The Fan’s Perspective: Nadine

Hi guys! Sorry for last week’s lack of The Fan’s Perspective, but we felt that the Junior Eurovision took precedence over the series. But this week, we’re back and we’re continuing on the series with a normal Eurovision fan from Germany; Nadine!

Nadine is a normal Eurovision fan from Germany.
Nadine is a normal Eurovision fan from Germany.

So, to just help you understand what we’re doing here. These questions that you are answering are the same questions that both James and I individually answered in our introductory articles, which you can easily find here. Then, if there are any people out there that are willing to answer these same questions, be sure to let us know! Of course, if you wish to have us send you the questions via e-mail, please include your e-mail address as a comment below this article and we’ll send the questions to you as soon as we possibly can! Right, I think it’s time that we meet Nadine! The floor is yours! 🙂

Name: Nadine Glöck

Age: 33

Home country/Country of residence: Germany.

Which year was your first ESC: I watched my first ESC in 1994. It was more coincidence, I was just watching TV. In my family I am the only fan so I joined the contest relative lately. And am a big fan since then.

Which ESC year was your favourite: Hm, my favourite ESC since I started watching is definitively 1996. I think it was the contest with the most good songs since 1994. From all years: It is really close between 1983, 1991 and 1993. But as there is one song I dislike in 1983, 1991 and non in 1993 I choose 1993.

Which ESC year was your least favourite: Least favourite ever: Derekh ha-melekh. From the contests I watched in TV: Probka. Which winner of the Contest is your favourite: I don´t have THE favourite winner. There are a few I really like, it is hard to say which of them most. Rise like a phoenix is one of my favourites and all dutch winners.

Which winner of the Contest is your least favourite: Again a very close race. I really dislike Believe and Running scared.

Which non-qualifier is your favourite: Only one? Phew. Okay. Belarus 2011. There are many great songs that didn´t qualify, Poland 2006 & 2011, Israel 2012, Albania 2006 & 2011, Slovenia 2006 for example.

What are the 5 best countries in Eurovision, in your opinion: The Top 3 are easy for me. The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland. For the other 2 it isn´t as easy. But I choose Portugal and Cyprus.

What’s your favourite memory of the ESC: Hm. There are 3. The 2nd place for the Common Linnets this year. I never thought the Netherlands would make it to the final again after they failed every year, even if they had good songs. So I was really happy about.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song from the 90s: Kan and Sti fotia. What’s your favourite Eurovision song from the 80s: Sámiid ædnan and Nur ein Lied

What’s your guilty pleasure from the ESC: The song that I know of most people think it is trash, but I like it is Euro Neuro. There is no song that I don´t want to like but do.

What do you expect from your country (Germany) in 2015: A better place than 2013 and 2014 and hopefully a great singer or band, would be great if it is (see last question).

Who would be your dream artist for your country: Helene Fischer

Well herzlichen danke Nadine! Your answers were absolutely great to read! Next week, we’ll have another person answering these questions…would you like to be that guy/girl? Well if you’re interested in answering these questions, be sure to leave some form of contact details in the comments below and we’ll send the questions to you! So do you agree with Nadine’s answers? If you don’t what are your own favourites? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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