Editorial: Our predictions for the 2014 Junior Eurovision!

Well guys, tonight’s the night! In a couple of hours, we’ll know who’ll succeed Gaia Cauchi as the 12th winner of the Junior Eurovision! A couple of weeks ago, we revealed to you what we both thought of each of the sixteen competing songs, and now with the night upon us, we’re now going to individually predict how the results are going to play out! We’ll then combine our scores and the result of that will be ESC Views’ prediction of the results – like last year, we could either be spot on or miles off! Well, do you want to find out? Scroll down!

Who will be crowned as the Junior Eurovision winner tonight?
Who will be crowned as the Junior Eurovision winner tonight?

In the highlighted article, we told you who we’d like to do well tonight in Malta – combined, we both loved Serbia, Cyprus, The Netherlands and Belarus, James had a bit of a soft spot for Armenia, while I was more a fan of Ukraine. However, those scores were judged entirely on studio versions of the songs, so we were oblivious to their live vocals, unless the official video supplied was an NF performance. Over the past week, we’ve had two sets of rehearsals, a visit from the Maltese President, a participant injuring herself hours before the live show and a jury final with a problematic electric system that would delay the show for an hour should it happen tonight (Oh, the Maltese and their love for dragging everything out!), so it’s fair to say we’ve got a fairly good idea of their live vocals.

With that in mind, let’s immediately go to our predictions for tonight’s result, with reasons for their placements!


1 – Russia – Not my favourite by any means, but I think all the stars are aligned for this one to take it. ‘Cute’ singer, incredible vocals, accessible – if a little formulaic – ballad… and it’s Russian.
2 – Armenia – We have to remember that this is a children’s contest with children voting. This colourful up-tempo offering is going to appeal to kids, period.
3 – Belarus – I have a good feeling about Nadezhda’s chances, although I think she might just run out of steam towards the end of the voting :/
4 – Bulgaria – I don’t know if this is so high because of all the hype, or because I genuinely think it will do well. I really just don’t know.
5 – Netherlands – Running last, refreshingly energetic, strong vocals, strong song… Julia deserves to do well and I think she just might.
6 – Serbia – I’d love Emilija to win the whole thing, but I can’t realistically see it happening to be honest – although I think she’s dark horse material, and she’ll do a lot better than most people expect.
7 – Malta – It’s original enough to win some creativity points, but odd enough to alienate a fair few of the voters.
8 – Cyprus – I think Sofia deserves a lot better than eighth, but it’s going to be a hard slog for her to gather points, I think 😦
9 – Italy – Being the only male will stand him in good stead, but I can’t envisage anything better than mid-table for this one.
10 – Slovenia – I just find this so cold and screechy, I’m sorry, but I think people will just turn off.
11 – Ukraine – I do quite like it, but I think this one will just get lost in the field and forgotten about. [sorry Rory]
12 – Sweden – Love the song, but Sweden has such a terrible track record at JESC, no matter how strong their songs are, and I see this as being no exception. *sad face*
13 – Georgia – Yeah, just…
14 – Croatia – Saved from rock bottom simply because of the voting neighbours.
15 – Montenegro – Ditto.
16 – San Marino – I really don’t think anyone will be persuaded to vote for this at all. Sorry.


1 –  Belarus. I really do think Nadezhda should win Junior Eurovision this year. The song is perfect for the storytelling of the Slavic tale the song is based on and the public should warm to the beat of the song and the ethnic feel the song carries. Plus, her vocals live are practically faultless, so I would be over the moon to see her win, as I feel she has the best song..(along with Ukraine :’) )

2 – Cyprus. Cyprus really does deserve a win, now that they have entered with a mature and modern pop song that everyone can just get up and dance to. Sophia is fantastic onstage and it actually does show that the stage is her second home, because she looks so comfortable. That, coupled with great live vocals and great interaction with the crowd, should get her at least into the top 5..if not, it’s a fix!

3 – Russia. I feel as if Russia has become a bit of a dark horse of the competition and has slowly gathered momentum as the other songs have been incredibly fanned upon. For an 11-year-old, Alisa has an exceptionally mature and beautiful voice and of course, it’s a typical ballad, but typical ballads do well! I would love it if she actually got a place she deserved and she didn’t end up in the bottom half – that isn’t worth it!

4 – Serbia. As with Russia, I think that Serbia are the ones to watch tonight. Emilija has been slowly coming up on the outside and with the really well-composed ‘Svet u mojim ocima’, I have a feeling she will creep up the leaderboard as a result of her incredible live vocals and the way she performs her song..it’s an intimate time for both her and the viewer and the public will instantly connect with her, I can tell!

5 – Slovenia. I have a feeling that Slovenia will be the only débutant that will actually do well, purely for the fact that she has the best song out of the three. Ula has been consistent throughout rehearsals and although, she has had the odd wobble with her high notes, so did Anastasiya Petryk in Amsterdam. Slovenia will definitely be one to keep an eye on tonight!

6 – The Netherlands. Julia has been fantastic throughout her rehearsals, even when she’s been “really really tired”. I would be very surprised if The Netherlands don’t get a very respectable place – the song is modern and instantly relatable with what’s on the radio..And as a sidenote, to any girls or gay guys, the backing dancers will also be another reason to vote.

7 – Malta. As much as I loathe the song, I’m pretty certain Malta will do exceptionally well tonight, mostly due to Federica’s voice. In my opinion, I can’t understand the song at all and I can only comprehend one line, but you can’t deny that Federica has an unbelievable stage presence and I think that will work in her favour..I just wonder if first-time-listeners will be able to understand what’s she’s singing…

8 – Bulgaria. I would be less sure of Bulgaria’s top 5 guarantee now over the past week, due to Krisia’s illness. The song is still powerful, thanks to Hassan and Ibrahim’s skills as pianists. However, I’m fearful Krisia won’t be able to hit the high notes, as she has only been able to sing the low verses during rehearsals. I’m not holding my breath she’ll be the best tonight, but no doubt she’ll give a stunning performance.

9 – Ukraine. I would sincerely hope the girls got higher than 9th place tonight, but I don’t think they will. Their all-important high note hasn’t been the best they could deliver it. However, the rest of the song has almost been spot on and I’m really hoping that with this, people might be reminded of ‘Gravity’ and just vote for the little Zlatas. I would say they deserve it – they’re not that bad!

10 – Sweden. Sweden is always caught in the middle of the scoreboard, because it’s always the middle-ground-country in Sweden, that ranges from absolutely amazing but does shit or an unpleasant song that does really well, depending on the person. Julia does have a great song and her vocals are great, and I like the added English snippet she’s included, but will Europe? We’ll have to wait and see!

11 – Armenia. This is really where it starts to get hard to predict. Everyone from here have been fantastic in their rehearsals, but I don’t know how well it’ll have done. Armenia have been very slowly gathering support, but I feel like the slowness of support might hinder their chances, even though they have been great in rehearsals. Possibly the drape artists can save Betty, but we can’t tell..

12 – San Marino. In all fairness, fair play to the Sammarinese delegation. They realised where the song is the weakest and they’ve switched harmonies around and got some of the girls to sing other girl’s lines, all in the name of strengthening their chances of doing well. They have made an improvement, especially in the delivery of the song, but I doubt it would be that good to get them into the top 10.

13 – Italy. Due to the huge amount of ballads, I fear that Italy – a débutant country in the JESC this year – will just be forgotten because of all the various ballads cancelling each other out. Unless Vincenzo can really pull something out of the bag (and his incredibly wide open mouth), I think Italy might end up at this end of the scoreboard tonight (even though he ‘won’ the jury final mock vote last night).

14 – Georgia. Now, this might sound really hypocritical, but it’s not just the song that needs to catch the viewer’s eye – it’s the entire package: background, outfit, crowd interaction and the song itself. While half of those requirements are fulfilled, I the wider audience will look at her outfit and just think “What dafuq?!”, and the background isn’t entirely appealing either..but at least she can sing really well live, so that might save her!

15 – Montenegro. I’m not really sure if Maša and Lejla will do so well, even with the Balkan bloc being taken into account. No doubt, they are getting better with every performance they give, but there’s not much interaction with both the crowd and the audience at home. Even though I find it cute, I doubt it’ll climb much higher than 15th or 16th.

16 – Croatia. Despite her best efforts, Josie still isn’t making it look like she’s having a nice time up there. The song is still quite lethargic and if I’m honest, this will probably be the time when I go to the toilet or when I make something to eat..sorry Croatia, but I think the dancers are the best things you’ve got. But who knows, I might be wrong!

So if we were to combine our rankings like we did in the first article, ESC Views’ ideal result would look like this!

1 – Russia
= – Belarus
3 – Cyprus
4 – Serbia
5 – Netherlands
6 – Bulgaria
7 – Armenia
8 – Malta
9 – Slovenia
10 – Ukraine
11 – Italy
12 – Sweden
13 – Georgia
14 – San Marino
15 – Croatia
16 – Montenegro

Of course, this could totally be wrong tonight, but we’ll just have to wait until the end of the show (around 10pm CET), to find out whether or not we were on the ball or miles off…in the meantime, what do you think? Who’s your favourite?

Your views:

Who do you think deserves to win Junior Eurovision this year?
Who do you think deserves to win Junior Eurovision this year?

Linus Petersson from Sweden:  I hope my country Sweden wins JESC. And I like Bulgaria, Malta,Russia and Slovenia.

Martyna Kumuć from Poland: I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of them, cause I really love all those songs… But I think Slovenia is my no 1 Or Malta- gorgeous voice!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I hope that Ukraine wins. They are very underrated and the girls are – to say in Icelandic – “fallegur”!

Alexander Niedling from Germany: Belarus have a very good song but for me are Slovenia and Malta a little bit better.

Well it seems as if we all have our own favourites and that’s perfectly fine because we all have different tastes…just let the best song win tonight! So what do you think? Who do you think should win Junior Eurovision tonight? Who do you think WILL win? Feel free to comment what you think by commenting below!

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