Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta are off to Vienna for the Czech Republic!

So……that was a little bit unexpected! Pretty much a couple of hours after last night’s drama in Switzerland where MÉLANIE Rene (not Michelle, as I had called her previously), ČT pulled their surprise out of the bag and told us not only the names of the artists, but also the name of the song! As a result, Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta will sing on behalf of the Czech Republic in Vienna, with their song entitled ‘Hope Never Dies’…fingers crossed that the hope the Czechs will eventually qualify from the semi-finals never dies too!

So…because the song has not actually been released yet (and to be honest, I don’t even know when it’ll be released, as do the other Eurovision fan sites), we can really only go into the details of the two performing artists…so who are they and what can they bring to Eurovision in May?

Well, first up is Marta Jandová. At the age of 40, she is one of the Czech Republic’s most popular singers – and, in a recent poll asking the Czech public which singer they’d like to see at the Contest in Austria, she ranked very highly. Jandová has added many strings to her bow, not only being a musician, but also featuring in a couple of films and TV productions as an actress! She is really most known for being the lead singer in the German alternative metal band Die Happy, which she founded in 1993. This is their most recent single – “I Could Die Happy” – which was released in February of last year.

As you can tell, it’s not overpowering guitars or drums – a technique used by Eldrine in 2011. In fact, it’s more of a stripped back rock song, I feel. It’s quite nice to have a different tone of rock, and with Marta’s emotional deliverance of the song makes for great listening. I’m definitely looking forward to her part of the song!

On the other hand, we have Václad Noid Bárta. In many ways, he is also like Marta, being a singer-songwriter and an actor, whose main genre of music would fall under rock! Václad is 38 years old and….well, even judging by the picture up at the top, he is indeed a very good looking man! Here would be one particular song from his repertoire that I’d recommend you give a listen:

With this song – “Moře kupodivů” – you can get a sense of his bass voice almost, and although his main genre would be classified as rock, this would be more of a power ballad and you can tell that this sort of vocal range would be best suited to Václav. Fingers crossed his live vocals can live up to what he will deliver on the studio version!

Speaking of, what could this song be about or consist of? Well, seeming as both Marta and Václav have established themselves as rock artists, I can almost bet that it will be a rock song of some sorts, or at the very least – have elements of an electric guitar or something like that. The song is called ‘Hope Never Dies’ and is entirely in English. Songs entirely in English work well for the Czech, because they got the most amount of points when they sing them (i.e. Tereza Kerndlová back in 2008, when they got a mighty amount of 9 points!)… Unfortunately, I have a feeling we might have to wait a while for the song to presented, mostly to generate demand for the song’s release. Or if not, I do hope that it IS a good song, because even without listening to the song or the artists, I’m backing the Czech Republic to do well a little better than second-last in the semi-final.. Oh well, we just have to play the waiting game now! SO; what do you think of the selection?

Your views:

Are you happy with Marta and Václav being selected for the Czech Republic?
Are you happy with Marta and Václav being selected for the Czech Republic?

Petr Subatov from the Czech Republic: I am so happy Marta Jandová will represent my country! She is amazing. Václav is ok but Marta is better.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: It is a great choice from the Czech Republic. Let us hope though that their song is as good as its singers.

Matthew Murray from the United States: They seem like a good couple of artists. I don’t know though if they can work well together!

María Narerrosa from Spain: I don’t like this selection. I wanted Verona to go. They are great!

So it seems like there’s a bit of a mixed reaction to Marta and Václav’s selection in the Czech Republic. However, it really all comes down to the song, which *hopefully* will be sometime soon. Don’t do an ORF on us, CT! If you do, we will not be a very happy fandom! So what do you think? Were Marta and Václav the best choice that the Czechs could have made, or was there another artist you wish could have gone…were any of our own suggestions the same for you? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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