‘A Million Voices’ is the Russian song to Vienna!

In the past few years, Russia have sent songs about peace and harmony, and 2015 is no exception. Aiming to win for a second time this century, ‘A Million Voices’ is their song to Vienna!

Last year, the biggest nation in the world was booed, not because of the act (The Tolmachevy Twins) but simply because many felt they shouldn’t have been participating. In fact, this year, many don’t want them to compete – Ukraine isn’t because of Russia. But let’s not go into the politics and who gets on with whom, let’s talk about the song and its singer.

Polina is a pretty singer and model singing another song with a cheesy music video. Over ten years ago, she competed in a show called Star Factory, which she went on to win. She’s released two albums to date, and voiced Dorothy in the Russian dub of Oz: The Great and Powerful, so she’s not a complete unknown over on the streets of Moscow.

Russia always do well it seems regardless of what they send, and playing it safe with a ballad will get them a ton of points come May. We have a good voice and a surprisingly decent (albeit unoriginal) tune that would’ve won ten years ago, but in 2015? I’m not so sure. Is it just me or did Russia take a few more risks back in the day. Where’s the rockiness of Natalia Podolskaya in 2005, or a woman in piano from 2006?

I can see the juries liking the performance, and no doubt the public will vote for it enough to give the Russians another top ten finish. It’s not a really slow boring ballad, rather a soaring emotive piece which is highly refreshing given some of the songs we have this year. This’ll be one to wave your glow-sticks to (remember Dina Garipova in 2013? I sense the same thing here). While Polina’s track doesn’t go anywhere and will not live terribly long in the memory once the competition ends, I can listen to it more than once, and I actually like it more every time. A lot of YouTubers have placed the track high up in their rankings.

The subject matter will garner plenty of attention, and they will get booed in Austria because that’s just the way things go these days. But my goodness, this is better than ‘Shine’, which I found to be cheap and far too insipid. ‘A Million Voices’ is safe, but stronger. People love a song with a message and a strong ballad. Hard to see this not getting less than one hundred points. Nothing like sticking to what you know eh? But what are your thoughts?

Your views:

What do you think of "Chain of Lights"?
Enjoying Russia’s entry this year?

Alexander from Germany: Now that I’ve heard the full song, I must admit Russian entry for Eurovision is actually very, very good! Way to go, Gagarina!

Phil from Wales: The Russia Eurovision entry is called A Million Voices, and it’s a peace anthem. Ladies and gentlemen, the death of irony.

Kieran from the UK: Very strong entry from Russia. Polina has a great voice, and I think this will get a bit more than the usual block voting.

Ilonka from Belarus: Go Polina, go!!! The best song this year!

So, a mainly positive response to ‘A Million Voices’, but do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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