Ann Sophie to Vienna for Germany!

Hi guys! So we have another song for Eurovision 2015! After a fantastic show in Hanover, which possibly one of the most complex and controversial ways picking a Eurovision entrant, we now know that Ann Sophie will represent Germany in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest final on May 23rd with their song “Black Smoke”! So what do we think of the song and how well it’ll do in Eurovision in May? Keep reading to find out, while you have a listen to what Germany will send to Eurovision 2015! Plus, if you want to see the moment how Sophie was declared the winner, it’s below the song!

So, what is the song about and what do we think of it? Well, the song is quite weird to describe, but I suppose it would fall into the very niche category of “alternative suave pop”. Ann Sophie has rather distinct vocals in the song, and Europe really does seem to love German individual vocals – I mean, look at Lena now, people! On a personal level, I think the song is quite nice – it is something nice to listen to in a year where ballads are starting to take control. It wouldn’t be one I’d say I’d listen to on repeat, but it is a really catchy song and I do think it’ll do relatively well!

What about the show, then? Well – as we always do, we covered Germany’s NF – Unser Song für Österreich – live on our Twitter feed. And while the show itself was rather fabulous, you might not want to watch the whole show again, so here’s a brief run-through of what happened in Hanover:

  • The show opened with a performance by none other than Conchita. What did you expect? Singing ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’, she definitely got the audience going…and she also sang Happy Birthday to our host for the night, Barbara Schöneberger…and that wasn’t the last time we saw her!
  • Things got underway straight away, with Ms. Greenbird taking to the stage with their first song “Shine Shine Shine”. The song was a cute one, but the duo kind of looked like Lily Allen trying to make it in the country music industry..hmm…Whether you think that that’s a good idea or not is up to you; let us know in the comments!
  • Alexa Feser quickly followed with her song “Glück”, translating as “Luck” in English. The song is quite similar in delivery and staging to “Playing With Numbers”, with the exception being that this has a beat. Should this have been picked, Molly Sterling would be in trouble in May!
  • Faun came afterwards with “Hörst du die Trommeln” – translating as “Do you hear the drums”. Faun are renowned for their unique genre of “pagan pop”, so it’s not surprising that they kept with what they know. Their staging was rather odd though, as it featured the keyboard players hair almost looking like it was entwined into what he was playing…weird.
  • Noize Generation followed afterwards. Singing “A Song For You”, the Ukrainian ex-pat sang with quite a rusty voice, giving the song a bit of edge. The song was very uptempo, but we all know how well uptempo songs do in Eurovision for Germany – don’t we Cascada? 😉
  • The club-concert wildcard winner Ann Sophie came next with the song that won her the ticket to the National Final – “Jump the Gun”. The song was rather catchy, but it’s very classy and very slick – one could really see why the German public gave her the wildcard. One always needs a touch of class in Eurovision!
  • Fan favourite Fahrenhaidt followed straight afterwards with their song “Frozen Silence”. Now, there was so much hype for Fahrenhaidt being almost like an alternative artist – which would be right up my street –  I was expecting something quite different from the group. Instead, I heard the first song on the soundtrack to “Frozen 2”. It was okay. Nothing more.
  • Girl group Laing followed afterwards with their song “Zeig deine Muskeln”, translating as “Show Your Muscles”. I….I don’t even know what to say..check these (rather blurry) pictures and make up your own mind:
    Oooohh, feel the burn!
    Oooohh, feel the burn!


  • Thank god that Andreas Kümmert came after Laing to help us all relax after the “workout” the group gave us. Singing “Home is in My Hands”, the staging was completely stripped back to the basics – a technique people seem to love this year! It was a fantastic vocal performance, and I would have loved to see that in the Contest.
  • So, after all eight singers sang their song, it was up to the German public to half the number of competing artists. They decided to pick Alexa Feser, Ann Sophie, Laing and Andrea Kümmert to keep going to the next stage of the show. The next part of the competition meant they sang a second potential song. Alexa sang “Das Gold von morgen” – “The Gold of Tomorrow” in English, Ann Sophie sang “Black Smoke“, Laing sang “Wechselt die Beleuchtung” – “Change the Lighting” in English and Andreas sang “Heart of Stone“. After all of that, it was – again – up to the public to – once again – half the number of competing contestants down to two, and to also decide which song they would sing in Eurovision.
  • There were also some interval acts while the public were making their minds up. During Round 1, Mark Foster sang one of his most recent singles…and as a coach from The Kids’ Voice of Germany, you could tell he knew what he was doing up on stage. During Round 2, Stephanie Heinzmann sang her song “In the End”. And, as expected, Conchita returned to the stage during the Final Round to perform her new song “You Are Unstoppable” for the first time on live television! How fancy!
  • Getting back to the competition, the public decided to pick Ann Sophie with “Black Smoke” and Andreas with “Heart of Stone” to battle it out to represent Germany in Vienna….and once again, it was up to the German public to pick the winner, and they picked Andreas. However, Andreas caused massive controversy by giving his title to Ann Sophie – feeling that he didn’t need to represent his country in the Contest, causing a massive uproar in the arena, but after it was cleared by ARD, she was declared to be the winner!! Congratulations!

So how will the song do in Eurovision? Well, as you all know, Germany is a part of the Big 5, and therefore, they don’t have to qualify for the final. With that in mind, I think that Ann Sophie will deliver a very strong performance in the final. Whether or not Germany will make an impression on any of the audience is a different matter. As for a particular placing for Ann Sophie, I’d predict a finish on either the bottom of the left-hand-side of the scoreboard or the top of the right-hand-side. Woah…I need a nap now!

So what’s your opinion on the song?

Your views:

Did Germany make the right choice sending XX?
Did Germany make the right choice sending Ann Sophie?

Gerard O’Niell from Ireland: I really like this choice by Germany. It’s something new – I’d like to see what Europe thinks of it.


Raúl Muñez González from Spain: Well, I’d have preferred Laing to go to Eurovision, but I am happy for Ann Sophie. It is an okay song for me.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I’m sorry to say, that I think it is rigged. It was supposed to be Andreas to go to Eurovision, let him GO. 

So it seems that the fans are rather mixed towards Ann Sophie being selected to represent Germany. However, will they live up to the fans expectations? We will just have to wait and see what happens on May 23rd! So what do you think? Do you think Ann Sophie was the right choice for Germany to pick? Or did you want one of the other seven artists to go in their place? And how well will Germany do in Eurovision now? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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