Song Presentation: A “Chain of Lights” for San Marino!

Hi guys! So, we have another song for Eurovision 2015! Song #38 is coming from San Marino and from JESC alumni; Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini! Being one of the first artists to be revealed for Vienna, they’re one of the last to reveal their song…however, it has been released and the duo will be singing their song “Chain of Lights” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015! So what do we think of the song, and how well it’ll do in Eurovision? Keep reading to find out, while you listen to the Sammarinese song below!

So what do we think of the song? Well, it really wouldn’t be San Marino without Ralph Siegel being involved, is it? While he is composing the quite typical 21st century ballad music – i.e. heartbeats, very agitated voilins and synthesiser – the song’s lyrics is quite evenly spread out between Michele and Anita – each getting their own lines, as well as the harmonisation in the chorus. I do have to say that the first half of the song is much better than the second. It’s around 1:59 in the aforementioned video when it becomes….well, quite cheesy. And actually, how many key changes is there in that song? What is it with Ralph Siegel and key changes? Vocally, this isn’t what I was expecting from either of the singers. Michele, back in Kyiv, had quite a high song to sing with some really strong notes he could hit, with no bother. It’s the same with Anita – although, you do have to concede that she didn’t really have any major lines, as she was a part of the group. However, in this song, I feel that both of their vocals are quite restrained – like they really can’t let their full vocal range be heard, and seeming as we all know someone like Michele for his somersaulting vocals in ‘O-o-o Sole Intorno A Me’, it’s coming as quite a shock.

How well will it do in Eurovision, is the next question we have to address. If I was to put it bluntly – no, it won’t. San Marino was drawn into the first half of the second semi-final, which in itself – is a spectacularly tough semi, purely on the quality of songs. With such strong songs like “Playing With Numbers” from Ireland, “Warrior” from Malta and “A Monster Like Me” from Norway, San Marino will get lost among the pack and people will not remember it. Sorry San Marino, you might have a generally okay song, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m afraid we aren’t going to see you in the final…sorry..

So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

What do you think of "Chain of Lights"?
What do you think of “Chain of Lights”?

Nick Eurovision Song Contest from Greece: As I expected… It can’t be more High School Musical, can it?

Roman Frank from Germany:  The result when a 70-year-old millionaire who has zero idea of contemporary music, two likeable 16-year-old abused for his ESC-addiction. 1/10.

Alain Muriel from the United Kingdom: so wanted it to be in Italian but it’s great all the same. I take it Ralph Siegel has something to do with the song as it’s on his Record Label? I have this on 6 points in my top 10.

Svana Lístí Agnarsdóttir from Iceland: It’s an okay song, but I don’t think it’s going to qualify…I do have to say that San Marino is the King of Cheese this year!

So it seems that the fans are rather underwhelmed at the song presentation in San Marino..will they fail to make the final in May? Who knows! So what do you think? Do you like the Sammarinese song this year? Do you think it will do well in Vienna? Will it qualify, in your opinion? Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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