The Czech Republic returns to Eurovision!

Well hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying our new and rather snazzy design, and our new ideas we’ll be presenting to you – soon enough, with new people taking the reins! So, where do we go from there? Telling you that after 5 years of non-participation, the Czech Republic is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest! This bring the total number of competing countries to 39…so far! Woohoo!!

Welcome back Czech Republic! We've missed you!
Welcome back Czech Republic! We’ve missed you!

The Czech Republic is officially Eurovision’s Worst Country, having failed to reach the final in all three previous attempts, and collecting only 10 points in their history. Of course, – the Czech’s latest representative – managed to score the dreaded ‘nul points’ in 2009. Since then, the Czech broadcaster, ČT, has been very hesitant about the Contest and withdrew from Europe’s favourite TV show in 2010, citing bad viewing ratings as the reason and that reason was the same for each year they missed thereafter. This year, the Central European nation had originally declined from taking part in the upcoming Eurovision…..but, luckily for us, ČT managed to change their minds and have now decided to take part in Austria for the 60th edition of the Contest! The Manager of the International Content Project Centre at ČT, Marketa Stinglova said:

Czech Television is happy to be back again in that wonderful competition. After three entries in the previous years we hope to offer Europe a top quality Czech song.

The way that the Czech Republic will select the song is different to its three previous attempts. The broadcaster will have an internal selection in which an expert jury will come in and select their entry to the show. As regards to how the song will be selected, five songs will be sent to the aforementioned expert jury after they were commissioned from well-known composers. Let’s hope that this time, the Czech Republic will be able to make its way up the leaderboard and possibly to the final! Maybe they could send one of our recommendations? 😀

Your views:

Are you happy to see the Czech Republic back at Eurovision?
Are you happy to see the Czech Republic back at Eurovision?

Derrick Schiff from the United States: Whoa! I didn’t see that one coming, but a VERY welcome return!!!

Mateusz Połętek from Poland: I’m reserved to this news. So far they have sent average songs. Everything depends on songs. But it’s true that’s the news I have least expected.

Steinar Morgen from Norway: Great and surprising news! I hope they can come up with something as good as “Mala Dama”.

Reinhard Flimmers from Germany: Good news! I hope they return with a good song that brings them to the final; and they have good quality music from national artists!!

Well it seems that nearly everyone is happy that the Czech Republic is back at Eurovision again….does this mean some other withdrawn countries might reconsider *ahem* Ukraine *ahem*? We’ll have to wait and see…so what do you think? Are you happy to see the Czechs back in the Contest? Who would you like for them to send? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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