NF Review: Daniel Kajmakoski to Austria for FYR Macedonia!

Well guys, it’s official – we now know our first song that will be taking part in the 2015 Eurovision and it’s from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia! Daniel Kajmakoski will be flying the Macedonian flag in Vienna with his song “Lisja esenski”, which translates to “Autumn Leaves” in English. So what did we think of the choice and of the National Final overall? Keep reading to find out!

Congratulations to Daniel Kajmakoski!
Congratulations to Daniel Kajmakoski!

After almost nine months since our last trip to another country for a national final, we were thrown in at the deep end tonight when we watched the Macedonian Skopje Fest, which overran for forty-five minutes – how great! However, after twenty songs, several ad breaks and the two guest performers – Karolina Goceva and Kaliopi – we finally managed to find a winner – in the form of former X Factor Adria winner Daniel Kajmakoski, with his song ‘Lisja Esenski’.

The song:

‘Lisja Esenski’ is actually quite an accomplished effort coming from FYR Macedonia1 The vocals are on points and the music is catchy and carries the listener on throughout the song. However, saying that – I feel that the verses and the bridges are a lot better than the chorus, as it becomes quite anti-climactic..after the big build up to the chorus to hear the music not being able to reach its full potential. However, seeming as the song has been chosen in November, gives the composers time to remodel the song so that the quality of the song and chorus is strengthened. Overall, it’s quite a good effort from the country and I’m looking forward to how they reshape the song – if at all. Who knows? One thing I’d advise – GET RID OF THOSE HORRIBLE SHOES!!!!!!!

The show:

If you saw us on Facebook, you will have seen that we were delivering a live running commentary on our Twitter feed, where you can also follow us @escviewsblog. If you feel up to scrolling through all our tweets over the three hours, feel free to, but if you’re not up to it, here’s a brief run-through of the entire show:

  • Almost straight off the bat, the one thing that really annoyed not only me, but it seems the entire fan community – was the livestream. Cutting out every thirty seconds, it made the viewing experience incredibly unbearable, but I managed to find a better source closer to the end of the show.
  • Before the show, the Macedonian public were given the weather focus. But did anyone pay close attention to Serbia? Yep, Serbia and Montenegro has reformed. #reformation….how outdated!
  • The backstage presenters were seen in the bulk of the start of the show interviewing quite famous people such as Tijana and Vlatko Lozano…although, I think I did spot the Macedonian version of Kesha amongst the plethora of interviews being had. And as a side note, was Tijana choking her child while she was getting interviewed. I could almost swear that he looked really uncomfortable…
  • Getting onto the actual performances, Vera Jankovic had possibly the weirdest I have ever seen…Was it even hair? Or was it one of those weird fascinator things? Anyway, the song was quite painful to listen to, but at least she and her Elisabeth Andersen-like hand movements were quite humourous to watch.
  • For an Eastern European country, it seemed as if Latino music was the hottest thing to reach the country with two songs having a Latino undertone to their songs. The main one – Alexandra Mihova – was really salsa-esque…and was it just me or did she look a bit like a mix of Nigella Lawson and Doris Dragovic with that hairstyle?
  • The host of the show kept interrupting the small blocks with his own speeches..each time in a different outfit, which made him look like a normal magician to a gay matador…I bet he absolutely loved the guyliner he had to use!
  • We then had performances from two former Eurovision alumni from FYR Macedonia – Kaliopi (Macedonia 2012 – and the hosts ex-wife….awkward) and Karolina Goceva (Macedonia 2002 and 2007). Each of them had hair catastrophes…No offence, Kaliopi, but a fringe doesn’t work for you..and Karolina forgot to dry her hair before going onstage…they’re supposed to be professionals!

We then got to the voting. The voting worked like this: it was 50/50 split televoting and international juries who made the decisions. After the international juries, it seemed as if Tamara Todevska (Tijana’s sister and also represented Macedonia in 2008) would be taking the title and going to Eurovision again, but it seems as if we spoke too soon, as the Macedonian public voted overwhelmingly in favour of Daniel instead of Tamara and at the end of the voting, Daniel was two points ahead of second-placed Tamara, so he was declared the winner and will now represent his country in Austria in May! Congratulations again!

At Eurovision:

It’s hard to say how well this song will do in Eurovision next year, seeming as it’s the first song to be revealed/selected. However, if the rest of the songs are of a reasonable quality and the song’s composers remodel the song so that it makes it stronger, I could say that it’s a possible qualifier. We will have to wait, though, until some of the other songs are revealed…next up is Malta in two weeks, so we can finally start making Top 2 videos on Youtube! Hehehe 🙂

Your views:

Was Daniel the best artist in Skopje Fest? Should he have won?
Was Daniel the best artist in Skopje Fest? Should he have won?

Emmanuel Filipe from Portugal: What a bad decision, they had at least 3 better songs!

Christos Triantafillou from Greece:Such a poor outcome. Tamara would have been a decent entry.

Nadine Glöck from Germany: For me a good decision. He was in my Top 4. Not my 1st place, but in my Top 4. There were much worse songs.

Tommy Engström from Sweden: 3/10 – A song that totally passes me by.

Well it definitely seems that Daniel has split opinions in his selection to represent FYR Macedonia, with most fans backing Tamara for the destination: Eurovision. However, there’s nothing we can do – the singer and song have been picked and that’s that! So what do you think? Should Daniel have been picked out of the 20? Were you were backing Tamara instead? If not, who were you supporting? And what do you think about the selection? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

UPDATE: Now in March, it was revealed that Daniel would be singing “Lisja Esenski” in English, and the song will be called “Autumn Leaves”. Listen to the new version below!


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