The Makemakes to represent Austria on home soil!

Hi guys! So, JUST after we thought we were almost finished with the NF season, we have to go to the host country with their own National Final – “Wer singt für Österreich”, and after quite an extensive range of songs it was revealed thatThe Makemakes would represent the country on home soil with with the song “I’m Yours”! So what do we think of the song, and how well will it do in Eurovision? And what do you think, all over Europe? Keep reading to find out while you listen to the host country’s song for the 60th Contest!

So what do we think of the song? Well, you’d never guess – it’s a ballad! But luckily, it isn’t too much of a very dull, dreary ballad that most of this year’s songs are (no offense). Instead, this song is quite more of an uptempo indie ballad…It would be something I would suspect would come from a group from Coldplay or 30 Seconds to Mars or maybe even Nickelback. I think the live vocals are actually very strong and I do think that, should they experiment a bit more on the staging and polish the vocals, Austria might actually be up for a good enough placing- more on that in a bit!

As for the show – you should know that we covered the show live on our Twitter, if you just want to read the show, and not have to watch the two hour show, you can have a read below:

  • The show opened with all six artists singing ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’. Luckily, all of them had a specific line, so we didn’t hav to hear the terrible combinations of the singers…although,
  • Things were kicked off pretty rapidly with Folkshilfe singing their song “Who You Are” first on the stage. This is a nice song, but I did think that there was too much of an influence of the in, the verses seemed very incongruous with the really strong and catchy chorus..However, it was a good opening to the competition!
  • 18-year-old Zoe came next with her song “Quel filou”. Now, I don’t know if there’s been one since 1967, but French has always seemed to work well for Austria in Eurovision – ask the late Üdo Jürgens about that! It was quite an old fashioned song, but we always need a bit of a foot-tapper in Eurovision!
  • Four-piece group Dawa followed afterwards with their song “Feel Alive”. Dyou know what, it’s a nice song, but when you think of it going to Eurovision, it would not stand out like each song would…whoops! At least you made the song fun, especially with the xylophones/Glockenspiel bits!
  • Celina Ann soon followed with the song “Utopia”…could you believe, we had an UPTEMPO song!! And it was actually very good! I wonder if she did go to Eurovision, how would she deliver those plastic supermarket bags onstage? Lol! *P.S. She REALLY loves to swear, doesn’t she!*
  • The Johann Sebastian Bass came afterwards with their song “Absolutio”…now, I’m still confused on the whole reason they wear the wigs and why they’re considered the joke act of ‘Wer singt für Österreich’, because the song was… ‘okay’. I mean, those opera girls though..ABSOLUTIOOOOOOO…Why is opera “in”, this year? Opera Skaala in Finland; Johann Sebastian Bass in Austria…what is up with that?
  • Finally, it was left to the Makemakes to close the competition with their song “I Am Yours”…now, did anyone else think that the pianist/lead singer was like the Austrian version of Jared Leto? Nevertheless, a ballad it was…and it was tolerable, but would Austria pick a ballad, in SUCH a ballad-heavy year for Eurovision? Who knows….*also, WE KNOW YOU STOLE THE BURNING PIANO FROM RALF GYLLENHAMMER, YOU CHEAT!!!*
  • After that, the lines were opened for the public, we were guided through a few of the already selected Eurovision songs for this year by Austrian commentator Andi Knoll….now, my German isn’t fantastic, but did he call Boggie “a group called ‘Boogie'”? Wow, if you’re a commentator, you might want to get your facts right, Andi! Just saying…
  • Do you know what happened next? The interval act! And do you know what it was? The news! While the public was voting for its favourite, we were treated to…well, nothing – as the Austrians felt very apathetic about having an interval act – how Norwegian!
  • When we eventually did come back to WSFÖ, there was quite a moving tribute to Üdo Jürgens in the form of the finalists singing “Merci, Cherie”, with the occasional clip of Üdo singing himself in Eurovision 1966. It was really nice to see that Austria is still able to carry on, even after their greatest musician had to pass on..
  • Straight after that, the voting lines were closed, and we immediately proceeded to the jury votes from the international juries from Latvia, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, the UK, Germany, Slovenia and Italy. At the end of that voting, Zoe and the Makemakes came out on top, with the latter just ahead of Zoe. We then came to the point where the public votes were read out. And, after all of that spiel, Dawa The Makemakes were declared the winners of the first round of public voting, as they topped the polls afterwards.
  • While we were waiting for the public to make their choice between the Makemakes and Dawa, we were treated to Conchita Wurst’s new single “You Are Unstoppable”. Mirjam had to be OH so political in the delivery and the introduction though. She referred to a man in the audience called Alexej from Russia 😉 “Oh Alexej, we know you’re a gay man from Russia – so from the land of tolerance and the land of Conchita, here she is!”. Mirjam, you sly fox!!!!
  • When it came to the second round of voting afterwards and after the public voted again, it was revealed that The Makemakes would represent Austria on home soil! Congratulations – or in German – Glückwünsch!

So how well will Austria do in Eurovision? Well, as the host country, Austria is already qualified for the final, so we don’t have to worry about how it should do in the semis. However, as the host country, there are certain expectations that have to be met..but I do think that they will live up to such expectations. From what I’ve already seen on most social media groups, the general response has been relatively positive, so we might be able to see a good fan following in Austria this year! As for a placing on the night, if they polish the vocals and experiment more on the staging, I feel that Austria might be in for a good placing this year – maybe not top 5, but perhaps on the left-hand-side of the scoreboard? Who knows? We have to wait until May 23rd to see!

So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

Who do you think Austria should have sent?
Who do you think Austria should have sent?

Krzysztof Piotr Czmok from Poland: Nice winner although it totally reminds of Alicia Keys song “Empire….” in some parts. … anyway good luck Austria!

Mircea H. Marin from Romania: I was hoping for Zoe, but I don’t really care, since all the songs were pretty bad ..

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: Hmm….it’s a decent song from Austria, but I don’t think it’ll do AMAZING, as so many people are saying on Twitter.

Orestis Moschonas from Greece: I’ve always had a soft spot on 3-piece bands..This was not a let down! I like the song, it is def. quality material..One of the best ballads picked!

So it seems that the fans are quite positive at Austria picking The Makemakes to go to Vienna! Will they live up to anyone’s expectations? Who knows! We’ll have to wait till the 23rd of May…so what do you think? Are you happy that Austria is sending The Makemakes? Did you want one of the other songs to go in their place? How well do you think Austria will do in the final? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!


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