Possible Artists 2015: Denmark

Heya guys! It’s been a while since we last published an article regarding our choices for a country in 2015, but now we’re getting back into the swing of things as we continue the series with last year’s host, Denmark! So who should be a good successor to Basim, as Denmark hands the rights of hosting to Austria? And who would you like to see representing Denmark in Vienna? Keep reading to find out!

Ida Corr is our #1 choice for Denmark!
Ida Corr is our #1 choice for Denmark!

Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest has very much been a rollercoaster, seeing highs and indeed lows! In the past few years, however, the country has seen great success in the competition, to the point where we were celebrating Eurovision in Copenhagen this year, thanks to Emmelie de Forest (aka the Queen of Expressionless) and her triumph in Malmö last year. However, Denmark has a tendency to do terrible the year after they host it, with the exception of 1965, when the country actually did better than it had done the year before, when it hosted the competition. If you remember the last time Denmark took part in the Eurovision after they hosted it (all those years ago – back in 2002), after the amazing second place they achieved on home soil, they ended up finishing in last place in Tallinn, and therefore relegating them from taking part in Latvia the next year. Luckily, the rules have changed, so they would be allowed to take part in 2016’s host city, but I’m sure they’re hoping to go for gold again, and I have a feeling that with our recommendations, if they’re looking for the right artists, they’d have a great chance at it!

Artist #1: Ida Corr

Right, let’s start things off by introducing our main artist – Ida Corr. She is an absolute star in Denmark and she has also an international award winning artist. Funnily enough, her career start off by winning the Danish Melodi Grand Prix for juniors as part of the group FemininuM, before the idea of Junior Eurovision was conceived! Her career as a solo artist began to bloom in 2005, when she released her first album which received much critical acclaim. This was followed up by a second album a year later. During that time, she collaborated with Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand and released two songs – one original and one remix of her own song ‘Let Me Think About It’. This song catapulted Ida onto the international stage, with the song charting all over Europe and in the USA Billboard Dance Chart as well, making it the first non-American song to reach the chart. Have a listen below!

The song is a big mixture of proper modern music, but with the twist Le Grand put on the song, adds a very jazzy feel to the song…especially with the build-up to the last chorus, where Ida really lets her individual voice take over. The beat in this song is utterly infectious and one thing that Eurovision fans love, is a good beat in a song – and this does not disappoint. The song features the vocals from fellow Dane; Burhan G. If this was to go to Eurovision, it would have to actually have to have a little bit of time added onto it, as at 2 minutes 40 seconds, it would either just cut short of the requirements or just be in..the public would love this, judging on its chart positions across the continent, and the Contemporary feel to it would draw voters in, I think…I know I’d vote for that, it’s just so catchy!

Ida continued to receive fame as ‘Let Me Think About It’ shot to the top of charts everywhere, to the point where she was announced as the Danish recipient of the 2009 European Border Breakers Award, as she was voted as the best-selling Danish musician of 2009. She has since collaborated with more artists (such as Shaggy, Fatman Scoop and Camille Jones) and in 2012, she became a judge and mentor on the Danish version of the X Factor. In 2012, also, she released this song, with Havin Zagross and Alex Saja, and shows her move to more acid-house genres in music.

“You Make My Heart Go”. Hm…you TOTALLY couldn’t tell that was the name of the song! The music video is possibly a bit controversial, as it shows a robbery taking place in a party…but if you take most songs of that genre, it seems a bit nice and refreshing to watch compared to the normal sort of music video that’s associated with that genre. Once again, we get to hear Ida let out that beautiful, raspy voice again, but in a way that both compliments the song and the intensity of the song…I’m not sure how the song would go down in Baku, as the song would be very different when set amongst what was in the running..it might not have been the best of choice if they sent this particular song, but it’s modern and if songs that are modern gather a good enough fanbase, it might have been a contender for the top 5! Of course, it’s possible that DR could ask her to take part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix next year..and if she does, we’d recommend going for something like ‘Let Me Think About It’…that would definitely do well….DR, you better be taking notes here!!

Artist #2: Anna Faroe

If DR was to be so stupid as to not send Ida Corr, then we luckily have a back-up artist who I’m sure would love to represent Denmark at Eurovision is Anna Nygaard, better known that Anna Faroe. She got this stage name while she was taking part in the Danish X Factor (no, Ida and Anna weren’t on the same series; Anna was three series ahead of Ida!), due to her residence and upbringing in the Faroe Islands. She came in fifth place on the show, but that wasn’t the last we heard of Anna, because she went onto release this sultry piece of blues; “Walking On Fire”.

This is very much a foot-tappy sort of song, despite being a blues song. Its slick, smooth beat is instantly recognisable and catchy and the chorus is incredibly infectious and memorable and I remember when I first heard the song, I had the urge to listen to it again, because of its climactic build-up and huge ending, it just reminded me so much “Carry Me In Your Dreams”. Plus, the music video is another reason why it’s so interesting, the concept is very clever about having your guard up and when you find the right person, you let the masquerade slip. I’m unsure as to how well it would if it was to go to Eurovision, as it was released in late 2011, it would be eligible to take part in Baku, but because it’s quite fragile and hard to stage, I doubt it would do well in Azerjibban Aje Baku, due to the diversity of what was on offer…it would definitely break their four year-qualifying streak…but it would be worth it, to bring some class to the competition!

Other Artists:

If neither of our top artists were to be thought of, we’d also love to recommend these amazing artists!

Sarah Faerch – “Har Det For Vildt”

Bjornskov – “Venner For Evigt”

Medina – “Giv Slip”

Burhan G – “Ikke I Nat, Ikke Endnu”

Silje Svea – “Sober Heart”

Stine Bramsen – “Prototypical”

Your views:

Who would you want to send to Vienna for Denmark?
Who would you want to send to Vienna for Denmark?

Nadine Glöck from Germany: Ida Corr would be okay. There are 2 artists I would have loved to see in Eurovision. But only Aura Dione would be possible.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: It would be great to see Medina take part in Eurovision. Her duet with Anton Ewald is absolutely amazing…I wouldn’t mind 

Wouter Veneberg from the Netherlands: Ida Corr for Denmark and Fedde Le Grand for Netherlands! Where can I sign?

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I WANT GLAMBOYP! He was great in DMGP this year…..please let him go to Austria!!

Well it seems like we all have our different opinions on who should represent Denmark in Vienna and it’s great to have so many great artists to think of sending! So what is your opinion on this? Who would you personally want to see on behalf of Denmark next year? Would you send one of our recommended artists or would you send another one? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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