Giannis Karagiannis to Vienna for Cyprus!

Last night saw the turn of Cyprus to choose their Eurovision representative (returning after a year away). Six acts were left fighting for that golden ticket to Vienna, after a marathon knockout-style competition began way back in early December. Taking to the stage were four guys, a band, and a male-female duo. There was a likeable, simple pop ditty, a little bit of rock, and of course, the eventual winner!

And who is that winner? Giannis Karagiannis, winner of several local competitions, hailing from Limassol. Somewhat unfancied by fans, he was expected to finish fifth or sixth in the rankings with his remarkably simple acoustic ballad titled ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’. But as the jury cast their votes and the televotes were tottled up, he triumphed with twenty points, just two more than Panagiotis Koufogiannis and his song ‘Without Your Love.’

First up was ‘Stone In A River’ performed by Hovig. This was a solid showing, with clear vocals and a good dose of passion. Alas, he would not be the victor that evening, although many may argue he was the best choice for Cyprus. Doody took to the stage next with ‘Magic’, a tween-pop tune. Dressed causually in jeans and a black hoodie, he gave an OK performance, but his voice was perhaps not strong enough to carry him to victory, especially in the catchy but bland chorus. It ticked the right boxes when it came to contemporary music though.

Third up was Panagiotis Koufogiannis with his gentle, lovely ballad. Unlike Doody, he took to the stage in a smart white and black suit. There was a great deal of passion and belief in his words, but the slowness of the tune may have been his downfall. Saying that, look at what won! Plus, he was the most popular with the general public too. If it wasn’t for that dastardly jury eh?

Minus One were the rock act with ‘Shine.’ Sounding like a Daughtry b-side (or maybe a rejected Nickelback song). This entry would’ve stood out on stage in Austria, but rock never tends to fare too well (Finland 2006 an exception), and even though the jury gave it top marks, the public placed it bottom. The guitars, flashing light, gravelly voice and bald head ended up with the bronze medal. But now time for the winner!

Giannis appeared a tad nervous, but nevertheless gave an accomplished performance. He too was dressed smartly in black and white, as the calm acoustic guitar plucked away over his words. There are pros and cons here… firstly, it’s far from a bad song. But… it might be too dull. His voice is nice… but the song goes nowhere. I have a sneaky feeling this might do well however… maybe not as well as The Common Linnets last year, but a low-key song always has the ability to catch people by surprise. Mike Connaris, one of the composers, composed Cyprus’s 2004 entry, which was also a very slow ballad – it finished fifth. Lastly was the duo of Nearchos and Charis with the only song in Greek. Sounding like a hundred songs before it, they were joined by four people dancing while caught up in what resembled bed sheets. Too forgettable to do any good, it finished bottom of the pile.

So there we have it… ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’ is the Cypriot song! What do we think of it?

Your views:

What do you think about Giannis being selected?
What do you think about Giannis being selected?

Tomas Jančiauskas from Lithuania:Yeah it’s similar to 2004 entry, but 11 years passed, this song is so old-fashioned!

Fiona McCarthy from Ireland: It’s such a shame, they had a good selection ,cannot see this qualifying!

Tommy Engström from Sweden: I think it could do a Jon Lilygreen result and qualify.

John Abrams from the United Kingdom: First off, he needs to up his performance – the voice is really distinctive – he’s not great looking and he should step out as if to say `if you don’t like my looks i don’t care – this is me and i’m going to sing my heart out and you’re going to know that I mean every word I say`. The song is very good, the voice is good he lacks charisma.

So it appears that Euro-fans have a mixed response to the song, from ‘old-fashioned’ to ‘he lacks charisma.’ Any other thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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