It’s Switzerland’s “Time to Shine” – Mélanie Rene to Vienna!

Hi guys! So, after a great night in Switzerland, filled with great entertainment and guests, we finally have a Swiss representative in Vienna! After two hours of Die Große Entscheidungsshow, Mélanie Rene will fly the Swiss flag in Vienna with her song “Time to Shine”! Was it the best song to be picked, though? Have a listen to the song below!

So, what can we say about the song? Well, the song is very much a power-ballad, but with a hint of dubstep…almost a little bit like ‘Wild Soul’, but a lot more tame, if you get what I mean. The song is also – I suppose – very empowering, because of the song’s message about having the time to shine and overcoming any form of difficulty, in any way, shape or form. Hopefully, the staging of “Time to Shine” will reflect that when it comes to the Contest itself. But when it comes to the outfit, she better not change that! Donning a one-sided long-skirt jet black dress, it really captured the feelings and the moods that are described in the song. Other than that, that’s essentially the song details over and done with. How will it fair in the second semi-final though? We’ll get to that later!

Onto the actual show now, and it was an actual pleasure to watch something that was held in a smaller studio with an audience that’s able to fully interact with the participants. However, due to the small capacity of the place, the same people were shown in the background. Many people were backing Andy McSean, even to the point of advertising his website. I was tempted on several occasions to visit, just to see what all the hubbub is about! We were covering the National Final on our Twitter feed, and while you might not feel the desire to watch the entire show again, here are some of the things we pointed out:

  • The show was hosted, as in previous years, by former Eurovision spokesperson and commentator for SRF, Sven Epiney. I thought he was good looking in 2007, but wow – he just keeps getting hotter and hotter….phwoar! However, Swiss German (or Schweizerdeutsch) is absolutely terrible to follow and all the time, Sven sounded like he should have speaking Dutch…he had the accent for it anyway!
  • Deborah Bough wore a rather glittery dress for her performance of “Take Me Back To 23”. Not to the point of her looking like a giant disco ball, but fairly close. Vocally, she was pretty on point comparing it to the studio version so on that front, I commend her for that!
  • Timebelle….essentially, they were a mixture of Elaiza and Mandinga. Miruna (the band’s lead singer) has great vocal capability, but I felt like her vocals were kind of wasted on this track, because – for me, at least – the song seemed very incongruous within itself. However, their second song redeemed themselves (which I’ll get to in a bit), so all in all – silver linings!
  • Licia Chery is basically the Swiss version of Laura Mvula. The way that her song ‘Fly’ – although judging by how quiet or screeching it was, it should have been called ‘Plummet’ – was choreographed, the way they were dressed and the way it sounded all seemed to be like Laura’s song “Green Garden”. One more thing before I move on – she really does love to laugh….It’s not that funny, Licia…eesh!
  • Andy McSean… had indie potential, but it just didn’t deliver. That’s all I can say.
  • Tiziana almost was the same as Miruna. She has GREAT potential as a singer, who can reach really emotional notes, but she sings a song where she’s only using around 10% of her vocal range…a winner of the Swiss Voice has to have a song that utilises all of the vocal range…much underwhelm here.
  • For the second round, the six artists had to sing cover songs, which – frankly – makes no sense whatsoever, and it could have cut the time down significantly. But it didn’t happen and these were the songs that they sang: Deborah sang “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, Timebelle sang “Rude Boy” by Rihanna, Licia sang “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor, Andy sang “” by , Mélanie sang “Chandelier” by Sia and Tiziana sang the Frankie Goes to Hollywood version of “The Power of Love”. I doubt it made any difference to the outcome of the results, but it happened regardless…kinda like Krassimir Avramov back in 2009.
  • After a quick ad break, we had a flying visit by Sebalter, who was looking hot as always….and THAT was followed by – you guessed it – Conchita singing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’. I had mentioned on Twitter that with Conchita, she never makes her performances similar with each other, which in a way makes her more of an individual artist!
  • Then it was time for the results. Surprisingly, they didn’t reveal every single artists’ placings, and only just crowned the winner -Mélanie was declared the overall winner and she will now represent Switzerland in Vienna!

So how will Mélanie fare in the second semi-final on Thursday, the 21st of May? Well, seeming as Malta is the only other song that has been selected in that semi-final, I doubt Switzerland will have much trouble in qualifying. It is a strong song and should they get the staging right, she could be looking at replicating Sebalter’s luck of finishing on the left-hand-side of the scoreboard. But we’ll just have to wait and see the other songs in the competition!

So, what do you think of Switzerland’s Eurovision song this year?

Your views:

Should Michelle have been picked to represent Switzerland?
Should Mélanie have been picked to represent Switzerland?

Stefan Hedman from Sweden:  I watched the show and the result for me was…. hm, how shall I put it – unexpected.

Shai Cohen from Israel: This is very similar to Malta and Georgia !!! A good song, I doubt if he could reach the final, perhaps with a big help judges.

Ramon Vilamos from Spain: I like very much Swiss song. Hope it will does well on the night!!

Stephanie Saczawa from Canada:  By far, she won the night. She’s going to get even better by the time she heads to Vienna!

Well it seems as if there are mixed reactions from the fans regarding Switzerland’s selection of Mélanie. However, whether or not the first-time-listeners will get onto the telephone and vote for her on Thursday is a different matter. So what do you think? Are you happy to see Mélanie represent Switzerland in Vienna? Do you wish another artist went to Austria on their behalf? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

2 thoughts on “It’s Switzerland’s “Time to Shine” – Mélanie Rene to Vienna!”

  1. It’s a great song from Switzerland – I’m sure they will manage to qualify! Regards from London

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