Voltaj to Vienna for Romania!

Hi guys! So, after an INCREDIBLY long national final (three hours to be relatively precise), we finally found out in the city of Craiova that Voltaj will represent Romania in Vienna in May with their song “De la capăt” – translating as “All Over Again” in English! So what do we make of the song, the show, and how well it’ll do in Eurovision? Well keep reading to find out, while you listen to the Romanian song for Eurovision 2015!

So what do we think of the song? Well the song is pretty much a rock ballad, which is good as it creates a bit of diversity in the first semi-final (more on that a little bit later on), and I think it will stick out like a sore thumb..The fact that it has been sung in Romanian for the first time since 2008 or so, should also boost its individuality onstage.. I mean, the song is very dark, when seeing it onstage (I’m presuming it’s something to do with a child being left without a mother – I’m going completely on staging, seeming as I don’t speak Romanian), so it’s something they’ll want to experiment with between now and May…

So, what about the show? Well, as we always do, we covered the show on our Twitter feed…and if you’re not up for watching the three-hour show again, well here’s a brief review over what happened in Craiova:

  • Things got off straight away, with Voltaj taking to the stage with their song “De la capăt”. It was a good performance, and the lead singer’s vocals sounded great! It definitely was a great start to the show!
  • Boyband Băieții came afterward singing their uptempo song “Dragoste în Lanțuri”…all I have to say is that the noughties called, and they asked for their boyband back…whoops!
  • Tudor Turcu came after them with his ballad “Save Us”. My god, how weird was he? Plus he continuously kept singing the wrong pronunciation of the word “live”. It’s “live” as in “I have to live, because I don’t want to die”; not “live” as in “This is out going out live across all of Europe.” Get it right Tudor…and stop stealing my look too!

    Stop stealing my look, bitch!
    Stop stealing my look, bitch!
  • Aurelian Temișan and Alexa followed afterwards with their Spanish-inspired song “Chica Latina”..Now, even I would think that it’d be risky sending something like this song, what with it’s almost flamenco/ballroom-like moves… like Paul Hollywood (from the Great British Break Off) is a fantastic choice for anything, but to be a SINGER? A bit much, to be honest.
  • Rodica Acuvola – the weirdest looking Disney princess I have ever seen. That is all.
  • Acapella group Blue Noise followed afterwards..and surprisingly was very good, for an acapella group (I’m looking at you, Witloof Bay!) Congratulations to them for pulling the acapella group into the 21st century…took you long enough!!!
  • Ovidiu Anton came on after Blue Noise, with his song “Still Alive”…wow….I thought that Carl Espen was a peaceful man, but it turns out he shaved off his beard and turned into the Romanian version of Meatloaf..that was some scary watching!
  • Fan favourite Lara Lee followed after (after one of those really long intros that each artist HAD to record, probably dragging the show out for another hour) with her song “Superman”. It was a rather enticing performance, but there were notes that even she couldn’t reach because they were so low…If she did go to Eurovision, she would have had to work so hard like, but it was an enjoyable performance…
  • Super Trooper….Having throwbacks to the KMGs (Belgium 2007)……GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!
  • Luminita Anghel came afterwards…and how fabulous was she?! 😀 She really gave a fantastic performance, with some rather hot looking guys to serve as dancers…her vocals were perfect…how else can I say I loved the performance?
  • Cristina Vasiu really stirred things up; not just with her song, but with her outfit. Wearing nothing but a ‘thing’ – how else would you describe it? – draped around her neck covering her tits, while a mirror tutu-skirt which would later shoot pyrotechnics…I swear to god, she was millimeters from creating Romanian reality TV history with Nipple-gate: Part II, or her being set on fire by the very same tutu-skirt…my god..the song was okay too!
  • CEJ – from Sweden, of all places – closed the show with “We Were In Love”. I’m sure if they were placed somewhere else, the song wouldn’t sound so dull, but nevertheless, the song finished the competition and brought the show onto whatever you can say happened next.
  • So, as an interval act, they had planned for Ruslana to sing a few songs and that was it…but as EVERY Eurovision fan knows, that is ne’er the case with her. Instead, she treated us to various performances and various versions of “Wild Dances” – i.e. normal, English-Ukrainian, Romanian, disco, as well as “Dance With the Wolves”…but of course, there’s always something more to Ruslana. She dominated that stage so much, and even managed to squeeze in that political statement about Ukraine..and the public adored her. So much so, that in light of recent events, the EBU has now changed the name of the show to:
    Enjoy the show!!
  • Well, after that, we FINALLY got to the results. They first announced the public results and it was revealed that Voltaj was in the lead with 12 points, with Luminita and Tudor hot on their heels with 10 and 8 points each respectively. Then, when it came to the jury votes, they decided to let out the top 3 only…and my god, how long could they take like?! Well, Ovidiu came in third place, and Luminita came in second place, both bowing with grace in defeat! However, it was then revealed that Voltaj would represent Romania in Eurovision. Congratulations!

So how will the song do in Eurovision? Well, Romania has been allocated into the second half of the first semi-final, which is pretty much a mixed bag, with ballads and uptempo alternative and damn weird genre Denmark fits into..however, should they keep the song in Romanian, they should be able to qualify for the final, especially since their best friend EVER – Moldova – will be in the same semi as them, I’m sure we’ll see Romania sail into the final, as they always do! In the final, I’m not sure exactly where they’d finish, but knowing that the 12th-14th places are normally the area they tend to finish in, I’m sure they’ll end up somewhere there..

And for us, now – that’s where we’ll leave it for tonight! So what do you think of Romania’s selection tonight? Are you happy that Voltaj are to represent Romania in Eurovision in May? Or did you want another artist to go in their place? And where do you think Romania will finish? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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