Anti Social Media will represent Denmark!

Well, we’re off again! We now know who will represent Denmark in Vienna on the 19th of May, and that’s the group you see above this – Anti Social Media. They will sing their retro-indie song “The Way You Are” in the second half of the first semi-final! So, what do we think of the song and how well it’ll do on the night? Keep on reading to find out! And, while you’re here, have a listen to the Danish song below:

Right, so the song is essentially rather young indie-pop and does sound like one of those sort of happy-go-lucky songs that a film director would put in for a scene when a character is, say, walking down a street and there are many good things going on. However, for me, that’s as far as it stretches. The vocal delivery is very good and consistent (with a couple of exceptions with the long-notes), but the staging of the song is the thing that gets me.

The staging and how it came across on camera, felt very rigid. It’s almost a bit like Ryan Dolan’s staging in Malmö two years ago – he really just stood there on the spot and turned at very specific points. He did lift his arms from time to time, but he was letting the dancers do all the work and that’s not what you want to be doing in Eurovision. If you have an energetic song – or a song that can get people foot-tapping – you HAVE to move. It’s the exact same situation I saw in Aalborg tonight. The only person I saw moving around the stage was the hot bassist. All the others were just stuck to their places and told to play Musical Statues..the lead singer did bob his knees up and down from time to time, but that was all from him. That’s all I’m going to say for now regarding the selection, but that’s my advice for them – LEARN TO MOVE AROUND THE STAGE.

As for the whole show itself, we were treated to a two-hour show that was indeed very well-produced and it was indeed a pleasure to watch. As you already know, we were doing a running commentary on our Twitter feed and these are our highlights of the show (in chronological order):

  • The show began with a bit of a bang, as a large troupe of dancers occupied the guts of the main stage. These dancers would occasionally break off into two smaller lines during the Parade of Artists, but other than that we just had this troupe dancing interpretively for around 5 minutes or so…uhh..hooray?
  • This year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) was hosted by Esben Bjerre Hansen and Jacob Riising. Esben beats Jacob and all but one of the contestants for good looks. Look at him. He is beautiful. Also, Jacob has a MASSIVE forehead. That is all.
  • Getting onto the songs now, and I really think Sara Sukurani was really underrated. The song was rather ethnic and Indian, but it would have been SUCH a curveball, that it could have actually worked on the wider stage in Austria. Plus, her vocals were on point too, which is hard for Bollywood….*breathe, Rory – breathe!*
  • I had decided to myself that Tina and René, who sang second, were Didrik Solli-Tangen and Anna Bergendahl (from Norway and Sweden 2010 respectively) who had emigrated and decided to try their luck in another Scandinavian country. The song was strong, but I felt it was a little to reminiscent of Chaneé and N’evergreen and therefore, it would have been a little safe to send them. They were great singers though!
  • So…..Marcel and Soulman Group…..happened….
  • Personally, I was listening to ‘Hotel A’, trying to work out why it was getting so much hype…and I got nothing. I don’t see why it was popular. She couldn’t even say ‘a’ right…for me, I thought it was rather juvenile. In the wider competition, it wouldn’t have done DR many favours.
  • Julie Bjerre was a bit of an underdog, I feel. And by underdog, I mean she should have done better than third place. She would have been the one I’d have tipped to go to Vienna. Seems not. And as a sidenote, TOBIAS ELLEHAMMER!! Remember the backing dancer for Basim last year at Eurovision with blonde hair? He’s back and more beautiful than ever. ❤ We send our love to him.
  • Anti-Social Media’s bassist. That is all.
  • Anne Gadegaard had a rather nice song…that’s really all I can say…I mean, we were indifferent there!!
  • Babou had a great idea of a song combining Danish and English and – had he not been screeching at points in the song – he might have fared a little better than fifth place.
  • World of Girls looked like they were just off the ranch looking to get down for a bit of a hootenanny! Nah nah, they offered a strong, solid performance and it was a good end to the competition!
  • As part of the interval act, Esben and Jacob traveled to Vienna to check out the Wiener Stadthalle, where Eurovision 2015 will be held. However, I was a little skeptical, seeming as it didn’t actually look like Vienna…until I saw the actual building. Then I retracted my words.
  • For some unknown reason, they did an Eesti Laul and gave out some of the jury votes while the lines were open. Anti-Social took the lead with 56 points, 16 points behind the second-placed song ‘Suitcase’.
  • This was quickly followed up by Basim, who sang a new song of his as well as an encore of ‘Cliché Love Song’. That was nice to listen to again…still can’t tolerate the song, but at least he sings it very well!
  • Then we got the public televoting results. It was done in a very MelFest-esque way, but after it all and only after Anne got the top public vote did we know that Anti-Social Media would be representing the Danes in Vienna.

Phwoof, it was a very eventful show!

So how well will the song do in Eurovision on Tuesday, May 19th? Well, going up against some favourites as Nina Sublatti and Trijntje Oosterhuis is a hard enough task as it is, but to qualify…I’m not sure. The song will be in a half that’s populated with quite upbeat, alternative songs, so if Denmark stand a chance of making it to the final, they have to make sure that they take our advice and learn to move on the stage..and maybe re-work a couple of notes in the song as well, that’d help!

So, what do you think of the selection?

Your views:

What do you think about Anti Social Media being selected?
What do you think about Anti Social Media being selected?

Richard Knoppen from the Netherlands: I like it a lot. Lots of energy and positive vibes! it was my second favourite after Hotel A [I didn’t watch the show, as I don’t watch any NFs] but this one is better than most of the others IMHO, so I’m very glad they pulled through!

Ingeborg Nakkeid from Norway: I don’t think Denmark want to win again, and that’s why I think they chose this song.

Berkay Karakas from Turkey: I think it’s not a bad song! I like it! For me, it’s better than ‘Love me love me’.

Nathan Attard from Malta: Preferred Suitcase but this is good aswell!

Well it seems like most fans are in disagreement as to whether it was the right selection for Denmark, but nevertheless, they have been selected and so shall they represent Denmark on Tuesday May 19th! Whether or not they qualify is up to you! So what do you think? Are you happy that Anti Social Media will represent Denmark, or did you want another representative to go on behalf of the country? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!!

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