Leonor Andrade: “It makes sense that I sing in Portugese!”

Hi guys! So, after a while you’re probably looking to see something maybe a little different on ESC Views, and well we’re here to listen to the people! We have an interview now with the Portuguese entrant Leonor Andrade, who was selected one month ago in one of the most watched Festival da Canção’s of all time! So what did she have to say to ESC Views, even though there’s a sea separating us? Keep reading to find out!

ESC Views: First of all, what is it like for you represent your country at a big contest like Eurovision?
Leonor: It means a lot! I mean, I will represent Portugal – my country – and that is a great honor and I can say also that I am living a dream. Besides that, I want “my People” to be proud of my act in Vienna.

EV: What is the message of your song? Does it relate to a personal experience?
L: In this song, in this context, “Há um mar que nos separa” (“If there is a sea that separates us”), the sea is a metaphor for distance, that distance can be emotional or physical. When I sing this song, I always remember all the one’s that needed to leave the country searching for a better life, leaving their loved ones, their family, and so on! But the major meaning of the message is hope, If there is a sea that separates us, I will dry it with “Saudade”.

EV: What made you decide to rework the song? Do you think it is a lot stronger or weaker now, in your opinion?
L: Well, I felt that the song have a good message or poem, but for Eurovision needed to be more danceable and with the power to make people happy. So I decided to revamp the song and now, in my opinion it is amazing.

EV: Portugal has managed to sing in its native language for many years. Do you feel more comfortable singing in Portuguese, or would you prefer to sing in English?
L: We always sing in Portuguese and I agree with that, Portuguese is a very romantic and musical language. I like to sing in Portuguese and also in English, but to represent Portugal, it makes sense that I sing in Portuguese!

EV: Do you think your participation in The Voice will help you on the big stage in Vienna?
L: My experience in The Voice was amazing, I met a lot of people and sung some of my favorite songs, it was a very nice experience and made me grow a lot as an artist. As natural, it will be a kind of nostalgic moment to step into a big stage again, but this time, even bigger, the biggest ever.

EV:  Who do you look up to musically? Do you have any idols?
L: I love music, I am an addicted to music and I am always listening to some music, I listen to every type of music, so it would be a huge list, some examples of my idols are Nina Simone, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Muse, Aerosmith, etc, etc, etc…

EV: Have you been listening to the other songs in the competition? If so, do you have a favourite?
L: I listened to all the songs – I do not have a favorite song, but I liked a few songs. For example: Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, and a few more.

EV: How long have you been watching Eurovision? Do you have a favourite song (from Portugal or not) from the Contest?
L: I’ve watched Eurovision since I was a little girl, so it is really hard to pick only one entry as there have been so many great and memorable songs, but I will choose ABBA – Waterloo. I choose this song because I like it and also because after the Eurovision, ABBA managed to have a career, and sold a lot of LP’s. My favorite entry ever from Portugal it was 1974, Paulo de Carvalho – “Depois do Adeus”.

EV: What would it mean for you if Portugal was to win the Eurovision, because Portugal is the longest country without a win?
L: It would mean a lot, I think it is a dream shared by every Portuguese, since we would love to have the Contest in “our” beautiful Lisbon. We are participating a long time ago and we always have hope that we will win one day.

EV: Are you planning to promote the song before the Contest? If so, where will you be performing?
L: I recorded a promotional CD with several versions of the song, including Spanish and English versions. Due to professional matters I am not able to travel by now, I will be working in Portugal, and I really hope I can count with every single one to help me with the promotion of the song.

EV: What would you be doing if you weren’t taking part in Eurovision? Do you have any plans after the Contest?
L:  If I wasn’t in Eurovision, I would be promoting my single, in this case, only after Eurovision I will release my first single and dedicate 100% to my career.

EV:  If you could duet with any Eurovision star, who would it be?
L: Hum, I do not know, maybe Elnur [Hüseynov], because besides it is a man, he sings very well, and best duets are man-woman!

EV: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of ESC Views?
L: My message to all the Eurovision fans it is quite simple: thank you so much for your support and when you listen to “Há um mar que nos separa” … just unite yourselves. One Love.. Big kiss..

We would like to thank Leonor for taking the time out of her very busy schedule for speaking to ESC Views and we do wish her the best of luck in Vienna – Muito obrigado Leonor! So what do you think? Are you happy with Leonor representing Portugal in Austria with “Há um mar que nos separa”? Could she bring the title back to Lisbon for the first time? Let us know what you think by commenting below!!

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