Edurne to sing “Amanacer” in Vienna!

Hi guys! Sorry this is so late in going up, but as you all know, we all have lives to live! But we’re here to review what Spain will be sending to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Austria!We all knew since January 14th that Edurne would represent Spain in Vienna, but it was only on March 1st (this Sunday just gone), that Edurne’s Eurovision song was revealed to the public. So what do we think of her effort “Amanecer”, and how well it will do in Eurovision? Well keep reading to find out! Here is the Spanish entry for Eurovision 2015!

So what is the song like? Well, the aura that “Amanecer” comes across as having is one of an almost gladiator-like feeling. The verses of the song are rather sensitive to the chorus, which just explode out with addictive “Eh-oh-eh-ooh”s that dominate the song. It wouldn’t be a song I’d expect Edurne to sing at Eurovision, but I do have to say it’s a very daring move. The darkness that the song has is very visible and easy to connect with, should you be feeling just a tad low. The beats of the song are massive and they come across as being very ‘in your face’ and ‘oomph’. I would say that the chorus is a lot stronger than the verses, but that’s mostly due to the fact that the chorus is where Edurne actually releases her full vocal range, whereas in the verses, it’s almost like she’s hiding them away.

So when it comes to Eurovision, what can I say about it? Well, all I can really say is ‘I don’t get the hype’. The song is strong and as a standalone song, I’m sure that it’ll top the Spanish charts for months and months – as most popular Eurovision tracks do. However, when you’re putting it in the context of Eurovision, I do feel like RTVE has actually overhyped the song, to an extent. Like, to put it candidly – the song is there, and it just….happens. Nothing really happens that would make me think “OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SONG AGAIN!” – it’s a nice song to listen to, but in a competition like this, I’m afraid to say that it just won’t stand out in the running order. LET THE HATE FROM THE SPANISH COMMENCE! But seriously, Edurne is a fantastic singer, and I’m sure she’ll deliver a fantastic performance on the night.

Speaking of, how well will Spain do in Eurovision? Well, as a devoted Eurovision fan, you’ll know that Spain is a part of the Big 5, so they don’t need to qualify from the semi-finals. In the final, I’d probably predict a mid-table finish for the Spaniards, but who knows – Europe can throw a curveball when it comes to Spain, with ESDM being an example; everyone thought they were going to do fantastically well in Malmö, but they managed to come in a dismal 25th place in the final. However, I’ve seen the huge appeal by Spanish fans as well as international fans too, and I’m pretty sure that the song will get fanwanked to the point where everyone will think it will win…woohoo… but who knows? We’ll have to wait and see what will happen on May 23rd!

So what do you think of the song? Who knows where Edurne will place in Austria on May 23rd! So what do you think of Spain’s song for Eurovision this year? Do you think it should be getting all the hype it has been receiving? Or do you think it’s a waste of time for the Spanish? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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