Pre-Contest Vote 2015 : Estonia

So guys, welcome to this new Contest that we’re rolling out – the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you haven’t heard about it and how this entire system will work, feel free to click this fabulous link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. As we manage to compile more and more of these articles, they will be added to the Launch Page, so you can freely hop between all competing 40 entries! Right, shall we get started?

So this is how we’re going to run this series of articles in which we’re going to cover all 40 entries for this year:

  • We’re going to take on these articles in the running order for 2015 (Moldova is first, Armenia is second etc). We’ll do one article a day.
  • We’ll refer back to the Song Presentation or NF Review of the song.
  • We’ll provide you with the video so you can have a listen (if you haven’t managed to listen to it yet…which is highly unlikely!)
  • We’ll also give you a few words from the three of us while giving the song a score out of 12.
  • Finally, there’ll be a poll below for you guys to vote and give us your points on the song!

Got it? 🙂

Going on with the first semi-final and we’re coming to Estonia! The Estonians are going to be represented by the duo Elina Born and Stig Rästa, who will sing their song “Goodbye To Yesterday”. This song is pretty much blues-y pop with a hint of indie and rock influences, which has really got the fans going and is a popular favourite among fans and bookies – a possible winner for Eurovision? If you haven’t heard ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’ yet, have a listen below!

Our opinions:

Rory – This has been a bit of grower for me..I like the general type of blues and indie feel this has – and I know it’s gonna do well in Vienna… it’s just a little annoying how fans are fanwanking over it though! Score: 7 points out of 12.

Lewis –I can’t really work out the hype around this entry. Yes, it’s a well-composed song, but I don’t see it winning.  Score: 7 points out of 12.

Reece – My favourite of the year by some distance. More chemistry between the two of them would be nice on stage, but the song itself is simple and nice to listen to – has a genuine chance of winning. Score: 12 points out of 12.

Lauren – I suppose this’ll do quite nicely.  It’s unique, and one of the first I’ve heard of its genre performed in the contest, in a similar vein to The Common Linnets’ song last year.  Score: 8 points out of 12.

So now that you know what we think of the Estonian song, what do you think of it? Tell us by voting in the poll!

Did you vote? Well by the end of this series, we’ll know how many of you fans love/like/hate the Estonia’s song! In the meantime, though, stay tuned to ESC Views, when Lewis will be taking on FYR Macedonia! So what do you think of Estonia’s song? Tell us by commenting below or voting in the poll!

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