What if…”My Słowianie” was kept in Polish?

Well, we’re here again on a Saturday night and we’re ready to go through another article concerning what may have happened if a country did something else in its 2014 campaign. Today’s article is about my personal favourite of the competition – Poland and “My Słowianie”, or should I say “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic”. As a fan of both versions of the song, it’ll be hard to give an objective view on this, but I’m going to pose the question – what if Poland kept their song in Polish?

Would Cleo have done any better if her Slavic girls were just "Słowianie"?
Would Cleo have done any better if her Slavic girls were just “Słowianie”?

When Poland selected Donatan and Cleo to represent the country in Copenhagen, they had promised a bilingual version of “My Słowianie” and sure enough, numerous fan-made  possible versions of the song surfaced all over Youtube, so we were all feeling like some horrible version in which Cleo would be jumping from Polish to English every five seconds was going to be premiering at Europe’s favourite TV show. However, a few weeks before the show, the official Eurovision version of the song was released – luckily, not as bad as I had first thought. The version you heard at Eurovision is shown below. It’s basically the original, with the first verse and the chorus of the English version and the lack of the whole “To co nasze jest najlepsza jest bo nasze jest” line (which, in my opinion, almost massacred the song!). Come and go with the Eurovision, and the song came 14th out of a field of 37, with 62 points.

Now, as much as almost everyone *ahem* juries *ahem* loves this version of the song, when we were first told that Poland would be represented by Donatan and Cleo, we were first presented with the all-Polish version and this is what became embedded in our minds for weeks. Even at the Contest itself, the two had said that they had decided to keep the majority of the song in Polish to remain true to their heritage and their culture. But one has to also realise that the Polish version became a viral hit in Poland, reaching number two in their national charts and currently has 46,000,000+ views on Youtube, which makes it the most viewed Eurovision video on Youtube. If TVP had sent the sole Polish version on its own, it would have been an even bolder move on their part, but it probably wouldn’t have paid off, as you’ll see below.

So getting back to the question – would Poland have done better or worse in Copenhagen if “My Słowianie” hadn’t had that horrible “- We Are Slavic” suffix attached to it? Well, Poland singing in English would be nothing new, but Poland singing in Polish isn’t often seen, although their last two entries pre-Cleo had been either fully or partly in Polish (‘Legenda’ and ‘Jestem’, which was three years ago! :O ). Had Cleo just sung the song under “Slavic Girls”, I doubt the song would do so well, because let’s face it – the English lyrics, although witty, are shit. The entire Polish version might have isolated them from the rest of the competition, as nobody (other than the Polish diaspora, which is pretty widespread) would be able to understand the song and, presentation aside, I doubt they would have even qualified, and if they had qualified, they’d have come near the bottom of the board alongside Montenegro. The bilingual version was therefore the best decision that TVP could have made, as it’s mostly in Polish which achieves what Donatan and Cleo had set out to do, but putting a bit in English for the international community to understand…although, with the way the song was presented (BOOBS, BOOBS, BOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!!!), I have a feeling that either they would have got a huge amount of votes from the public, and that 5th place in the televoting would still stand.

But that’s just my opinion, what’s your view on this?

Your views:

Would Poland's result have changed had they sung completely in Polish?
Would Poland’s result have changed had they sung completely in Polish?

Inga Busse from Germany:  Maybe yes! Because their English was hard to understand. It took me quite a while to actually figure it out that they were switching into English to be honest. So why not leave it in the original language in the first place when the singer has such a strong Polish accent…

Julie Ann Stenled from Norway: A bit worse, but still placing well. I loved the mix!

Rafael Vivas from Venezuela: I think they would have done the same… the boobs made them qualify!

Vangelis Alpha from Greece: I think that the result would be different if girl’s appearance was another!

Well it seems that the fans have different opinions on how well the Polish girls would have done if they were to sing entirely in Polish, but I do agree with Rafael partly, the boobs were definitely a factor in their qualification and placing in the final. But what’s you’re opinion on this? Do you think Cleo and Donatan would have done better or worse in Polish or were they better off to sing it in the bilingual version? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

2 thoughts on “What if…”My Słowianie” was kept in Polish?”

  1. I made my mind up about this before I started reading, and it turns out we are in agreement!! Great minds 😄 The bilingual arrangement they settled on was the best option, especially because the English lyrics are extremely dodgy. They don’t really convey to anyone outside the bubble that the song is supposed to be satirical. But throwing them in at the end just gave all of us non-Polish speakers something to connect with. I personally LOVE this song in any version, and I’m happy it did as well as it did. Wish it had cracked the top 10 though…next year maybe?? Caaarrn Poolaaand!!

    PS – This ‘what if’ series is genius. Kanye West would be jealous.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jaz! 😀

      I’m definitely agreeing with you on the English lyrics front, but they’re still stuck in my head and they’re never going to leave! :’) and the fact you love the song is *AMAYZIN* because Poland has always been and probably always will be my favourite song of this year’s competition! ^_^ Well if those bloody juries weren’t around, they would have been 5th! NYAAAAAAAH!!!! Oh wow, if they do return next year, you can expect me to be screaming with happiness – I’m probably the biggest Cleo fan on this side of Poland 😉

      Awwww thanks so much Jaz!!!!!! ❤ All your posts are fantabulous too though 😀

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