Bojana Stamenov will represent Serbia in Vienna!

Hey guys! So, we have yet another song selected for Vienna. After a two-day show and three fantastic songs, it was decided that Bojana Stamenova will represent Serbia in Vienna on the 19th of May with her song “Ceo Svet Je Moj”! So what do we think of the song and how it’ll do in Eurovision in May? Keep reading to find out!!

Here’s the winning song and the Serbian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015!

So what do we think of the song? Well, to put it bluntly, it’s a great choice. The song is an excellent mix of pop with hints of turbo-folk, and to be honest – this mix of culture and pop was much needed in the semi-final. Plus, with Bojana’s fantastic vocals, along with the projector dress and fabulous interpretive dancers and the costume change, I’m predicting big things from Serbia this year! Right, that’s enough fanwanking for now. Let’s have a proper chat on the show!

As we always do, the show was covered on our Twitter feed, and we were treated to a rather well-produced show, which had some good songs, but it did drag on a little, after all singers had sung TWICE by half 8 GMT, 30 minutes after the show started! Here’s a brief run-through of what went on tonight in Belgrade:

  • The show was delayed by around 10 minutes because a film that was being shown hadn’t seemed to finish…and as a result, we were all treated to…..nothing…and all the fans got pissed off! Oh us ESC fans! However things got underway fairly quickly with Maja Nikolic (who, I believe had had a bit of Botox injected into her since we last saw her in Malmö two years ago) letting us know about the details of the show’s events. And with that “Odbrojavanje Za Bec” was underway!
  • Things were kicked off fairly quickly with Aleksa Jelic singing his song “Vodi Me”, translating as “Take Me”. I will say right now that being able to dance and sing is a great trait to have as a singer. The vocals were very on point and it didn’t sound too bad at all…plus, it was an uptempo song – so it would stand out on the wider stage in Vienna!
  • Straight after him and about 30 seconds of a postcard, Danica Krstic took to the stage with her song “Suze za kraj”. It was indeed an emotional performance, which did bring Magdi Rúsza’s performance of “Unsustainable Blues” in 2007 to mind, but I feel like it would have been a little weak and it would have gotten a little lost in a fairly ballad heavy semi-final..but her vocals were fantastic indeed and it was a fantastic show to watch!
  • And immediately after that Bojana followed – and my god, Bojana was amazing…featuring interpretive dancers and projector dress, the ethnicity of her song – “Ceo Svet je Moj” – was certainly felt, especially coupled with Bojana’s strong vocals! This was turbo-folk-pop at it’s best!
  • Some absolutely fabulous shots of Vienna were shown….for some unknown reason, and afterwards, everyone’s favourite regular Serbian ESC spokesperson re-appearing to tell us that each song will be sung again, straight after the 20-minute voting window was opened. So after a second performance of their song and a brief chat with the songs’ composer, Vladimir Graic, the lines were closed. We then had about 6 minutes of Serbian ads, which essentially are the same as most European ads, except for the incredibly nationalistic promotional ads for Serbia as a country! No offense!!
  • After another brief chat with 2007 co-composer for “Molitva”, Saša Miloševic – we were treated to a fantastic performance by Moje 3, who re-united for a one-time performance of their winning song in 2007….patriotism never dies, does it!! But Sara, what did you do to your hair?! I miss the long, brunette hair!! 😦 We even had a performance from Andrea Demirovic (MONTENEGRO 2009), who was singing literally one of the most depressing songs ever…so instead, I was playing ‘Just Get Out Of My Life’ in my head, while she screamed for at least 10 seconds – and the Beauty Queens…aka Marija Šerifovic’s backing singers when she sang in Helsinki….trying to get another 15 minutes of fame, maybe? I think not!
  • And after ALL this, we FINALLY got to the results part. The result was a 50/50 combination of a jury and the public vote and both the jury and public decided that Bojana should represent Serbia in Vienna, giving her the maximum amount of points. She will therefore represent her country in Austria on May 19th! Congratulations!

So, how well will the song do in Bec Vienna? Well, the song is in the first semi-final, and with that, Bojana is up against fan favourites Trijntje and Nina Sublatti, so if she wants to qualify for the final, she’ll have to work hard on perfecting the voice and making sure she doesn’t strain it! However, in a very pop-dominated semi-final, this mix of ethnic turbo-folk and pop will come as a breath of fresh air to the public and, provided she hasn’t really messed up on the night, I see no problems for Bojana to qualify for the final. In there though, there might be a bit of a dispute as to where she finishes…perhaps maybe mid-table, or maybe just missing out on the top 10…as long as she delivers a clear and solid performance on the night, we’ll be looking at good things for Bojana, I believe….so what do you, the fans, think of Bojana’s selection?

Your views:

Was  the right choice for Iceland?
Was Bojana the right choice for Serbia?

Kerem Sagdic from Turkey: Good choice Serbia. Good luck in Vienna!

Emmanuel Felipe from Portugal:  I saw the “national final”, her voice is awesome, but i prefer the song of the other girl, i will give it a 7.5/10.

Maria Marson from the United Kingdom: I am liking this. Maybe a top 10 position for Serbia this year? I hope so!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: Oh my god, I love this song so much. I now have a new #1. Bojana is amazing and I think she will represent Serbia so well in May!

So it seems as if most fans are relatively happy with Serbia’s choice for Eurovision! However, whether or not, this feeling will continue over the next few months is another question and – probably best – a story for another time. So what do you think of the selection? Are you happy that Bojana was selected as the Serbian representative, or did you wish Aleksa or Danica went instead? And how well do you think she will do in Vienna? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

UPDATE: In March, it was revealed that Serbia would sing “Ceo Svet je Moj” in English, with the song being titled “Beauty Never Lies”. You can listen to the new version below!


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