‘Walk Along’ will be the Dutch song in Vienna!

It’s official ESC Views readers… ‘Walk Along’ is the title of Trijntje Oosterhuis’ song which will represent The Netherlands in Vienna next May. After two top-ten placings in a row, after almost a decade of misery in the semi-finals, there’s a lot of pressure and high hopes on this faring well in the Austrian capital. Can this song bring Europe’s biggest show to Amsterdam in 2016 however?

‘Walk Along’ is an un-gimmicky tune with a summery, catchy vibe (plenty of why-y-y-y’s, because a bit of repetition never harmed anyone), sprinkled with acoustic guitar and contemporary enough to strike a chord with Euro-fans. It should be noted that the song is written by the 2013 Dutch representative Anouk, so you could say it’s already ticking a lot of the right boxes; Trijntje is big business in her own country, which helps too. The vocals are good and crisp in the studio version, and I can’t imagine them being terrible live – the crowd should lap this one up in droves.

As for fan response, let’s take a brief look at what people are saying regarding the song.

“It is such an amazing song … her voice comes out fantastically!” – Sjors, The Netherlands.

“I am afraid that it will be one of these songs that very soon will be forgotten…” – Heine, Denmark.

“Let’s hope this song rights the injustice of 2014!” – Kathryn, UK.

“It’s a good song but the why-ai-ai-ai becomes annoying quickly” – Monica, The Netherlands.

So as you can see, fan response has been a bit of a mixed-bag so far; some have commented it is not a patch on this year’s country-twinged ‘Calm After The Storm’, while others think the Dutch stand a superb chance next spring. Is this selection process perhaps proof that an internal selection is the way to go, at least for The Netherlands? Is the song simply not memorable enough? Only time will tell… for now, let us know in the comments below what your opinions!

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