Possible Artists 2015: Ireland

Hi guys! Once again, I’m sorry for the lack of posting, we’ve both been really busy with other things, but we’re here now and today we’re going to go through our top pick as to who should represent my home country – Ireland – in Vienna next year! So who would be the best artist that could give Ireland its eighth victory?

Maria Kelly is who we want to see at Eurovision for Ireland!
Maria Kelly is who we want to see at Eurovision for Ireland!

Like a true Eurovision fan should know, Ireland is the country that has won the Eurovision Song Contest the most amount of times – seven times. However, since 2012, their placings have really started to flop, going from 19th to 26th in the final to failing to qualify for the final this year in Copenhagen. To be honest, as someone who lives in the country, Ireland’s attitude to Europe is tarting to get tarnished, so now I think it’s time to have an artist that has the potential to break the international market, or have already done so.

Artist #1: Maria Kelly

You’re probably wondering who the hell Maria Kelly is and that ‘oh, I’ve never heard of her’ – and to quote the fabulous Nikki Grahame – “Who IS she? Who IS she? WHO IS SHE? WHERE DID YOU FIND HER?!”. Well Maria Kelly is a friend of mine who I’ve had the pleasure of competing against in several talent shows over the years and while I’ve failed miserably, she has prospered and has recently released an EP! She’s a very talented songwriter and this definitely proves it.

This is one of Maria’s very popular songs, ‘Dreamer’, which was originally first performed in late 2012. She performed the song in a school talent show alongside me, and progressed to the national final of the competition. And guess what. She won the competition and won a share of €25,000 (which is roughly around £22,000). The song is very simple, but if you listen to it, its lyrical content definitely plays on your mind and by the end of it, you feel very entranced and you have to listen to it again. If that’s not your first impression, then I can’t tell what sort of feelings you have for that song, because that song is absolute genius. Maria has now gone on to release an EP called “Boat”, which you can buy on iTunes here (and I highly recommend you do so, because it would mean so much to her) which has ‘Dreamer’ on it. However, on “Boat”, this eponymous track is one to definitely look out for!

The title track, “Boat”, was first performed in early February of this year, but only properly released around three weeks ago. The video here was recorded when Maria was a supporting act for Orla Gartland. The song more upbeat than “Dreamer”, but Maria still delivers the same emotional value as she does for the other songs she sings. The aura that she gives off while playing just a plain, old acoustic guitar shows that she is a true and dedicated musician and very dedicated musicians normally do very well both during and after Eurovision; Common Linnets as a prime example. Therefore, if Maria decides to go to Eurovision, a whole new path of music is ready for her! #MariaKellyToEurovision!

Artist #2: Kodaline

If, however, Maria is overlooked or doesn’t decide to go to Eurovision, there’s a great band that’s ready to go in her place…if they go, that is! Their name is Kodaline. Kodaline have been a band since 2005, under the name of “21 Demands”, but changed to their current name in 2011, they came to prominence and fame in 2013, when they released the song “High Hopes” (no, it’s nothing like Linnea Dale’s song). It went straight to the top of the charts in Ireland and charted in other countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and even Australia!

As Ireland is the home of U2, the gods of indie music, it’s fair to say that Kodaline might have taken a big leaf out of their book in “High Hopes”, but one has to admit that it is a very good song. If this was to go to Eurovision, it’d be hard to say where it would end up, because indie/rock can go either way at Eurovision – it might not qualify (Switzerland 2009) or it could do really well (Turkey 2010). In this case, however, I’m sure it would end up on the left-hand side of the scoreboard and if not, the top of the right-hand side. It just matters on how well they deliver their live performance on the night!

Ireland has a plethora of artists that cover all sorts of different genres of music, ranging from Celtic music (with artists like Enya and Celtic Woman) to rockabilly (such as Imelda May) to generic pop (e.g. Westlife), and now that many artists are just starting to come to prominence, it gives RTÉ a whole load of different artists to consider for Vienna! Let’s just hope they pick the right person with the right song!

Other Artists:

We’d also LOVE to recommend these guys as well for RTÉ to look at!

RoySeven – “We Should Be Lovers”
Two Door Cinema Club – “Something Good Can Work”
Bressie – “Silence Is Your Saviour”
Wallis Bird – “Hardly Hardly”

Last year, we recommended that Imelda May and Enya should represent Ireland at Eurovision. However, neither artist put their name forward to you. Have a look at last year’s article here!

Your views:

What's the most underrated song in Eurovision history, in your opinion?
Who would be your selection for Ireland next year?

Frederik Ulriksson from Sweden: I like Enya. I would love it if she went to Eurovision next year. Can Ireland please send her?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I think Roisin Murphy should represent Ireland at Eurovision. She’s very Celtic and that’s what Ireland is about!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: This Maria Kelly woman is actually very good! When the EP is released worldwide, I’m definitely buying it. I think she’s great for Eurovision!

John Mario Smith from the United Kingdom: Definitely it’d be a good thing if Kodaline was selected. Have you not heard their album!!

Well it’s definitely a big mixture as to who should represent Ireland from all over Europe! I wonder who RTÉ – and indeed, the Irish public – will pick! So who would you like to see on Ireland’s behalf? Is there anyone who we might have left out? Who would you put on that list? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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