“Grande Amore” for Italy – Finally!

Hi guys! So yeah, this is a little bit delayed, but now that it is confirmed, we can actually report on the selection! So, on Valentine’s Day, not only did we find out that María Ólafsdóttir will represent Iceland in Vienna, but we also knew the trio ‘Il Volo’ will represent Italy, after they won the Sanremo Music Festival. However, the actual song they were to sing wasn’t exactly decided on, so we here at ESC Views decided to hold off on publishing this article until we knew what song they would be singing. But now we know, we can now officially say that Il Volo will represent Italy in Vienna with the song that won them the Sanremo Festival – “Grande Amore”. Have a listen to the song below!

So what do we think of the song and the selection? Well, if I’m being honest, it is rather stereotypical of Italy to send something like this to a contest like Eurovision. Is it me, or does anyone else think they’re like the Italian version of the Jonas brothers? No? Oops… Anyway… Everyone remembers when Il Divo was conquering the world with that sort of huge Italian ballads and the swooning of millions of fans. In my opinion, I feel like Italy has tried to go down the same avenue this year with Il Volo. Okay, I get that the group are massive in Italy since their participation in ‘Ti lascio una canzione’ in 2010, but this rather ‘poperatic’ song they are offering to the show is coming across as being as bit contrived. Don’t get me wrong, the guys have fantastic voices and their harmonies are fantastic, but I just get the feeling that the song isn’t hugely genuine and it was something their label just offered to them to sing. However, the song does build up and the more emotive side of the song does come out in the second half of the song and it does build up to a huge climax, as most opera songs do. So in that respect, kudos are in order for Il Volo for the vocal delivery of the song!

After all that, how do we think it will do in Vienna? Well, as you all know, Italy is a part of the Big 6 (Big 7 this year!), which means they get a fast track pass to the final. However, they have to ensure their live vocals are able to be as on point as the studio version, as Italy has a bit of ground to make up for with Emma Marrone’s rather “interesting” vocal and visual performance in Copenhagen last year. If I was to make a prediction of a placing for Italy this year – taking into account that most fans are in favour of the song doing incredibly well (as below will demonstrate), and therefore will use all their 20 votes on them – it’s possible they could finish in the top 10 or on the bottom of the left-hand side of the board? That’s mostly cause everyone will remember the whole Il Divo story and take the impression they’re their proteges, of some sort. Let’s hope that the prediction is relatively accurate, as opera doesn’t exactly fare well in Eurovision – I mean, look at Malena Ernman and Bonaparti.lv… But hey, all we can do is wait and see what happens on May 23rd!

So, what do you think of Italy’s artist and the song for Eurovision?

Your views:

Was Il Volo the right choice for Italy?
Was Il Volo the right choice for Italy?

Andy Capstick from the United Kingdom: Yes, am loving this, it will be epic on the big stage in the final.

Mette Marie Pedersen from Denmark: I’m so happy! It’s an amazing song!

Anthony Ko from Slovenia:  If Il Volo at least get into the top 10, then I’ll be happy.

Rigmo Kannike from Estonia: Oh happy day, the last time I was so happy, I found out I had to redo my 5 page essay on aerodynamics.

So it seems most fans are happy with Italy’s song selection for Austria! But how well it will do in Vienna on the 23rd of May? We’ll just have to wait and see if all these fans will be happy or disappointed with the results..So what do you think? Are you happy that Il Volo were selected for Italy and then their Sanremo-winning song was selected to go to Austria too? Or did you wish Nek or Malika Ayane or another of the Campioni had been offered the chance to go to Eurovision? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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