Maria Elena Kyriakou will represent Greece!

Hi guys! Sorry for the HUGE delay for this, but things have to be done at home! So yeah, last week in Greece, five songs competed in a national final that way too longer than it should have been. However, out of all this – Maria Elena Kyriakou emerged as the winner of Eurosong 2015 – NERIT & MAD Show, and as a result, she will represent her country in Vienna in May with her song “One Last Breath”! So what do we think of the song, and how well it’ll do in Eurovision? Keep reading to find out, while you listen to the Greek entry in Eurovision 2015!

So…the song…once again, it’s a ballad – so it’s got some competition in the semi-final (more on that later on), but the song is quite strong – in the respect that there’s a lot of thunder-sounding drums pounding down, only emphasising the theme that’s sung in the song. However, why there is a half-key change in the song, coupled with the addition with guitars and violins etc, it really is the ‘Crisalide’ of 2015, isn’t it? As for Maria Elena’s voice….well, I’ve been listening to the song for just over a week now, and I can’t just get the thought of my head that this is actually Anna Vissi singing! Maria and Anna have very similar voices, in my opinion, and in this particular song – I do feel that there is a bit of a connection to Anna’s vocals in “Everything”, back in 2006..does anyone get that feeling too? *And also just as a sidenote, why they filmed the music video in the middle of a basement car park is beyond me..

Well, the next thing we have to ponder is how well will the song do in Vienna in May, as my friend Ross asked a while ago? Well Ross, Greece was allocated in the first half of the first semi-final, which is actually the least ballad-populated half of any semi-final, with Greece being the only ballad (as of when this is written – who knows, maybe Armenia will throw another ballad into the mix tomorrow…let’s hope not!) in the mix. This might have not been the best choice Greece could have gone with, as the song might get a little lost when it’s in a half with songs like “Rhythm Inside”, “Walk Along” and “I Want Your Love” being very popular among fans..I do think though that Greece will qualify from the semis, because everyone loves Greece, and that’s why they’re qualification record has been untarnished. In the final however, I’m pretty sure that it will do pretty bad, in such a big final..maybe coming above Freaky Fortune’s place last year, but still outside the top 10. Who knows? Best of luck to Greece!

So guys! What do you think of the song? Are you happy that Greece is sending Maria Elena Kyriakou to Eurovision? Did you want one of the other finalists to go? And how well do you think Greece will do in the competition? Will the qualify, in your opinion? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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