Pre-Contest Vote 2015: Romania

Welcome back to the ESC Views’ Pre-Contest Vote 2015! If you are unfamiliar with what this involves, do go ahead and click this link to take you to the ‘Launch Page’ of the competition. As more and more of these articles are written, they will be added to this page, so you can navigate between each country as you so wish.

Today, it’s the turn of Voltaj’s ‘De la capăt’ to be reviewed, the song representing Romania this year. Although they haven’t released a studio album as a band since 2012, the group has enjoyed a number of awards, including one from MTV for best Romanian Group in 2005. They are one of the few entrants this year singing part of the song in the country’s native language, Romanian.

Here’s what the jury members think:

Lewis – I admire Romania for singing part of the song in its native language, but the last thing Eurovision needs is another ballad-like start. That said, it’s quite a beautiful song and will certainly appeal to the juries more than the viewing audience. The idea of the effect on families with mass immigration is certainly an abstract concept for a song! 6/12

Reece – ‘This isn’t a bad entry, but I can’t see it doing very well. Mid-table obscurity is the likely outcome. Not sure about the English chunk of the song too. 6/12’

Rory – TBC

Lauren – Romanian is quite a pleasing language to the ears, and so I was pretty happy when I heard this song was in the mother tongue of the band members.  It’s a slow, sombre ballad (about what I couldn’t say, as my knowledge of Romanian doesn’t extend further than the chorus of Dragostea Din Tei), but honestly, it isn’t so different from some of the other entries this year.  7/12.

Total: 19/48 (Rory’s vote to come) 

Do you agree or disagree with our jury? Have your say here:

That’s all for now – keep an eye on ESC Views for the next few weeks as we continue our look at each competing nation and what we think of their chances. Tomorrow, we will have a look at Georgia.

Do you have any other thoughts? Leave a comment down below!


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