It’s Trijntje Oosterhuis for the Netherlands next year!

Hello there!! It’s only two days before the Macedonian national final and already, we have our third artist for Eurovision 2015. After however many weeks of rumours of who would be representing the Netherlands, it was officially announced today by AVROTROS that Trijntje Oosterhuis will be participating in Austria on behalf of the Dutch public. So is she the best artist to follow-up the Common Linnets?

The rumours were true - Trijntje will fly the Dutch flag!
The rumours were true – Trijntje will fly the Dutch flag!

Trijntje is a megastar in the Netherlands to say the least, so it’s not surprising that when initial rumours of her participation surfaced, fans were very excited, but cautious of the rumours proving true. However, via a revelation in a radio show on AVROTROS, Trijntje’s participation in next year’s Eurovision was confirmed. Speaking on the matter, Trijntje said she was “very honoured” to be asked to represent the Netherlands and that the experience will be “very exciting but a lot of fun“.

Trijntje, as aforementioned, is a big star in the Netherlands, with a musical career spanning almost two and a half decades. As well as having released several critically acclaimed studio albums and having collaborated with musical legends such as Lionel Richie, she is also a coach on the Dutch version of The Voice, alongside fellow Eurovision star Ilse it’d be great if Ilse would be able to give Trijntje some advice regarding the topic. We know that the song will be co-produced by yet another Eurovision veteran – Anouk. She and Trijntje have some history in terms of writing songs, as she co-produced Trijnte’s latest album – Wrecks We Adore, released in 2012. This song from said album – “Knocked Out” – reached No. 15 in the Dutch charts, but is something that could hopefully be like the Eurovision song that they’ll offer: “fresh” and “not something you’d expect from Anouk and Trijntje“.

In a dream situation, this song would be the perfect one to represent the Netherlands next year. It’s got soul; it’s got disco; it’s got the ability to be remembered, all on top of one great, slightly raspy voice. The song is just good listening and it’s actually radio-worthy, compared to most other things that Eurovision offers (no offence Cleo..). If Anouk and Trijntje are able to recreate a moment like this song, that would be absolutely great and it would also be a nice departure from the ballads the Dutch have been sending in the past two years.

So, in all honesty, is Trijnte Oosterhuis the best artist that AVROTROS could have picked? One word. Yes. Trijntje is a big star in the Netherlands with a fantastically successful career and that could have only worked in her favour in the negotiations. She has a simply stunning voice and her ability to change genre in a split second is a commendable trait. The fact she can take on a diva-soul-gospel-esque song like “Knocked Out” and still manage to get all the high notes live, is something that has to be used in Vienna. To put it simply, I don’t see how she can be a hindrance to the Dutch track record now..I really hope she does well in Austria with her song…I’m anxiously awaiting the song now. And as a sidenote, how do you actually pronounce her name? Tridge-nity? Traint-ya? Seriously, it will be absolutely hilarious to hear all the commentators try to pronounce her name!

Your views:

Do you think Trijntje is the best singer that AVROTROS could ahve picked'?
Do you think Trijntje is the best singer that AVROTROS could ahve picked’?

Andy Hendrickx from Belgium: I’m not that fond of the voice of Trijntje … but I’ll wait for the song before judging.

Jack Cuffe from the United Kingdom: Dotan would’ve been my first choice but I’d also like to see her in ESC. I’m not really familiar with her songs but I’ve heard a couple and she sounds great!

Nadine Glöck from Germany: She is a great singer, hope it will be something in the style of Knocked out. Some other songs were not so my cup of tea, not bad at all, but not really my kind of songs.

Richard Knoppen from the Netherlands: Not a fan. She’s a fairly good singer, but she simply isn’t my cup of tea.

Well it seems that the majority of fans are happy with her choice, but she’s drawn a little bit of negative attention with the selection. But we can’t exactly change anything, can we! We wish her the best of luck in Vienna! So what do you think? Was the right artist selected for the Dutch people? If not, who would you have selected in her place? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

Album Review: Donatan & Cleo – “Hiper Chimera”

Hey guys! I have been waiting forever to release this review, but now I can! Poland’s Eurovision representatives – Cleo and Donatan, have released their long awaited album together: “Hiper Chimera”, and I think it’s time for us to review it! So what does the album entail and what are our thoughts on it? Keep reading to find out!

What do we think of "Hiper Chimera"?
What do we think of “Hiper Chimera”?

During their Eurovision participation, Donatan and Cleo hinted that more songs would be released, as their follow-up single to ‘My Słowianie’ – ‘Cicha Woda’ was taking off in the Polish charts. After Copenhagen, the duo released three more singles from the album, and after around a month and half – if not, more – of a build up, the long-anticipated album has finally been released, and boy what a great album it is!

Entitled ‘Hiper Chimera’, the album elaborates more on the wavelength that ‘My Słowianie’ was on: mixing modern pop with traditional Slavic instruments – mainly the accordion and violin. The album contains sixteen tracks and in its physical form, is made up of two CDs – one for the songs themselves and one for the instrumentals to the songs, which is actually quite surprising, seeming as Donatan (or should I say his label) was reluctant to release the karaoke version when Eurovision came knocking on the door. For me, one highlight of the album is ‘Ten Czas’, which was a collaboration of both Donatan, Cleo and Kamil Bednarek, another acclaimed Polish artist.

‘Ten Czas’ is a nice departure from the same genre the rest of the songs would fit into, as it is quite individual, what with its jazz influences, with a tinge of pop mixed in as well. The song is incredibly catchy and actually quite pleasant to listen to, as it tells a story, whether you understand what Cleo’s singing or not, and along with Bednarek’s rapping, it sounds like quite a nice song. Another main song I’d point out of the album would have to be the most recent single to be released – ‘Brać’, another collaboration – this time with Polish-Ukrainian band Enej.

As mentioned above, ‘Brać’ is the newest single from the album and talks about the Slavic company and its traits. However, I do sense the song has a slight anti-European undertone, with how the other European countries don’t understand the Slavs’ way of living and even going to the point of saying that it’s the President’s fault that they’re having to live like that. However, if we were to judge the album on its lyrical content, one would not be rating it as highly as one will. The song itself is actually quite catchy and once again is a mix of traditional Slavic-ness and pop, and the hype of the song has helped it to reach No. 9 in the Polish charts, so congratulations to Donatan, Cleo and Enej for that!

Other songs that are worth noting on the album are:

  • ‘Hiper Chimera’
  • ‘Vinylova’ (My joint favourite song on the album, along with ‘Hiper Chimera’ – it just adds more class to the album)
  • ‘Efekt Motyla’
  • ‘Sztorm’
  • Slavica‘ (The only other recorded song in English that see an unprecedented amount of twerking..all good!)

So, in reflection, the album is actually quite good and I did enjoy listening, because it’s a blend of Eastern European music and normal pop, which isn’t something you hear every day, aren’t I right, Elaiza! With Cleo’s almost seamless voice and the great mixture of music that’s on offer on the album, along with the countless collaborations, I would be willing to give it 10/10, but I’ll give it an 8.5/10, as there is always room for improvement in an album and hopefully Cleo will be able to perfect her voice and model it to fit any song that’s given to her. I know it’s incredibly early to say it, but I’m really looking forward to the next new songs that’ll get released!

Your views:

What's your opinion on 'Hiper Chimera'?
What’s your opinion on ‘Hiper Chimera’?

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I like all the song on the album, but I can’t download them, which is so annoying!

Ilias Kozantinos from Cyprus: I really like ‘Sztorm’. It’s a sort of song I’d listen to, if it was in my native Greek.

Mariya Hristovla from Russia: It must be Brac for me, to show the Slavic brotherhood between us all!

Frederic Pomtoupon from France: The songs are ‘Slavica’ and ‘My Slowianie’ I like very much.

So it seems that everyone else has a different song that’s their personal favourite..and I’m sure that you yourself have a favourite from the album? So what do you think of the album? Have you bought it yet? If so, which song from the album is your favourite? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

Loïc Nottet will represent Belgium in Austria!

Hello there guys! Sorry we’re a bit late, but it seems we were busy out of our heads when yesterday’s new broke. But hey – better late than never, I suppose! And after a speedy unveiling of Knez in Montenegro, it seems we have our second artist for Vienna – Loïc Nottet will be flying the Belgian flag in Austria! Was it the right decision for the broadcaster to make though?

Loic shall represent Belgium in Vienna!
Loic shall represent Belgium in Vienna!

As most of you know, the French-speaking Belgian broadcaster RTBF was in charge of finding who would represent Belgium in Vienna next year, and knowing them – they went for an alumnus of the Voice of Belgium. Last time they were in charge, Voice of Belgium winner Roberto Bellarosa was sent on behalf of the Western European nation and this year, they’ve carried on the tradition. Loïc was the runner-up in this year’s competition, but it seems as if RTBF have been keen on him and have decided that he’s European-worthy! He has a distinct voice – something like a mixture of a normal English accent and a stereotypical French accent..have a listen to his cover of “Diamonds” and judge for yourself!

His voice is certainly individual, isn’t it…although I do fear for his ability to stay in proper key at the end of the song, if you heard. Of course, as he’s a new artist, he actually hasn’t released any original songs, but I’m pretty sure if he was to release one in his native tongue – French. His most recent cover was Sia’s “Chandelier”. However, compared to the cover of “Diamonds”, this wasn’t as well received…

Now, listening to the song myself – I would say that’s it’s one of two things – either he’s changed the pitch and key of the original song, or his studio vocals are absolutely sensational..So is he the best choice that Belgium could have made? In honesty, I’m not entirely sure. Of course there would have been huge artists such as Stromae and Natalia who could have been considered but in reality, I doubt they’d be interested..but on the other hand, you don’t normally expect to see someone who didn’t win a singing competition on one of, if not, THE biggest singing event in the in a way, it’s a mixed bag. However, we both cannot fully judge until we hear the song that Loïc will be singing, so until then, that’s all we have to say…but what about you guys?

What do you think of Loic's selection?
What do you think of Loic’s selection?

Andy Hendrickx from Belgium: Very shouty voice, not a fan … we’ll see what song they come up with.

Eugenios Ntalianhs from Greece: The guy looks good and knows how to dance, also his voice is quite good. Choose a good song and good luck!

Rafał Jutrznia from Poland: Well, i like him! He can sing, he can dance, he’s also really sweet! If he’ll get good song – who knows, maybe he’ll be high.

Alf Terjes Tjersland from Denmark: I dont think he has so good voice, but if he get a better song perhaps he can do well?

Well it seems – as we had predicted, a very mixed bag when it comes to Loïc, but like they’ve all said – let’s wait until the song to make a proper judgement! So what do you think of Belgium’s selection? Do you think they’ve made the right choice? If not, who do you think should have been sent in Loïcs place? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!