mean? It’s time for yet another edition the “What If” series, where we look at where countries could have tried different things to achieve greatness in this year’s Eurovision! After we posted an article regarding the debatable topic of the artists playing their instruments live, it’s time to turn our attention to another debatable topic from this year’s NF season – the huge battle between Sanna Nielsen and Ace Wilder when we were all enveloped in MelFest madness! Obviously, we know who went to Copenhagen, but would Ace have brought Eurovision back over the Öresund if she went to Denmark instead of Sanna?

Could Sweden have done just as well - if not, better - if Ace Wilder went instead of Sanna?
Could Sweden have done just as well – if not, better – if Ace Wilder went instead of Sanna?

This may shock you, but I’m a part of the very small percentage of people who don’t like ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin”. However, this won’t stop me from giving a TOTALLY unbiased review at what could have been. Ever since the competition was revealed in Sweden, Sanna and Ace were regarded as high fan favourites and when it came to the final, we all knew it was going to be a fight between ‘Undo’ and ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin”. The question was – who would win? The juries loved Ace in MelFest, with the song getting twelve points from five of eleven juries. The public also loved Ace too – it was the dream situation. But it seems that the public liked Sanna JUST a little bit more and beat Ace by two points. Two points. Wow, that was really close..

Okay, the song is modern and in the lead up to Melodifestivalen, Ace literally dominated my Facebook news feed (just a little message to all my Eurovision friends on Facebook – DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!), but even with the highly addictive scream-sing chorus and flashing “NO WORK” signs in the background, I have a feeling that it may have been shrunk on such a huge stage that they had in Copenhagen. I mean, for a song to look appealing as well as the ability to create a great atmosphere etc, the way that it’s presented on such a huge stage is a pretty huge factor. Take Sanna for example, she kept the same staging as she did in MelFest – with her staging managing to create a really universal atmosphere of..emotion.

With a song like ‘Undo’, Sanna managed to capture the entire arena, even though she didn’t move anywhere. And although it was a ballad, everyone knew how much emotion was being put into it. In the case of ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin”, the song just wouldn’t be able to involve the arena as well as Sanna did. In my opinion, Sweden did make the best choice by sending Sanna and even though I’m not a fan of the song, Ace still gave it her all..but if Ace was to go to Eurovision, she’d be killed by the juries who hate modern things *ahem* My Słowianie *ahem*, so instead of coming in a very respectable 3rd place, Sweden would probably have ended up on the other side of the scoreboard, in or around 14th place. So Sweden did pick the best song out of the two…even though my personal favourite in MelFest was ‘Songbird’!

Anyway, what are your opinions on this?

Your views:

Do you think Sweden would have done better or worse if they sent Ace Wilder instead of Sanna Nielsen?
Do you think Sweden would have done better or worse if they sent Ace Wilder instead of Sanna Nielsen?

Orestis Moschonas from Greece:  I don’t think so! Ace would score really low on juries..

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands:  I think Sanna’s song was more credible for a general audience. Ace would’ve been hit or miss, but I believe it would’ve been a miss as I don’t think many people would’ve gone for this on a first listen. The Swedes also needed time to let it grow…

Angelo Poulimas from Italy: I think she would be in the TOP 10 for sure.. in televoting she would be in the TOP 3, while in the juries TOP 10 because juries gave her really high points in Melodifestivalen!

Jake Zimmerman from the United States: Top 5 I think. It’s like Popular – very catchy, slightly annoying but I love it!

Jack Cuffe from the United Kingdom:  Ace’s song is a grower, and I don’t think the juries would have appreciated it. She would have probably came about 18th or thereabouts – and therefore Sanna was the better choice!

Well it seems that most people do agree with my point that with Ace, the juries wouldn’t have liked Sweden as much as they did with ‘Undo’, but she still has a huge fanbase as you can see with a couple of the views we’ve shown you! But what’s your opinion on this? Did Sweden pick the right song, or should they have sent ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin”, or maybe even another song from the line-up? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

8 thoughts on “What if…Sweden had sent “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”?”

  1. Ace would have *tanked*… She would have done worse than Poland, which is a similar “vibe” as those two songs would have cancelled each other out…

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment Dan! 🙂

      Yeah, that’s what I think…with a song that’s upbeat and modern, like ‘My Slowianie’, the two would have just equaled each other and neither country would do well..which would be a shame, because I’m Cleo’s BIGGEST fan! 😥 😀

      1. Do not forget that the juries loved Ace more.
        Like Robin Stjernberg in 2013, juries loved him, but televoting flipped him over.
        Jury would probably given her more than what My Slowianie would have done for sure.

      2. Thanks for the comment Anes! 🙂

        Well with Ace, the song was very modern and if you saw the article we posted a long time ago regarding modern songs (I’ll post the link below), we came to the conclusion that new and different songs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea..if it was me, I would have put it in next year’s MelFest, as it would have been more “in style” than it would be now…Hopefully you get what I mean with that! 🙂


  2. Ace fans forget that she failed to win the public televote not once, not twice, but three times in Sweden. (Heat 3 round one, Heat 3 round 2, the finals).

    That really doesn’t indicate that Euro-voters would have warmed to it. It’s a great pop song but too abrasive and un-showy to have worked for Eurovision. The right song won.

  3. With 6560 more votes Ace Wilder would have won Melodifestivalen – nothing!

    Ace Wilder did also win the lists Spotify / iTunes and not only in Sweden…
    (even now after Sanna Nielsens Eurovision exposure of Undo it has twice the number of listens!)

    But, many react negatively to the song on first listen.
    “- How ridiculous this new generation is not wanting to work”

    This is nothing new… compare with ABBAs Money Money Money…

    It would have taken a quite different PR work before Eurovision to reach the top.
    Sanna Nielsen was established as a very good singer, Ace Wilder would have needed to work all channels to establish the song as a hit before the semifinal.

    This is why I think it worked with the jury – multiple listens before casting your votes!

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