The Fan’s Perspective: Nick

Hi guys! Today, we’re going to be launching a new series where we delve more into the aim of our blog in the first place – you! Recently, we asked around if any of you would be interested in answering a few questions, like the ones we did ourselves in our introductory articles, and we’re ready to hand you over to our first fan; Nick!

Nick is a reporter for escXtra...and here he is with Tijana!
Nick is a reporter for escXtra…and here he is with Tijana!

So, these questions are the same questions James and I answered in our introduction articles (which are linked above, or you go to the ‘About’ tab, and they’ll be there too), but we also put in a few extra questions regarding their personal hopes and opinions for their country next year in Eurovision. Let’s start now – the stage is yours, Nick!

Name: Nick van Lith

Age: 20

Home country/Country of residence: The Netherlands

Which year was your first ESC: Damn… I remember bits and pieces from 2003, the first year I actually listened to the songs on TV was 2006, but my first year of checking out songs before the competition was 2008.

Which ESC year was your favourite: 1994 is amazing. Of the ones I saw on TV… 2014 I think.

Which ESC year was your least favourite: The worst Eurovision year for me was 1999…

Which winner of the Contest is your favourite: My favourite winner is Tu Te Reconnaîtras from 1973.

Which winner of the Contest is your least favourite: I have to name two. Nocturne from 1995 is the ultimate sleeping pill, but I can’t stand Believe either…

Which non-qualifier is your favourite: That’s a tough battle between Crisalide, Jestem and On Top Of The World. Jestem coming last is an utter travesty. So incredibly sad, Magdalena deserved to make it to the top three in Düsseldorf.

What are the 5 best countries in Eurovision, in your opinion: Three of them are really easy, because that’s Hungary, Germany and Luxembourg. Three countries that almost always make (or made in Luxembourg’s case) my top ten. I now need to find two more and that’s a whole lot more difficult. Greece has delivered some absolute crackers, so let me put them in as well. One more… just one more… I mostly like the songs from The Netherlands as well, but naming my own country? Nah. So I’ll just have to say Portugal, who have been incredibly underrated ever since debuting. So that’s the list: Hungary, Germany, Luxembourg, Greece, Portugal.

What’s your favourite memory of the ESC: Since 2014, that’s a three-way battle. Germany winning the contest back in 2010 is a memory I will never forget, such a magical moment to see Lena winning. Germany deserved it so much, so the fact that the new approach worked is brilliant. But then there’s the magical moment in Copenhagen (the first of the two…). It might sound a bit odd, but San Marino qualifying. Ralph Siegel is such a humble man, a man who pours his heart and soul into the contest year after year. I was incredibly happy when he, and Valentina Monetta, managed to get their song to the final. Seeing their happiness was a great moment. As I said, there’s a second magical moment from 2014. Let’s make clear I am no fan of Waylon. Or his solo music. But what Ilse DeLange did there on stage with The Common Linnets was exactly what I hoped she’d do for Eurovision. She is my favourite Dutch artist, she is the perfect Eurovision candidate and to then come 2nd with a song the entire country hated – that shows how smart she is.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song from the 90s: From the 90s… Ask me some easier questions, will you? It’s a three-way battle again. First off, the Hungarian entry in 1994, Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet?. That song is the definition of modesty, the definition of art. It should have won. Really. And then there are two songs from 1997: Italy and the United Kingdom. Fiumi Di Parole, in my all time top five, was unlucky enough to be up against Katrina & The Waves, who fully deserved the victory. But yep, these three must be my favourites from the 90s.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song from the 80s: Now that’s a whole lot harder. It’s rather one-sided that decade: Germany, Germany and… Germany. It’s a battle between Theater, Johnny Blue, Ein Bißchen Frieden, Aufrecht Geh’n and Flieger. In the end, I have to pick Johnny Blue. A song I love to bits, an amazing story to it. How it lost out to ripping off skirts… God knows.

What’s your guilty pleasure from the ESC: Guilty pleasure? Meh, I like what I like and what others think is not that important. But if I’d have to pick some, then Maybe from 2014 would be one. It’s in my top three of the year. Secondly, Let Me Love You, the Macedonian entry in 2008. Don’t know why, but I love that song to bits.

What do you expect from your country (The Netherlands) in 2015: A simple answer? Crap. We’ve sent our two biggest stars now, the only way is down. Yes, there are some good artists out there (I suggest you check out Lisa Lois, Mattanja Joy Bradley, Niels Geusebroek, Sandra van Nieuwland and the more well-known Within Temptation), but I am very afraid that AVROTROS is gonna pick someone like Alain Clark. Remember Simon Matthew from 2008? That’s the disaster we’re gonna end up with.

Who would be your dream artist for your country: My dream artist was sent in 2014. Ilse DeLange. So my ultimate wish is for her to return as a solo artist. If I’d have to pick someone else… can The Netherlands send Helene Fischer? No? Ok. Mattanja Joy Bradley then.


Well thanks so much Nick for that, and it’s very nice to know that fans are willing to give up a little bit of their time and answer these questions. So do you agree with Nick on some of his opinions? What would be your take on it? And would you like to be the next Fan we talk to? Be sure to let us know by commenting below! 🙂