Leonor Andrade will represent Portugal in Vienna!

Hi guys! So, I apologise for this delay in reviewing all the countries’ selections, but you know how hard it is to try and cover everyone, when they’re all clunched together like this! However, we are going to Portugal in this review and we have to say that Leonor Andrade will represent Portugal in Eurovision 2015 with her song “Há um mar que nos separa”, which means “There’s a sea separating us” in Portuguese. So what do we think of the song and how well it will do in the Contest? Keep reading to find out! And while you’re doing it, have a listen to the studio version of the Portuguese entry for this year’s Eurovision!

So, what do we think of the song? Well, composed and written by Miguel Gameiro, the song is actually a bit of a bridge from pop to indie, with a quick detour around rock too – it’s something I believe Portugal has never tried before, and I do think that Portugal might have hit something here in selecting Leonor. The song is very smooth and free-flowing and it’s one that you easily grab the beat of, which is something that is pretty essential when it comes to presenting a song for Eurovision (with the exception that it’s a ballad). Plus, the fact the song is in Portuguese will give Leonor an advantage, as it was performed in the version that all of Portugal fell in love with. Leonor has very distinct vocals, and if she was to be given something that was a bit more of the aforementioned genres – i.e. if the song was more of a rock genre, or a pop genre or an indie genre – I feel like the song would lose something in the performance, as it’d be more leaned towards one of those specific genres. But with this perfect mix, it really showcases the Voice star’s ability to go from genre to genre!

So getting to the main point of the article, how well will it do in Eurovision? Well, Portugal was drawn into the second semi-final, which – so far – is being completely sung in English. Now, should they keep the song in Portuguese, they’ll be the only song that will be in their native language, and I think that’ll give them a very good advantage in the Contest. As a result, they probably should stand out like a sore thumb and should sail through the semi-final. In the final, though, they might have a bit of a tougher time doing well, but I’d suspect they’d still manage to do well – perhaps, somewhere in the top 10, or the bottom of the left-hand-side of the scoreboard? Who knows?

So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

What do you think of Leonor's selection?
What do you think of Leonor’s selection?

Richard Knoppen from the Netherlands:  Love it! Something different from Portugal, more rocky-ish!

Bruno de Azevedo from Portugal: Finally Proud of my country! I’m so happy..

Rob Visser from the Netherlands: The first very good song of this ESC, hopefully not the last.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I am really happy with this song being picked. It was the best in FdC, and it was great not to see the favourite, Simone win!

So it seems the majority of fans are pretty happy with Leonor’s selection in Portugal…but will she live up to everyone’s expectations in May? We’ll have to wait till May 21st and see! So what do you think? Are you happy that Leonor will represent Portugal in Eurovision, or did you want one of the other competitors in Festival da Canção to win instead? And how well do you think Portugal will do in Eurovision in May? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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