Nina Sublatti: “Eurovision is a great chance for Georgian artists to show their work to the world!”

Hi guys! Don’t we have a treat for you!! We have managed to get an interview with the woman of the moment – Nina Sublatti from Georgia. With the National Final coming up in only ten days, Nina took the time out from her very busy schedule to speak EXCLUSIVELY to ESC Views about her Eurovision experience and her song ‘Warrior’, which you can listen to below.

So, just before you start to read, we’ll let you know how this is going to work. We have each asked Nina at least one question, and you’ll know who by the L for Lewis, Re for Reece or Ro for Rory, and Nina’s own answers will be shown by the N. Are we good to go? Let’s do this!

Ro: What interested you in taking part in the Georgian National Final?

N: Taking part in the Eurovision is very important thing for Georgia. I’ll try to explain why: Georgia is very small country, there are many talented people here who’s trying hard to go out and work in Europe. So I think that project is great chance for Georgian artists to show their work to the world. To be honest I was not interested to take part in the nation final, I was working on my second album but my fans asked me to write some song for Eurovision. They were asking me to do that about 6 months, so I did that.. After several years of watching the Eurovision, I have developed an opinion about how to present Georgia so I hope that people will give me a chance to do that.

L: Can you explain the message of your song? Do they relate to a personal experience?

N: I wrote the song about me and generally about Georgian women. If we look at the history of Georgia, we see that women have always been important figures. They simply sought to be good women, good mothers, good teachers. The Georgian woman has to be able to control her temper and raise her child as a warrior. So, she became a warrior. In Georgian I chose the title “Mother Man”. Unfortunately, this word does not exist in other languages, and because of this I called it “Warrior”.

Re: Have you at all thought of how you would present ‘Warrior’ onstage? You do have a very individual style!

N: Thank you for the compliment! I abstained from a full performance at the qualifying contest, because it takes more time. If I will be able to get to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest then certainly I will be clear about the story and adventures, which every woman goes through in this country. History is most important for Georgian people. As a Georgian woman, I will try to explain performance clearly.

Ro:  Who are your musical idols? Who do you look up to?

N: I really love Bjork. She is great musician and singer I think. I don’t look up to anyone. I’m unknown singer for many countries in Europe but best-selling artist in Georgia. My inspiration is nature nothing else.

Re: Do you think your experience from taking part in “Georgian Idol” will help you, if you do go to Eurovision?

N: Not just taking part but winning. there are a lot of things besides Idol like I’m working on my second album, my debut one was best-selling last year, I was in tour whole summer… Hope it will do its job!

L:  Have you watched Eurovision for a while? If so, which Georgian entry is your favourite?

N: My favorite entry from Georgia was Eldrine. Georgia does not have a budget, which allows for an unprecedented show, so everything depends on the performer. In this regard, I think the band was very effective — with the text and with the song.

Re: What’s your earliest memory of Eurovision?

N: I started watching Eurovision from the first Georgian singers performance.

L: Have you listened to any of the songs that have been selected for Eurovision yet? If so, do you have a favourite?

N: Unfortunately haven’t heard it yet.

Ro: What are your expectations for Eurovision, if you go? If not, what are your plans after the National Final?

N: Right now my Georgian fans are waiting for my second album. So I’m in process of writing that album. My tour is already planned. I don’t have any expectations. As i said there’s something wrong with budget here. I just want my songs to be heard in Europe.

L: If you could duet with any famous Eurovision artist, who would it be?

N:  Ahm.. Interesting.. Let’s see.. Maybe Conchita.

Re: What would it mean to you if Georgia was to win the Contest?

N: That would be such unbelievable thing for Georgia. But I really think we deserve it. Because we work hard, try hard, even want hard… Anyway. I hope it will happen in history.

Ro: Do you have any message for the readers of ESC Views?

N:  I really what to say Thank you guys! Thank you for the warm comments and reviews. I am not a kinda girl who wants be more famous than she is. I just love music. I write music. I sing that music. I send love to the listeners with my songs. So if what goes around comes back around I’m just like “thank you”! – that’s such a pleasant feeling to hear something beautiful about your creature.

Well we’d like to say “Madloba” to Nina for the really nice answers she provided for us and we wish her the best of luck in the Georgian National Selection! So what do you think of Nina’s song? Are you a fan of ‘Warrior’? And who would you like to see represent Georgia next year – Nina, Eter, Edvard, Misha or Niutone? Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!