The Melodifestivalen Semi-Finals are Over!

Hi guys,

We’ve reached an exciting time in any Melfest fan’s year, next Saturday will bring the Andra Chansen round, and in seven weeks’ from then, we will find out who will be flying the Swedish flag in Vienna. Qualifying for the final tonight were JTR and Måns Zelmerlöw and having to fight it out in Andra Chansen are Hasse Andersson and Dina Nah. Here’s my review of the performances tonight:

1. Midnight Boy with ‘Don’t Say No’ – This reminded me of ‘You Spin Me Right Round’, which wasn’t really to my tastes. Like many songs performing first before it, it just got lost in the running order. The dancer outfits seemed to have been taken from Lena in 2011! Unlike Isa this week. the hip action was really not adding to the performance! Also, showing off his chest clearly didn’t work with the Swedish public. I’d agree with Sweden in eliminating this song from the competition!

2. Caroline Wennergren with ‘Black Swan’ – The dreaded number 2 spot was occupied this week by Caroline Wennergren, the song is still yet to qualify for any of the next rounds. I think Sweden has missed a trick here! This was a slick and classy performance, and her vocals were amazing! Just like Austria last year, this really sounded like a James Bond theme tune! I had this one down, but Sweden didn’t agree with me!

3. JTR with ‘Building It Up’ – This was a lovely song, but I was surprised that it reached the final. Siblings have a mixed history in Eurovision, but JTR are at the higher end of the spectrum. It had some catchy lyrics and the vocals were great live! I found them to be a more tame version of Samir and Viktor! This song might have a good chance in the final, but I doubt that it will challenge the top 3.

4. Hasse Andersson with ‘Guld och gröna skogar’ – This was the country element of Melodifestivalen tonight, and to be completely honest, I found it quite boring! The staging was quite generic and the vocals were good, but I don’t see this one qualifying from Andra Chansen, I didn’t see it qualifying from the semi! There must be something I’m missing about this song, could someone please point it out to me!

5. Dina Nah with ‘Make Me’ – This was a techno invasion of the Melfest stage, which I absolutely loved! An ISA sans hips maybe. This sounds like something you could easily hear on any European party island out there, and I wish it good luck in Andra Chansen. The light show was quite impressive and the bass line was almost hypnotic, but at times, the staging let the song down a little bit.

6. Annika Herlitz with ‘Ett andetag’ – A lovely Swedish ballad, but I think it got lost in all of the schlager and Europop the Swedish public had been hearing before! I thought this song’s main rival was Black Swan, but neither of them qualified in the end. Annika’s vocals were lovely and the staging was minimalist, but effective. We got our hint of schlager nearer the end too, which made it quite a nice song, but as I said, it probably got lost.

7. Måns Zelmerlöw with ‘Heroes’ – The Melfest regular took to the stage to conclude this semi-final. He made great use of the stage, including the light panel behind him. This was hottly tipped before the semi-final had even begun, garnering 50% of the online SVT vote. The song was a nice fusion of styles, including country and Europop. A nice message went along with the song and the Swedish public agreed with me and put it through to the final! You could really see that he had learned from his previous Melfest appearances.

Now, this is where I’d usually stop. However, SVT have published details about the format of Andra Chansen. The 8 acts will be split into 4 duels of 2 based on the style of the song, with the winner of each duel advancing to the final. The duels are:

1. Andreas Weise – Bring Out the Fire vs Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today

2. Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar vs Kristin Amparo – I See You

3. Dolly Style – Hello Hi vs Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La)

4. Behrang Miri (feat. Victor Crone) – Det rår vi inte för vs Samir & Viktor – Groupie

What do you think of this evening’s semi-final? Who might make it through to the final from Andra Chansen? Who might go on to win it all? So many questions!!

It’s going to be a great show in Helsingborg next week!

See you then,


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