Rumour has it…Hari Mata Hari will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Hey guys!  With only less than a month until we have our first National Final, rumours are rife as to who will represent every country next year…it’s something that we’ve also managed to jump on the band wagon! However, the rumours/facts for one particular country have dominated our attention today – Bosnia & Herzegovina, who possibly could be represented by the act that got the country its best position at the Contest – Hari Mata Hari. Well will it be a rumour that could actually come true, or are we just getting our hopes up for nothing?

Will Hari Mata Hari be back for Eurovision 2015?
Will Hari Mata Hari be back for Eurovision 2015?

Cast your minds back to the year 2006: the group Hari Mata Hari have been selected to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Greece, with the song “Lejla”, which was composed by a familiar face –  Željko Joksimovic, and is almost instantaneously tipped to win the competition…and come the Contest in May, everyone is expecting the group to do fantastically well and with an ostentatious, yet simple performance of their song, they manage to garner an amazing 229 points, putting them in 3rd place – the best place Bosnia & Herzegovina has ever obtained in the Contest..shall we just remind ourselves of that beautiful performance, with a bit too much white?

Well, after being constantly recommended by the Bosnian public to go to Eurovision, they finally went and obtained the best position they have ever achieved…so you can tell why this rumour is being thrown around. There are strong allegations that the group will re-represent the country in Vienna after Bosnian news website posted this article, claiming that it’s definitely them that will bring the country back to Eurovision for the 60th anniversary. Of course, if this is true, we might actually have our 1st Eurovision artist for Austria next year! If the rumours turn out to be true, I would recommend this song, a more recent update of their discography; “Idi Idi”.

The song has a sort of ‘Common Linnets meets Željko Joksimovic’ feel to it…and it would keep with the same relative genre as “Lejla” is…and actually, in terms of appearance, it seems like main singer Hari Varešanović hasn’t changed at all…except his hair growing a bit longer..I feel a song like this, keeping with the genre they’re most associated with and the diversity they bring to the Contest; this would be a perfect choice…maybe they could do a song like that if they were to take part?

And this essentially brings us back to the root of the article – are the rumours true, or are they just a whole load of bull? Well, first thing is first – although some countries have sent in preliminary applications for participation, they’re not entirely guaranteed and at the current moment, BHRT is in that category. The broadcaster has stated that it will have a proper decision on taking part on October 31st, one week from now. So from this moment on, anything could happen with regard to Bosnia’s participation at all! However, if this is all confirmed and Bosnia is named as one of the participating countries, I wouldn’t rule Hari Mata Hari out. The group have recently not been releasing much, which could mean they have an album that’s due out – one of the songs could be the song? I would definitely say it’s a big possibility…who wouldn’t love to have them back? It’s time to find out….

Your views:

Do you think that these rumours are true? If so, what do you think of them?
Do you think that these rumours are true? If so, what do you think of them?

Andy Ayres from the United Kingdom: Personally, I’m excited by this news. A potentially brilliant return by B&H!

Nikita Volkov from Germany: Bffffff… Probably the most overrated Bosnian entrant of an otherwise wonderful bunch. I expected more from Bosnia on their return. Let’s wait till the song to judge though.

Emmanuel Felipe from Portugal: Wow, if this is true, i am very happy, Serbia will have for sure a good ballad, Bosnia too! Yeah!

Paul Toseland from the United Kingdom: Hoping for a great return by BiH. It’s a little unfair though on Maja, i thought she was great and should’ve done better.

I definitely think that although not everyone loved ‘Lejla’ back in 2006, we’re all just a tinge excited at the possible return of Hari Mara Hari, but until we hear any official statement from BHRT, or the band themselves, it shall remain a rumour in our eyes. So what do you think about this? Do you think Hari Mata Hari should re-represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in Eurovision? What would you expect of them? Feel free to let us what you think by commenting below!

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