Album Review: Twin Twin – “Vive la vie”

Hopefully, this album will get as much ‘ATTENTION!’ as our previous album review with Vilija’s new album, but now we’re moving onto the French representatives Twin Twin, who have re-released their début album and made it ‘special’! So is the album on the same lines as their Eurovision effort – ‘Moustache’? And more importantly, what do we think of the album? Better keep reading to find out!

What do we think of 'Vive la vie'?
What do we think of ‘Vive la vie’?

Twin Twin won the French national selection by a landslide back in March, thanks to the French public who was the sole decider of France’s representative to Copenhagen. Leading up to the Eurovision, the boys gathered a huge fanbase from all over Europe, but mostly from France, with everyone doing their ‘Moustache’ face for them. James and I did our own little ones, which weren’t seen by everyone, but you can see them on the picture for our one-year-anniversary article. Come Eurovision, France had one of the biggest fanbases among the competition. Sadly, look at how they did – they scored France’s first last-place in the history of their participation at Eurovision, with only 2 points. I will admit, I did vote for them, but our juries kicked France down to 25th in the final. 😥 Shame…right, let’s get back to the point here!

While I’m on about admitting things, James had told me that the album wasn’t really good compared to ‘Moustache’, so I was going into this thinking that it would be filled with loads of songs that are really not my style and fair enough, there are some songs that don’t really appeal to me, but a good deal of the songs are surprisingly good and this made listening to the music a lot more enjoyable than I had thought I would. The album is definitely a #YOLO (You only live once) album and this reflects in a lot of the songs lyrics. One thing I have to say is that they LOVE to say their name (TwinTwin, not their own individual names – that would take up a lot of time on each of the songs!) – I swear, I counted at least five or six times over the course of listening to the thirteen songs that are in the ‘Special Edition’ of the album, which we’re gonna review. No one’s made an official Youtube playlist of the songs and even some of the songs aren’t even on Youtube (fully or otherwise), so if you want to listen to all available songs that are on Youtube, feel free to look at a playlist we’ve drawn up here.

The track opens up with their Eurovision song ‘Moustache’, which we already reviewed when it was selected. So I shall move onto the next song that I found noteworthy –  “Phone Call”. Track five on the album, it takes a while until you get properly into the sound that they’re getting into, but if you haven’t got that into it come this song, you’re in luck. The song is incredibly catchy, especially in the chorus with the computerised voice just repeating ‘I gotta phone call, baby. I gotta phone call’. The beat compliments the song a lot and the beat itself draws you in. Normally, pop and electronica don’t work together for me, but this actually is a good exception, and the added rap (which normally, I loathe!) actually makes the song even better, in my opinion! I can already envisage the music video of the guys biking down a large hill in slo-mo – any memories of their Eurovision postcard ringing bells?

Another song that I had noted was ‘Comme Toi’, a song they had collaborated with American group Lexicon, which are basically the American equivalent of TwinTwin, so no wonder they had fun in the music video, even if it was rather low budget (i.e. a camera attached to the back of a bike showing them all just messing around a bike park). Once again, you’re having a mixture of pop and electronica, which is apparently what young people are into! Not me it seems! I will say that this is a good exception though and I do end up bobbing my head to it. And it’s really nice to hear a song that’s a good bit in English, as well as French..the one problem I have with the song is this lyric that Lexicon sings:

You. You don’t fuck like me, when I’m in her bed.

I don’t know why they’d add that to the song, but hey, it’s their choice. Just was a bit weird, is all…

After listening to the album, I’d say there are a few other songs that I’d recommend you guys listen to, such as:

  • ‘Je Vais Très Bien’
  • ‘Go Fast’
  • ‘Les Sentiments’ (Sadly, no one’s put up the song, but it’s a nice little modern ballad – and it actually shows that even though Twin Twin is a lively bunch, they are able to slow down and take things seriously..although I say this, and it’s the only really slow song on the album..)

So, ‘Vive la vie’ is indeed living out its name – it celebrates life today through the modern songs and I’m not surprised all the #TwinTwinnerz (sorry, I had to) are happy with the album. However, as this is really only their first album (they had released some EPs, but most of the lead songs from those EPs are included in the album), I think there’s some room to grow and perfect their sound. I’m not at all dissing the group or their music, but if I was them, I’d be making sure there isn’t so much speak-singing. If I’m to give ‘Vive la Vie’ a score out of ten – considering the songs and the way they’re performed and the genre they’ve gone for – I’d give the album a seven out of ten, because even though it’s modern, they still have some room to grow..I’m definitely looking forward to their next album! Sorry James!

Your views:

What's your favourite song from TwinTwin's album?
What’s your favourite song from TwinTwin’s album?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I think Moustache is the best song on the album – it’s the opening song on the album and then it goes downhill from there!

Kristel Houghton from the United Kingdom: Bought the whole album, love it!!!! Especially ‘Moustache’!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I adore the song ‘Les Sentiments’. It’s like they calm down after all the fun they have..if only they did better in Eurovision..

Well it seems like most people are just fans of ‘Moustache’ but not much else, but who knows, maybe this isn’t the case! Are you a TwinTwinner? If so, what’s your favourite song from their album? Even if you not, have you listened to the album? What’s you favourite song from the album? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below, merci!

10 thoughts on “Album Review: Twin Twin – “Vive la vie””

  1. I LOVE these guys! I loved their song Moustache and was already going to be supporting them in Eurovision. But then we had the opportunity to see some of their live sets in Copenhagen in eurovison week. Omg AMAZING. Whilst their album is brilliant (Comme Toi and Moi Même my faves) when they perform them live they are extraordinary! So basically I left Copenhagen/Eurovision a BIG fan of theirs. I can’t wait for the new album and some gigs. Twin Twin ROCK!

    1. Thanks for the comment Mandy! 🙂

      Well we’re both (James and I) big fans of Moustache here, and definitely they did a great job with the song on the was just a shame they didn’t get enough votes…My favourites on the album are ‘Les Sentiments’ and ‘Phone Call’, but I just can’t wait to see what they come out with next! 😀

  2. This review comes across a little like a granddad listening to modern music for the 1st time haha. I would describe Vive La Vie as a real feel-good album, you can’t help but smile and sing along, even if you can’t speak a word of French like myself! I would advise Twin Twin to always be themselves in their music, as their fans love them for that.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sophie! 🙂

      Well if I’m being honest, I had no idea what I was going into and so, maybe with the review it did seem a little old-fashioned, but I’m happy with ‘Vive la vie’ and is very #Yolo, as would say! I’m definitely looking forward to their next album, because I’m now addicted to “Phone Call” and “Les Sentiments” 😀

  3. I never heard of Twin Twin before Eurovision but I’m glad I watched it this time, they got me dancing in my living room, so great! Your review describes my first opinion on the album just perfectly. I absolutely LOVE ‘Moustache’ but I needed to listen to the other songs a few times before they grew on me. Now I’m totally in love with their music! And I’m learning French again. My favourites, besides ‘Moustache’, are ‘J’ai pas peur’ and ‘Moi-Même’. But actually I love them all! Also they seem to be very nice people so hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet them and be able to see them live somtime. Definitely looking forward to hear more from them!
    Greetings from Germany! xx

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment Julia! 🙂

      First of all, herzlichen dank for the kind words (that’s right, I speak German! 😉 ) about Twin Twin and indeed, the review 🙂 In my case, I had no idea what I was getting into, so when I was listening to it…I was actually sort of bobbing my head back and forth, because their music was so catchy! I also liked ‘J’ai pas peur’, but I found that I couldn’t really write so much about it, hence it’s omitted..I can’t wait for their next album either – it will be interesting to see what new creations they have next! 😀

      Küsse aus Irland!

  4. I just love their album “Vive la vie” and even if I don’t can or speak a word of french I am so in love whit Twin Twin and their music!! Like someone said in the comments, this is really a “feel-good” album and always puts a smile on my face 🙂 My favourites, beside Moustache, is Moi-même, Je vais trés bien, Comme Toi and No fun. Or, I think every song is really good! TWIN TWIN – OH YEAH!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Matilda! 🙂

      The album very feel-good…and it’s very easy to tell that this is today’s music..and maybe they might do some more songs in English in the future! If not, I think everyone must start learning French! :”) Comme Toi is a good song, but I just don’t know why they had to put in the ‘you don’t fuck like me’ line…but nonetheless – TWIN TWIN – OH YEAH! 😀

  5. There are so many songs I like in their album, if I had to choose one, I couldn’t, maybe because they are all differents. There are different styles of music in this album, and each time it’s like a new story. If you listen to it, you can’t stop the music because of that. The mix of electronic music and other kind of music sounds good and it’s very difficult to do it right. There is a lot of energy in their songs and sometimes I wonder how they do that but this makes us feel good. Maybe the only thing I dislike is the vocoder on their voice in some songs, maybe because we do that in every rnb songs, but if the youngest appreciate and not me, it could be because I’m not as young as them. So you asked for the songs I prefer. I would say “Comme toi” and “By My side”, because it is rock music, but I also like “Je vais très bien” and “Les sentiments”. If you listen to the lyrics, you understand they are really good. I also like some songs that don’t figure on the album, and I hope they will put them in the next one.

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