Song Presentation: Australia wants to relive “Tonight Again”!

Hi guys! So, we have the penultimate song for Eurovision 2015 – song #39 is coming from the Land Down Under; Australia! Guy Sebastian was revealed to be Australia’s sole representative back at the start of the month, and yesterday, his song was officially released.Guy will be singing his song “Tonight Again” on May 23rd for the first time in the history of Australia’s time in Eurovision…which really is only existent this year! So what do we think of the song, and how will it do in Vienna in May? Keep reading, while listening to the Australian song for Eurovision 2015 to find out!

So what do we think of the song? Well, “Tonight Again” is very much what we all though Australia was going to do. The Land of Oz is really pulling out all the stops to make sure the public can be left in awe and wanting more from Australia next year. The song has rather strong elements of R&B, pop and funk – and would actually be something I’d expect Bruno Mars to sing as a follow-up to “Uptown Funk” or something. Guy has such SWAGELICIOUS vocals in there and on listening to it, even just if it’s the first time, you do feel like dancing, or at the very least, bob your head to the beat. The song is INCREDIBLY catchy and I sense that when Eurovision is over, this just might happen to stay on the radio a good deal afterwards. Some people have criticised the song for being “too American for Eurovision”, but I tend to disagree with that statement. Eurovision has always been stigmatised for sending the weird and wonderful acts that we send to show off our country, but with a song like this – an actual mainstream song, of all things – it will help defeat this stigma that is attached to the Contest and actually put some respect into the concept and help shut up the critics of the Contest.

How well it’ll do in Eurovision is the next question to be answered! Well, as you all know, Australia was given the fast track to the final, extending the number of competing finalists to 27. I’m sure that “Tonight Again” will stick out like a sore thumb in Vienna on the night of the final..whether or not it’ll be the fact that the song itself is actually quite good, or the fact that it’s Australia that’s taking part in the Contest – I’m not sure. One thing is for sure; Australia will be up in the top 10 at least! After seeing how “Uptown Funk” did, its little sister will surely have the same effect on everyone in Europe to vote for them in May! Will they win in Vienna though?? ….well, let’s leave that up to you for now! 😉

So what do you think of the song?

Your views:

What do you think of "Tonight Again"?
What do you think of “Tonight Again”?

Sigrun H Skuladóttir from Iceland: I LOVE the selection this year! I’m quite surprised cause I was worried there for a while. Now another GREAT song! This weekend I loved Austria, Norway, Sweden and Azerbaijan and now this. I’m so excited for May!!!

Andy Carlisle from the United Kingdom: I was actually a bit worried they were going to go for something a bit middle of the road..and waste their chance..but hopefully this will help them return next year whether they win or not!

Mario van Tongeren from the Netherlands: Oooooh, I love this. I thought a runaway victory for Sweden is on its way.. but the Australians have a chance to stop that!

Susan Mathieson from Canada:  I’ll have to let the song sink in so I can decide if I like it because it’s Guy or if I would like it anyway. So glad it’s not a ballad though!

So it seems that most fans are liking “Tonight Again” from Australia…will the Aussies win in Vienna and throw the huge Contest into the air as to where it’ll host? Who knows! So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Australian song this year? Would you like Australia to be back next year, if they win? How well do you think Australia will do in the final in May? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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