Possible Artists 2015: Iceland

Hey hey guys! So it’s that time of the week where we look at the artists that we wish would put their name forward for Eurovision and now it’s time for my spiritual home of Iceland. The country is rich with new different types of music, but which artists would we love to see in Austria for the 60th edition of the Contest?

Samaris is our top choice for Iceland for next year's Eurovision!
Samaris is our top choice for Iceland for next year’s Eurovision!

Iceland is one of these countries that has tried a lot of different methods to do well at Eurovision, but none of which really worked for them (other than the two times they came second, the most recent time being in 2009). However, the music scene in Iceland isn’t filled with general pop and R & B, it’s instead filled with individual alternative electronica and with most of our recommendations in this article, that is what you’re going to get. It would be good for Iceland to try sending something that they’re proud to show off and this is the best way to show off Iceland’s individuality in terms of music.

Artist #1: Samaris

Kicking off our suggestions for Iceland is the group Samaris. The band is only just over one year old, but has already been signed to record label One Little Indian, which is the label that many Icelandic artists tend to sign to. Samaris is an electronic band which fuses normal instruments (most loudly the clarinet) with very modern technology (i.e. the electronic beats) with a very recognisable voice on top. The lead singer, Jófríður (who looks a bit like Lily Cole with less ginger hair) has only recently turned 19 and already she’s part of an upcoming band which is set to dominate the underground scene.My kind of music indeed!

This is one of their first ever songs – “Góða Tungl” – or “Good Moon” in English. You’ll start to notice that Samaris don’t sing in English, but in their native Icelandic. In my opinion, this is to keep their heritage and to show respect as to where they’re from. The song, and indeed the music video, is very dark and something you’d expect to hear in a horror film right before a big massacre was about to happen. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – in fact, I think it’s quite charming that they came up with such a dark song. The clarinet, the main acoustic instrument the band plays, features very prominently here and it kinda works well with the all the different electronic beats…it’s almost envelopes you into the song and then you’re hooked..it’s very Lorde-y! The song is 4 minutes and 10 seconds, a bit too long for the Contest, so if they were to send something like this, they’d have to make it a bit shorter..it would be interesting to see how the fandom would react to this getting sent!

This is their most recent single – “Brennur Stjarna” or “Burning Stars” in English. And when I say ‘their most recent single’, I’m talking about today, the 28th of July. This just oozes what Icelandic music is today – fusing modernity and olden times together through music. The song is once again in Icelandic and also, a bit too long to go to Eurovision, but it’s pure “Icelandic” – no other country could come out with a style of music like that. Clash, a music Internet magazine, had said when the song premiered on their website:

The results have a curiously alien feel, yet are immediately engrossing. It’s almost as if through lingering on the fringes of Europe, these Icelandic musicians are able to absorb everything which comes their way, yet reflect it back in a quite unusual fashion.

I would totally agree with that. The music makes you feel like you’re in a totally different world, but you’re hooked from the get-go. The song’s lyrics are based on 19th century Icelandic poetry and the band match it with this very haunting beat that carries the song along and until it reaches its climax, it’s not going to stop. Jófríður’s vocal also provide for a very dark performance and only enhances the aura the song gives off. It’s so characteristic, this song. I’ve already fallen in love with it ❤ .

Artist #2: Ásgeir

Should Samaris feel like Eurovision might not be their sort of thing, I would always put my trust in our next artist – Ásgeir. He’s only 22 years of age, but his first solo album became the biggest selling debut album in Icelandic history. Unlike Samaris, Ásgeir is more influenced by indie music and is therefore an indie artist, but with his own little Icelandic twist on it, with the use of synthesisers and then mixing it with original acoustic instruments such as the guitar, and you can definitely see this in the song below: “King and Cross”

Like I said, this is Icelandic indie music and the music video gives the song a very “Lord of the Rings” feel to it…although did they have guitars like that back in the ‘olden days’. I love the way how he combines both the guitar and other acoustic instruments with modern ones such as the synthesisers and electronic tripboards. If he was to go to Eurovision, it would be nice to see a different side to indie music.. a very individual type of it. Maybe it would do well or maybe it would fail to qualify..it all depends on how open-minded the listener is.

This is only just a taster into the Icelandic music scene and there’s a plethora of many other artists that you can have a listen to. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a very intricate entity…and it’s entirely individual..in no other place would you find people making such “alien-like” music. From the modern indie to alternative electronica, Iceland is a place to go to get a completely different perspective of things. Icelandic music is filled with an “Arctic passion”, in my opinion and it doesn’t burst quite easily into the open, so you have to find it yourself and if you do, you end up opening up a world you never thought you knew. That’s why we’d love these artists to go to Austria..and some others as well!

Other Artists:

As well as Samaris and Ásgeir, we’d also recommend the fabulous:

Sin Fang – “Young Boys”

Múm – “Green Grass Of Tunnel”


Sigur Rós – “Sæglópur”

Your views:

Who would you like to see represent Iceland next year?
Who would you like to see represent Iceland next year?

Luma Lional from the Netherlands: I like Samaris’ kind of music and you’ll never know….. so why not!!!??!!!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: Please send Emilíana Torrini! She is one of the artists we have on offer that could actually make us look good, pleaaaaaase!!!

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I’d like Bjork to go to Eurovision – I love her song “Declare Independence” and that would be a great song for Eurovision!

Frederik Ulriksson from Sweden: Can Iceland please send Sigur Rós to Eurovision? It’s an obvious choice!

Well it seems that we all have a different opinion on who should represent the westernmost country in Europe and until they reveal who’s in the national final, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed for one of our recommendations to go to Austria! So what do you think? Would you like any of our recommendations to go to Eurovision or do you have another artist that you’d like to see in Austria? Be sure to tell us what you think by commenting below!! 🙂




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