Armenian entry ‘Don’t Deny’ is presented!

Guess what? It’s another ballad! Step forward Genealogy, who are representing Armenia this year. A country with a pretty impressive track record in Eurovision (and coming in fourth last year) have chosen a slightly alternative method of selecting their representatives to perform in Vienna this May. This is no ‘Jan Jan’ or ‘Not Alone’…

Genealogy consists of six members, each from a different continent but all having Armenian descent. It’s a unique attempt at forming a group, and certainly fits in with the ‘Building Bridges’ theme of the contest this year. The members include:

    • Vahe Tilbian from Ethiopia, a musician who has made songs in various genres, but whose work is mainly confined to Africa.
    • Tamar Kaprelian from the US, who released an album five years ago with Interscope Records, and had a very minor hit in the form of ‘New Day.’
    • Stephanie Topalian from Japan, a woman who has released a couple of albums and won a few awards for her music.
    • Essaï Altounian from France, who has worked on a ton of music in the past few years and also starred in a musical comedy.
    • Mary-Jean O’Doherty from Australia, an opera singer with some success, and has performed in England.
    • Inga Arshakhyan, known as the sister of Anush – the duo represented Armenia in 2009, and they’ve released a string of albums.

Don’t Deny is a slow-builder. The music video highlights the passing of time and one generation moving to another. There’s the usual sprinkling of piano and strings. The voices are crisp and clear to begin with and help to create a good atmosphere. The first chorus meanwhile is nothing incredibly original, but there is a good beat and the drums give it more of a soft-rock feel. One pleasing element to this track is that it is not woefully dull, and is certainly listenable more than once (unlike Hungary or Cyprus perhaps).

However, by the last third of the song, the voices overlap one another and become a bit messy, and maybe even a tad frantic as the tune picks up in pace. You want it to really get going and make you think ‘my word, this is brilliant’, but that never happens. Questions will be raised over whether the ending will come across well in front of a live audience. A perfect harmony or a awful car crash? Time will tell. Yes, it’s not a bad entry by any means, but good enough to win? I’m not sure… it just hits me as good but underwhelming at the same time, but what do you think? (2,000+ likes on YouTube already suggests a positive reaction)…

Your views:

Are you happy with "Hope Never Dies"?
Is ‘Don’t Deny’ exciting you or not?

Mircea H. Marin from Romania: It’s pretty good, but I can’t distinguish them! It’s good, but a bit messy. The three choruses are so different from one another, that I’m even having problems figuring out exactly what the chorus is.

Ashley Martin from the United Kingdom: Armenia is usually one of my favourite countries this year; however they’re one of the worst. Dreadful entry!!

Danny Garcia from Spain: WOW! Armenia nailed it! 10/10 for me!

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: I’m not really getting Armenia this year…I actually think Aram Mp3 was better than this, and I thought Aram was terrible.

So, there we have it – some think it’s a corker, others say ‘next please.’ Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: In the interest of the EBU, the name of the song was changed to “Face the Shadow”. This was to eliminate any potential political message the title was trying to carry. “Face the Shadow” was considered to be less political by the EBU, hence this will be the name of the song the band will be singing. The lyrics remain unchanged.

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