Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Hungary

Hi guys! Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If the whole concept of this is alien to you, please click here to learn more, where you’ll be taken the the Launch Page.  As time goes on and Eurovision 2015 draws nearer, more articles will be written, and they’ll be added to this page! Feel free to read each of the articles at a leisurely pace.

Today on the cutting table is Hungary, with the song Wars For Nothing by Boggie.  Boggie, a Hungarian singer-songwriter, seems accustomed to writing songs about various issues, ranging from the retouching of models in the media to, apparently, world peace.

Lyrically, the song is essentially a plea to…somebody, asking for wars to end and for the world to be in peace.  It’s a sombre, solemn song, sung in Boggie’s lilting tones to the tune of an acoustic guitar.

Our opinions:

Rory: Hungary is a real grower on me! I really do appreciate her idea of singing of peace – should they get everything, we might be looking at a possible dark horse here! 10/12.

Reece: I’ve gone off this song quite a bit – it’s just too slow and dull, and I can see people forgetting about it. The juries may appreciate it more, so a possible qualifier – 6/12.

Lewis: This song is a good bit of karma from when Aimee didn’t win Eurosong back in 2013. The song has such a lovely messages and all of the gimmicks we’ve been seeing in other acts are simply not a part of this performance. Although it’ll be favoured more by the juries, it will still garner a good heap of votes! 8/12

Lauren: Ah, this is a nice song.  Call me a tree-hugging, peace-loving hippie if you will, but I really adore the message of this song, a plea to end all wars and stop sending the poor to fight them.  On the downside, it’s very likely due to the low-key instrumental that it may get lost in the sea of all the other guitar-laden Eurovision songs.  10/12.

Well, there you go.  Out of a possible 48 points, we gave a total of 34.  However, these are just our opinions! Like usual, you’re very welcome to have your say in the poll below!


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