Georgia decides – Nina Sublatti to Eurovision!

Hey there guys! Well it’s official now – Nina Sublatti has been officially selected to represent Georgia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her self-composed song ‘Warrior’! She was seen as a favourite from the get-go, but how do you think she’ll fare against the five other selected songs for Vienna? Have a listen to the winning song below!

So, how was Nina declared the winner? Well, as you all know, all five competing songs were presented on December 31st on the TV show Communicator for the Georgian public to listen to. The public then had two full weeks to decide who they wanted to see represent their country on the Eurovision stage in Austria in May. At the same time, a jury comprising of well known musicians and producers also had the same task. The jury included Eurovision veterans Emmelie de Forest and Thomas G:son, both of which have tasted the sweet taste of success in the Contest in one way, shape or form. After both the public and the jury voted, it was revealed that Nina was the winner with 21 points, with Mikha Sulukhia finishing in second place two points behind her.

As said up at the top of the article, Nina was regarded as a favourite from the get-go, and most likely that’s due to how she came to prominence. Nina, being only 18 years old at the time, won the Georgian version of Pop Idol. She released her debut album in 2014, aptly titled ‘Dare to be Nina Sublatti‘. So, what was next – Eurovision, of course. When Nina exclusively spoke to ESC Views, she shared with us how her experience in the Georgian Idol has helped her to become a better performer, and how she’ll be ready to use those skills at Eurovision. She’s also said that she’s working on her second album too, so Georgian fans – be prepared!! Also, if you recognised, in the 2014 series of Possible Artists, we did cover Georgia and we also did recommend Nina Sublatti to represent Georgia in Eurovision…..who would have thought we’d ever get it right?!

What about the song? Well ‘Warrior’ is no doubt an up-tempo song with an incredibly catchy beat that carries its way through the song. Not only that, but we see almost a bridge to quite electronic traditional music in the small instrumental roughly two thirds into the song. Nina’s vocals compliment the song amazingly and you can easily catch the message she’s trying to convey; how she – and other women – are quite strong and ‘warrior-like’. The song is indeed a great one, but how will it fare against what’s already been selected? Well, I have a feeling it will carry a lot of fans’ support and it will do well because of the quite alternative vibe it gives off…However, if Georgia is put in a semi-final with strong songs, Nina may have a bit of a harder time trying to make it to the final. But that’s a good thing – it means we have a great quality of songs!

So, I’m all drained now….what are your own thoughts on the decision?

Your views:

Are you happy with Nina Sublatti being chosen for Georgia?
Are you happy with Nina Sublatti being chosen for Georgia?

Stephanie Saczawa from Canada:  I heard Nina’s song, I don’t like it and she doesn’t impress me at all. Sorry, but best of luck to her nonetheless!

Seth Wezendonk from the Netherlands: My favorite ESC 2015 entry so far!

Claus Michael Fasting from Norway: My winner! But let’s not hope that Malta’s ‘Warrior’ and Georgia’s Warrior will perform 1st and 2nd respectively…

Stavros Petrou from Greece: It’s quite boring and repetitive…

Well, it seems as if we have mixed reactions from the fans…Could this mean that Nina might not be so safe in qualification? Only time will tell….So, what do you think? Was Nina the best artist in the line-up, or did you want Eter, Mikha, Edvard or Niutone to take the title? And what do you think of the naming crisis that’s ensuing now? Are you on Amber’s side or Nina’s side? Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!!

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