Possible Artists 2015: Czech Republic

So guys, now that the national final season is getting closer and closer (thanks a lot FYR Macedonia..), we’re having to get as many Possible Artists articles out as possible and after James’ article about our picks for Portugal for Austria, it’s my turn to take you guys on another journey around Europe – this time, to the Czech Republic!

Verona is our main pick for the Czech Republic..if they come back!
Verona is our main pick for the Czech Republic..if they come back!

Artist #1: Verona

It’s no fact that the Czech Republic has been rather hesitant to enter Eurovision. They had the chance to debut in 1993 like Slovakia, but refused and it took them another fourteen years until we saw them join the Eurovision family in Helsinki. Three attempts and only nine points later, they withdrew after the 2009 Contest and haven’t come back to the Eurovision..some fans have missed them (including me) and others haven’t, but regardless, a comeback may be on the cards as their broadcaster haven’t ruled it out yet. Fingers crossed everyone!

I was only recently introduced to the Czech music scene, with a good few artists being spotted here and there. However, I had known our main artist, Verona, for a long time but I had no idea they were Czech, so this fit like a glove to be honest! Verona’s a musical duo consisting of Marketa Jakšlová and Peter Fider and have grown to become one of the biggest Czech groups. They mostly sing in their native Czech, but they also do record a few songs in English. Below is one of their Czech language songs, which is a bit of a departure from what they normally make.

“Ztracená bloudím” – or “Wandering Lost” in English – was released in October of 2010, so it could have gone to Eurovision, if they were taking part in Eurovision at the time. This particular song probably wouldn’t fare very well and the fact it’s in Czech wouldn’t make it very international. However, if you’re a sucker for ballads, be sure to check this out. This song does strike a personal chord with me for some reason that I actually can’t explain. If this was to ever to go to Eurovision, it would definitely be a strategy worth trying, as the Czech Republic has never sent a ballad..so could they try it out and see how well they do? If they were, it would either stand out like a sore thumb or get lost among the crowd, meaning that we’d either have the first qualification from them or another last place in the semi-final. However, I’d have great faith in this song and if Verona were to send a song like this to Austria, I’d say they would have a great shot!

Now that you’ve heard the Czech side of their music, it’s time to turn to their English discography. This song, ‘Hey Boy’, was released in 2011 and managed to launch the group’s international career, with the song managing to chart in countries all over Europe. Of course, the song is wayyyy too sexual for Eurovision, but I would figure that if they changed the lyrics a bit, maybe it would be Eurovision-worthy? You have to admit though that the song is INCREDIBLY catchy and here, their modern music is shown…kinda. They mix 50’s cabaret music and modern music..not exactly the greatest combination you’d expect. At Eurovision, this would definitely stand out, and depending on whether the fans were in a happy mood or not, this would be extremely well-received.

With the Czech Republic not being at Eurovision for nearly six years, it would be breaking new ground for them to send Verona, as the music they make is completely different to the three entries CT has sent to Eurovision and they would be taking a huge gamble on sending them to Austria, but with the right song – whether they want to show their vulnerable side on a song like ‘Ztracená bloudím’ or have a song that’s radio-friendly and catchy like ‘Hey Boy’ – I could see them sneaking into the final..can’t you?

Artist #2: David Deyl

If Verona feels like Eurovision is a little bit too much for them, then the secondary artist we’d recommend would be David Deyl. Deyl has been recording songs for years and is one of the Czech Republic’s growing artists. In 2010, he released this song – “Akorát”, which has a bit of a Sofia Nizharadze feel to it, with the music video giving off a completely different vibe..is anyone getting “Jar Of Hearts” here? Once again, it’s a ballad in Czech, but like Verona’s ballad it’s a very personal one and coming from the video, it’s almost like a proclamation of his love for someone (any Czech people will be free to correct me on that one!).

Wow…Czech is a very…’zh’-obsessed language! Now, I’m not dissing David or anything, but at 1:09, does anyone hear David singing:

A big molar zoos to Kim, Kim Sem. A big molar sneeze de buoy ten vent.

Yeah? No? Am I on my own here? Anyway, on a Eurovision point of view, I don’t think this particular song would do both him as an artist or the Czech’s decision justice, so maybe a song that would be a bit more upbeat would do the trick..us Eurovision fans, aren’t fans of over-romantic piano serenades. But David as an artist is fantastic and if CT was to select him, they’d be picking a good singer who’s definitely passionate about his instrument….like Tinkara Kovac from Slovenia, in a way!

As the Czech Republic have never tried these different genres of songs in their brief participation in the Contest (rock, R&B, ….I don’t even know what 2009 was about), if they were to come back to the competition next year, it would definitely be an area to look into..is anyone wanting the Czech Republic to return? I know I do!!! 😀

Other Artists:

Like Portugal, we didn’t cover the Czech Republic in our Possible Artists series last year. However, here are a few other names of some other artists we’d like to see in Austria next year!

Lucie Vondráčková – “Zombie”

Kryštof ft. Tomáš Klus – “Cesta” (yes, they’re both Czech!)

Lucie Bílá – “Jsem to já”

Xindl X – “V blbým věku” (because why not?!)

(*btw, thank you to my friend Honza for helping me find so many artists..thank you!!! 🙂 )

Your views:

Who would you like to see representing the Czech Republic?
Who would you like to see representing the Czech Republic?

Mateusz Połętek from Poland: Verona have really well songs, but I’d rather something like ”stay with me” or ”you gotta move on”.

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I do think the band Wohnout should be for Czech Republic, they sound nice in my opinion!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I think Verona would be a great choice for the Czech Republic! I love the song ‘Hey Boy’, even if it’s a bit….sexual..

Well it seems like some people have different opinions as to who should represent the Czech Republic, but most of which are Verona..I hope the Czech Republic do come back, because they haven’t had the chance to properly show off their music scene! So what do you think? Should the Czech Republic send Verona or should they get another artist to represent them, provided they come back? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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