BREAKING NEWS: Knez will represent Montenegro in Vienna!

Hey hey hey!! Well, it seems that RTCG have delivered on their word and we officially now know who will be representing Montenegro in Vienna for the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest – Knez! So is this a good decision that RTCG have made, or will we have to wave them off as they miss another final?

Knez will fly the Montenegrin flag in Vienna!
Knez will fly the Montenegrin flag in Vienna!

It was announced earlier this week that Radio Televizija Crna Gora (RTCG) that the country would reveal their Eurovision 2015 artist on Friday, and true to their word, they delivered and via a press conference in Podgorica, they told us that Knez is the first confirmed artist for Austria. Knez’s real name is Nenad Knežević and at the age of 46, he is the second oldest artist that Montenegro has sent to Eurovision, with Rambo Amadeus taking the top spot, performing at age 49 at the time. Knez was part of various bands in his early career, with the main genres of music ranging from folk-pop to Eurodance and this is really demonstrated in one of his early songs – “Da l’ si Ikada Mene Voljela”, which very much has a focus on the Eurodance side of his music, which isn’t surprising, as Eurodance was the in thing in the early 90s.

Of course, this was made in the late 80’s/ early 90’s and so it’s understandable to think that the song is quite dated. However, at the time, this song became a huge hit in the Balkans, and Knez became of the ex-Yugoslavia’s biggest artists at the time. Later on, Knez went on to have a solo career, but the hype about him managed to stay and he went on to collaborate with many different artists (a good few of them were turbofolk artists such as Ceca, so I’m pretty sure James will be happy about that), as well as releasing his own music himself. His most recent song, “Donna” – released in April, is more modern in terms of pop, but still maintains the Balkan-esque feel his previous discography carried. Plus with the accordion featuring quite heavily on this track, I’m really quite tempted to say that this song is a cross between “My Słowianie” and “Lane Moje”. Is it just me or does he look a bit like Stefan Raab with some hair?

So is it the right decision to send Knez to Eurovision? It’s a hard question to answer, seeming as we actually don’t know the song he’ll be singing in Austria. If it was up to me, I would send something like his song “Kad Nekog Ludo Zavolis”, as it shows off the Balkan ballad, but with a hint of pop. And as we well know from last year, Balkan ballads seem to work for them! His singing abilities are good, but quite limited, so I’m hoping for a powerful song that can both show off his voice and stand out, but not to make a mess of it on stage..How well that goes, though, is still a mystery…

Your views:

What do you think of Knez from Montenegro?
What do you think of Knez from Montenegro?

Claus Michael Fasting from Norway: No final, Montenegro…sorry!

Wouter Veneberg from the Netherlands: He scares me!!

James Scanlan from the United Kingdom: First time I’ve heard of him, but I love this style of music – Sretan Crna Gora!! Let’s hope you can make it to the final 2 years.

Garrett Mulhall from Ireland (who just so happens to be the Editor-in-Chief of Eurovision Ireland): Think Montenegro have another great choice this year. He ranges from dance to Balkan ballads. Juries will like him and with a good Balkan presence in the contest he is looking good!

Well after initial thoughts, it seems that Knez has managed to split opinions on his participation in Vienna. However, we can’t immediately judge a book by its cover – look at how Conchita managed to triumph after the stick she got when she was first chosen to represent Austria last year in September. Maybe with Knez we’ll have a song that can reach the final for two years in a row! We’ll have to wait and see though…so what do you think? Do you think Montenegro picked the right artist for Eurovision? If not, who would you have sent? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Knez will represent Montenegro in Vienna!”

  1. I think he will a good choice for Montenegro but it will all come down to the style and song…

    I know it is slightly unfair but was I the only one who had “Lola” spring into my head when watching the video for Donna? lol

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