Aminata will represent Latvia!

Hey guys! So, we have another song for Vienna! After a really slick and well-produced two-and-a-half hour show (I know, from Latvia?!), we know that Aminata will represent Latvia in Vienna with her song “Love Injected”! So what do we think of the song, and how well it will do in Eurovision, along with what we thought of the show? Keep reading to find out! Here is the Latvian entry for Eurovision 2015!

So what do we think of the song? Well, it was the fan favourite, wasn’t it? The song is a rather slowed down modern song, that has elements of jungleness in it…the verses are rather minimalistic and intimate, while the chorus is very broad and open and welcoming. All this is topped off with Aminata’s powerful and strong vocals, which sound like they can reach any note! This song is essentially a song that you would really zombie out to, or maybe to just feel like listening to something that really isn’t what you’d normally hear on the radio – so, all Eurovision fans aren’t ruled out there!

As we always do, the show was covered on our Twitter feed. And if you’re not up for re-watching the two and a half hour show, well – here’s a brief run through on what happened tonight in Riga:

  • The show started off with the journey that the four finalists – MNTHA, Animata, Markus Riva and ElectroFolk – had on the show, and it was all really nice and nostalgic, but there was no time to reminisce for too long, as we had to start off Supernova fairly quickly!
  • Things kicked off the competition when Animata took to the stage. Donning a long orange dress with almost armour-like jewellery, Animata kicked things off with her fan favourite ‘Love Injected’ and dayum, didn’t she deliver vocally! However, one of the backing vocalists was off…come on, girl. If you’re going to sing for the entire country, at least sing on key!
  • After about 10-minutes of panel discussions and opinions, we moved onto MNTHA, who offered us her minimal electronic song ‘Nefilibata’. Her vocals were a little hard to hear at times, but she had a weird aura about her and it was fabulous to see the Latvian Sia do her thang onstage!! Once again, we had another 10 minutes of panel opinions and discussions…woohoo…
  • We then went into one of several ad breaks, where – for some REALLY unknown reason – they got a rapping beaver to come in and entertain those who were in the audience and on the livestream (i.e. you and I outside of Latvia). All I can say is…… be honest, I don’t even know what to say! It was so weird, but sassy too! :O
  • Back to the competition and it was time for ElectroFolk, who offered their rather weird song “Sundance” – which is exactly as it was on the tin – a mixture of folk and pop/electronic music. To me though, it was like a mixture of Alcohol is Free (Greece 2013) and No No Never (Germany 2006)…I’m still wondering whether I should be liking it!
  • It was then time for Markus Riva, looking as hot as ever! He sang his song “Take Me Down” with the swag an artist/model like him should deliver the song with, but his singing accent kinda stereotyped him as being a really Russian guy, with the deep voice and the ‘ch’ sounds when it’s supposed to be a ‘t’ sound…but hey, it brought the competition aspect of the show to an enjoyable end!
  • This was quickly followed with three interval acts – all of whom deciding to sing in the Latvian language, which was not made for music because the language has wayyyyyyy too many syllables in it!! One of the interval acts included a member of the panel, and I swear to god, it looked like he was Topi from Softengine! The resembelance was uncanny! 😀
  • Then after we saw the rapping beaver a few more times, it was time for the top two songs to go to the superfinal and it was decided that and  were to go to the superfinal and after two great performances, it was decided that  should represent Latvia in Austria! Congratulations!

So how well will the song do in Eurovision? Well Latvia was allocated to perform in the second-half of the semi-final, and the second semi-final is populated with rather in-your-face modern songs with huge dupstep beats or really dark ballads, so for Latvia, this will be a nice mixture of what’s already been selected. It’s possible that we might actually see Latvia have a shot at the final in seven years! If they were to get to the final, I wouldn’t predict a top 10 placing, but it will have done so much better than most of Latvia’s results in recent years, so any qualification will be enough for them!

So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

Do you think that  was the best choice for Latvia?
Do you think that Aminata was the best choice for Latvia?

John Abrams from the United Kingdom: Straddles accessibility and freshness in just the right way brilliant and brave choice!

Christian Schaffrath from Germany: Ooooooooh I quite like it!!! Interesting choice! I cant believe that I almost love a Latvian entry!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: It is a brave choice by Latvia…and it’s a hell of a lot better than Aarzemnieki last year..blegh!

Patricia Lammonde from France: I like this song very much! This is the song type I listen to very much…bonne chance Latvia!

So it seems that the fans are mostly in favour of Aminata’s selection for Eurovision! Whether or not that the song will do well in Vienna on May 21st is another story altogether! So what do you think? Did you want Aminata to represent Latvia in Eurovision? Or did you want MNTHA, ElectroFolk or Markus Riva to represent them instead? And how well do you think Latvia will do? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

One thought on “Aminata will represent Latvia!”

  1. I bet it will qualify and… it may not win, but it will be among the top songs.

    Dark horse this year!

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