Belarusian finalists revealed!

After two days of auditions held by the Belarusian national broadcaster BTRC, we now know the 15 finalists that will compete in the National Final to be held on the 26th of December! But who were the lucky ones who managed to qualify past the live auditions? Scroll down to find out! Belarus held two days of live auditions (yesterday, 4th December and today, 5th December) to decide which 15 of the hundreds of entries would make it to the next stage of the competition. The auditions were streamed on BTRC’s official website and was reported to have hosted users from over 70 countries from all across the globe! Luckily, though, the judges were able to make their decisions and the fifteen candidates that have been selected are (with included Youtube link):

  1. Rostany – ‘Electric Toys’
  2. Vitaly Voronko – ‘Drive’
  3. Daria – ‘Love Is My Colour’
  4. MILKI – ‘Accent’
  5. Gunesh – ‘I Believe In A Miracle’
  6. BeatreeS – ‘Fighter’
  7. Valeriya Sadovskaya – ‘Summer Love’
  8. Lis – ‘Angel’
  9. Tasha ODI – ‘Giving Up Your Love’
  10. Alexey Gross – ‘Stand As One’
  11. Napoli – ‘My Dreams’
  12. Yana Butskevich and Muzzart – ‘Only Dance’
  13. Janet – ‘Supernova’
  14. Anastasia Malashkevic – ‘Don’t Save My Name’
  15. Uzari & Maimuma – ‘Time’

With these songs, two previous Eurovision participants feature as songwriters. The main one being Alexander Rybak and his track ‘Accent’ for the band MILKI. However, TEO – Belarus’ latest Eurovision representative – has also been featured in the composition of ‘Stand As One’ by Alexey Gross, under his real name of Yuriy Vashchuk. So what happens now? Well the official running order draw for the National Final will take place on Sunday, December 7th. After that, we’ll have to wait until the 26th of December (known to you and I as ‘Boxing Day’) to watch who will be crowned the winner of Eurofest and deemed as Belarus’ official representative! Who would you like to see represent Belarus in Austria next May? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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