We have our finalists!

Hi everyone!

Before viewing the travesty that was the UK entry, I had the pleasure of watching the andra chasen round of the Melodifestivalen. Here’s what happened: (winners are in bold)

Duel 1: Andreas Weise (Bring Out The Fire) vs Linus Svenning (Forever Starts Today)

You could easily tell that Andreas was putting everything into his performance, but I much preferred Linus’ staging changes, and it was what the Swedish public ultimately decided, putting him through. As catchy as Bring Out The Fire is, the Ireland-derived drummer idea worked well for Linus in the end, and he thoroughly deserved a place in the final!

Duel 2: Hasse Andersson (Guld och gröna skogar) vs Kristin Amparo (I See You)

Hasse seems liked by the Swedish public a lot, and the result tonight goes to show that! Over the week, I’ve started to like the song too! Kristin, who has been likened to Adele, put in a great performance, but it wasn’t enough as Hasse, who put everything into his performance to, advanced to the final next week in Stockholm. There were no major changes in staging for either of the songs, but I don’t really think they needed any!

Duel 3: Dolly Style (Hello Hi) vs Dinah Nah (Make Me – La La La)

This was very much the ‘girl power’ duel, and I think Dinah deserved to win. There were some nice changes made to Dolly Style’s performance, but Dinah managed to tidy up her performance a bit and made it through! Make Me really does sound like something you’d hear in the nightclub or on a party island, I think it could be the dark horse next week with the European juries.

Duel 4: Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone (Det rår vi inte för) vs Samir & Viktor (Groupie)

After Dolly Style had been eliminated in the previous duel, I’m quite happy that Groupie will be in the final to add that ‘fun factor’. Malena Ernman (Sweden 2009) made an appearance in Behrang and Victor’s song, which didn’t help it much. Both acts went all out tonight and it was an excellent duel, which was hard to predict. I’m not sure how well Groupie will do next week, but it’s still such a fun song!

Also, SVT published the running order for the final, which is as follows:

1. Groupie

2. Building It Up

3. Make Me (La La La)

4. Jag är fri

5. Can’t Hurt Me Now

6. Heroes

7. Forever Starts Today

8. Don’t Stop

9. Möt mig i Gamla stan

10. Sting

11. Don’t Stop Believing

12. Guld och gröna skogar

So, who do you think will be flying the Swedish flag in Vienna?


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