Ireland to debut in Junior Eurovision!

Hi guys! So, we normally don’t really cover Junior Eurovision here at ESC Views (why not?!), but we’re going try and start to cover it, if we can…and what better place to start than the news that we were all expecting – Ireland will be taking part in Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time! Woohoo!!

Ireland will join the JESC family!
Ireland will join the JESC family!

So, why now for TG4? Well, Ireland hadn’t really known about Junior Eurovision until last year, when Vladislav Yakovlev – the Jon Ola Sand of Junior Eurovision, widely considered to be better than Sand *SHHHHHHHHHH!!!* – was trying to get many non-participating countries to either debut, or to return to the Contest. While main broadcaster RTÉ had virtually no interest in joining the Contest, TG4 was showing a good deal of interest, visiting a workshop about the Contest. They had applied to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) to help fund the venture, but the BAI refused to give them the money, meaning that negotiations fell through – like however many of the others last year. This year, though, TG4 was more determined to take part in Junior Eurovision, and so got in touch Adare Productions. And as a result, they jointly had the required funds to take part in Junior Eurovision this year – welcome to the family! Or, to say it as Gaeilge, Fáilte go dtí an chlann!

So how will Ireland send a song to Bulgaria for this year’s JESC? Well, that’s going to be decided through a nationwide search around the country. Participants will be “actively involved in the process of writing and composing the original Irish language song but can receive help from adults with experience in this field” – as quoted by the TG4 website. This means that  a song will be representing Ireland and will be sung in Irish…the last time that happened was back in 1972 in the adult Eurovision, with Sandie Jones who sang “Ceol an Ghrá” – or “Music of Love”. The song and signer will be decided through a big entertainment series during the autumn, and at the end Ireland will have its first Junior Eurovision representative ever! Ahhh this is so exciting!

Just to catch up on the Junior Eurovision situation, eight countries so far have confirmed participation for Junior Eurovision 2015, which will be held in Bulgaria – Georgia, Slovenia, Bulgaria (as the hosts), the Netherlands, Sweden, Belarus, Ireland and Albania, who is returning to the Contest after their failed debut attempt in Amsterdam two years ago. It’s also possible we might be seeing Germany or Hungary take part in the Contest for the first time too, with ZDF and MTVA attending national selections to see how they would be run.

So what do you think? Are you happy to see Ireland debut in Junior Eurovision? How well do you think a song in Irish will do in the modern times? Should Ireland sing in Irish in the adult competition? Feel free to tell us what you think by commenting below!

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