It’s Edurne for Spain!

Hey guys! Sorry that this is a bit delayed, but we now know – it’s clear! After weeks and weeks of speculation, including some of the most famous names in Spanish music, it has now been revealed that Spanish superstar Edurne will be taking the role of Spain’s Eurovision representative in Vienna in May! So, what can we expect from her? And what do we think of what her Eurovision track will comprise of? Keep scrolling to find out!

So Edurne’s background story takes us back to 2005 – when she was a part of the incredibly popular talent show Operación Triunfo. She only managed to finish in sixth place in the show, but she was offered a recording contract from Sony BMG Spain and embarked on a music career which included a gold-certified début album and a six year job of playing the role of Sandy in the Spanish version of Grease. She also joined the cast of Strictly Come Dancing in Spain in 2010, where she came in second place…so close, but yet so far!

More recently, she has released her fifth studio album, titled Climax. She also took up the challenge of taking part in the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar, where was finally proclaimed a mirror, with over 60% of the votes being cast in her name. She also did a little bit of hosting recently, hosting the comedy show Todo va bien. Now, she’s ready to take on the reigns of being Spain’s Eurovision representative. If you want to listen to a personal favourite of mine, I’d recommmend ‘Painkiller’, taken from her fourth album.

So it’s this something that we’re expecting from Spain in May? Well, the song Edurne will be singing is called “Amanecer“,which translates as “Dawn” in English. One would think that the song would be either a ballad or a rather upbeat summery-sounding song; a genre that Edurne knows only too well!! Regardless, the song is to be presented in a couple of weeks. It’s fair to say that Spanish people were happy at the revelation of Edurne as the Spanish representative, with the majority of comments being positive. They were so optimistic that the Spanish Kit Kat Twitter account said that if she was to reach the top 15 in Eurovision, they would give everyone who retweeted the Tweet a free bar of chocolate. That Tweet now has roughly 2,000+ retweets..Well played, Kit Kat. Well. Played.

And with that, we’ll leave it there, as many initial reactions have now faded back into the Eurovision background. So what do you think? Did RTVE pick the best artist for Spain? Had you wanted another artist to represent the country? If so, who do you think should have gone? And what do you think the song Edurne will sing will sound like? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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