Loïc Nottet will represent Belgium in Austria!

Hello there guys! Sorry we’re a bit late, but it seems we were busy out of our heads when yesterday’s new broke. But hey – better late than never, I suppose! And after a speedy unveiling of Knez in Montenegro, it seems we have our second artist for Vienna – Loïc Nottet will be flying the Belgian flag in Austria! Was it the right decision for the broadcaster to make though?

Loic shall represent Belgium in Vienna!
Loic shall represent Belgium in Vienna!

As most of you know, the French-speaking Belgian broadcaster RTBF was in charge of finding who would represent Belgium in Vienna next year, and knowing them – they went for an alumnus of the Voice of Belgium. Last time they were in charge, Voice of Belgium winner Roberto Bellarosa was sent on behalf of the Western European nation and this year, they’ve carried on the tradition. Loïc was the runner-up in this year’s competition, but it seems as if RTBF have been keen on him and have decided that he’s European-worthy! He has a distinct voice – something like a mixture of a normal English accent and a stereotypical French accent..have a listen to his cover of “Diamonds” and judge for yourself!

His voice is certainly individual, isn’t it…although I do fear for his ability to stay in proper key at the end of the song, if you heard. Of course, as he’s a new artist, he actually hasn’t released any original songs, but I’m pretty sure if he was to release one in his native tongue – French. His most recent cover was Sia’s “Chandelier”. However, compared to the cover of “Diamonds”, this wasn’t as well received…

Now, listening to the song myself – I would say that’s it’s one of two things – either he’s changed the pitch and key of the original song, or his studio vocals are absolutely sensational..So is he the best choice that Belgium could have made? In honesty, I’m not entirely sure. Of course there would have been huge artists such as Stromae and Natalia who could have been considered but in reality, I doubt they’d be interested..but on the other hand, you don’t normally expect to see someone who didn’t win a singing competition on one of, if not, THE biggest singing event in the world..so in a way, it’s a mixed bag. However, we both cannot fully judge until we hear the song that Loïc will be singing, so until then, that’s all we have to say…but what about you guys?

What do you think of Loic's selection?
What do you think of Loic’s selection?

Andy Hendrickx from Belgium: Very shouty voice, not a fan … we’ll see what song they come up with.

Eugenios Ntalianhs from Greece: The guy looks good and knows how to dance, also his voice is quite good. Choose a good song and good luck!

Rafał Jutrznia from Poland: Well, i like him! He can sing, he can dance, he’s also really sweet! If he’ll get good song – who knows, maybe he’ll be high.

Alf Terjes Tjersland from Denmark: I dont think he has so good voice, but if he get a better song perhaps he can do well?

Well it seems – as we had predicted, a very mixed bag when it comes to Loïc, but like they’ve all said – let’s wait until the song to make a proper judgement! So what do you think of Belgium’s selection? Do you think they’ve made the right choice? If not, who do you think should have been sent in Loïcs place? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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