What if…Spain had sent “Más”?

Well another weekend finishes and we’re getting ever closer to the start of the 2015 National Final Season (thanks a lot FYR Macedonia…), but until then, we’re going to keep reflecting on what could have been if different scenarios were put in action instead of the actual train of course.After James’ article regarding the amount of Balkan withdrawals, we’re going to have a look at what might have happened if Spain had sent Brequette, the absolute favourite of the Spanish national final this year. Would she have done any better than Ruth in Copenhagen?

Would Brequette have done any better if she went to Eurovision instead of Ruth?
Would Brequette have done any better if she went to Eurovision instead of Ruth?

There’s no doubt in saying that in the lead up to ‘Mira Quien va a Eurovision’ – the Spanish national final – two ladies were the big favourites to win the selection and represent Spain at Eurovision in Copenhagen; Ruth Lorenzo and Brequette. Both had overshadowed the other three competitors – La Dama, Raúl and Jorge Gonzales – with their power-ballads in both a mixture of English and Spanish and their flawless voices. Both were used to competitions such as these, as Ruth was on the British version of the X-Factor and Brequette had taken part in the Spanish version of The Voice. So you could get why the two were big favourites and come February 22nd, we were all expecting for there to be a huge battle between the two ladies. And my god, it most certainly was a hard decision!

This is Brequette’s performance…now I’m not sure why she’s stumbling around the place like a drunk person trying to get home, but her voice was incredibly stunning. Ruth’s performance was also very intimate and brought the viewer into the performance as well, what with the staging and the vocals she gave, so it left the Spanish public with a hard decision to make. After the jury, it was looking like Brequette was going to take the title but then the public vote brought Ruth and Brequette to equal scores. However, in that tie situation, the person with the most public votes would win the ticket to Denmark…so Brequette, despite leading for most of the way just missed out of representing Spain at Eurovision. Now I’m not saying that she should have won, but when you have a song like “Más” that’s to be performed on such a big stage, it takes a lot of camerawork to make a song like that look good for the viewer at home. With Ruth, however, she had the ability to make the song look great on such a big stage – so much so, that she was the runner up in our top 10 for the best stagings of the entire Contest!

Now with a song like “Dancing in the Rain”, it doesn’t take much to make song look big, it mostly falls down to the staging and the vocals. When we’re talking about Brequette with “Más”, it’s very hard to captivate the entire arena when you’re looking at the floor while screaming “PROMETO VOLVEEEEEEEEEEEER“. Plus, with such a big song, her stage presence may have almost shrunk the song onstage, if you get what I mean. If she was to go to Eurovision, she would have to utilise the stage a bit more than she did with the Spanish Strictly Come Dancing floor. Therefore, considering the vocals she had, combined with the staging altogether and the camerawork, I doubt that Brequette would have equaled Ruth’s tenth placing. In fact, I would say that she would have come a bit lower than we all expected her to do, possibly within the regions of 15th to 20th. However, if they got the staging and camerawork, I’d say we’d be looking at around eighth or ninth place, because the top 10 was incredibly talented this year…but what’s your opinion?

Your views:

Would Brequette have gotten a higher or lower placing for Spain?
Would Brequette have gotten a higher or lower placing for Spain?

Ricardas Petrauskas from Lithuania: Brequette would have been top 5, tbh.

Nick van Lith from the Netherlands (who works for our great friends at escXtra):  Difficult question. Ruth did everything right. Staging, vocals, stage persona. Brequette just looked awkward on stage and was a bit out there with the vocals. I however assume that Brequette’s song would have had a more general appeal… About the same result I guess then?

Ian Mack from the United Kingdom: Don’t think she would have bettered Ruth’s result. As Nick said Ruth got everything right.

Adrián Valiente Magán from Spain (who works at ESC+Plus.com): Lower, vocals are… well, PROMETO VOLVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!

So it seems we all have a different opinion as to where Brequette would have finished and who knows what might have happened if she actually represented Spain in Denmark, maybe we would have been in Madrid next year or maybe she would have finished last! So what’s your opinion on this? Should Spain have Brequette to Eurovision and if they did, where would you think she’d finish? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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