Rhythm Inside – A Review

Try as he might, Loic Nottet’s mixtape will never have the same level of combustion as the Based God’s.

First things first, let me introduce myself.  I’m Lauren, I’m fifteen, and I’m from England.  Pleased to make your aquaintance! 🙂 Today I’m going to be talking about Belgium’s entry, Rhythm Inside by Lorde Loic Nottet.

The song itself: I…don’t really know what to make of this.  Honestly, I’m genuinely just confused.  What, exactly, is our dear Loic trying to do? It’s very reminiscent of a certain song that was overplayed into the ground last year (all together, everyone: ‘And we’ll never be rooooyals…’).  The intro to the song (read: before Mr. Nottet starts to sing) sounds like the opening to Pretty Taking All Fades ‘Boss Ass Bitch’ although I hardly think this is intentional – this guy’s style doesn’t exactly scream, ‘Ay yo, check out my mixtape bruh, it’s on fire!’.  That being said, the song is quite catchy and I do quite like the instrumental. Ehhh…have you heard this guy’s voice? He sounds like every European singer from the mid-1990’s ever.  I mean, the song is okay, and he’s not a bad singer by any means, it’s just…typical, you know? That being said, it’s still better than our entry this year. What this song does have, however, is repetition, synth in the chorus, a male singer with an androgynous voice, and just the right amount of sighing and echoes.  Honestly, I’d be surprised if this won.  Again, there’s nothing particularly horrible about it (aside from that video; what the serious fuck? Why are they painting each other red? THIS ISN’T THE PROM SCENE OF CARRIE, DAMN IT!), it’s just typical.  Not boring persay, just…completely average. With all that being said, it would appear that Belgium isn’t one of the bookie’s favourites.  That surprised me, in all honesty – the general theme of the song made me think that it would be popular, regardless of its flaws.  Well, I suppose there’s always the possibility of it being a dark horse in the competition – even though the winners never seem to be.

Well, that’s all from me.  Stay based, and stay cheerful! – Lauren.

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